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    The crash log includes the log already ;)

    Are you able to reproduce this crash? It looks like a legitimate issue to me unless something from the outside is causing an issue (OOM).

    Just tried to stress test my Pi but how strange it all sounds, this time it was working like a charm. The average load was okay and the CPU had a load of max 60-70%.

    I will close the tread as solved then. ;)
    Thanks for your replies and effort!

    Hi guys,

    I have recently installed LibreELEC 10.0b2 on my Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB).
    And I had some issues when setting up the WIFI connection. The settings where lost every time after reboot. Disabling and enabling the Wifi adapter solved that and the issue is gone. Also when installing add-ons there where some issues because the installation of there dependencies where failing constantly. After a couple of tries that was solved too by installing the dependencies first and than the main add-on .

    I know it is still a Beta and you guys are still developing and shaping it but I want to let you know that Kodi is restarting itself and it looks like it ran out of memory or something.
    I was facing it when scrolling trough my video library and also when I added my music to the library.

    Is there something I can change to prevent this?

    Adding LOGNOTICE=0 to didn't work

    But solution two did! By commenting out all the line you've mentioned with xbmc.log :)

    Thanks a lot!

    I had the same issue and I have solved it by enabling caching.

    Just add advancedsettings.xml by doing the following commands:

    touch /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

    nano  /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml

    and add the following code in advancedsettings.xml:

    This solved the problem in my case. I also use a RBPi4 with 4GB memory.

    I hope this helps for you.

    I will try that. The pity is that the Pi 4 must be cooled. Even in standby it is gets pretty hot.
    When I disable the script they both work tough, but the fan stays spinning.
    But I go to figure this out with some jumper cables and change the position of the fan to the other site of the Pi with some modifications

    I've never had a problem with unmount or shutdown with the addon running - there is nothing in the code to hinder that.

    However, yes the fan will continue to run once the system has shutdown - (Also before LE has booted). Not too sure if the code can be reversed so that this doesn't happen but as this was their first attempt at writing an addon, I think we have to live with the results for the moment.

    Problem found, I have enable the Hifiberry settings in the config.txt and the problem is gone. So if I shutdown LibreElec only the LibreElec logo/version appears and not wich deamon is closed down. 8)

    @lridium changing the GPIO pins in the script is not an option.
    But there is a way to go Irusak's option. I have a GPIO extend board. So my idea is to attach a jumper cable to pin 32 (BCM12) to pin input 12 (BCM18).

    So I have to figure out which config file is used by the HifiBerry. Or am I wrong?

    Hi there,

    I have a Fan SHIM and a HifiBerry, but I want to use them together. They both use BCM18. So you would think it is possible, if the fan wasn't depending on a script to turn automatic on and off by the CPU temperature. The Fan is using this BCM18 for its fan control with this script. But without this script they work together, but the fan will always spin.
    So my question is: Is it possible to disable this script that is started with when playing a movie or music. And enable it again when this media is stopped playing?

    Thanks a lot!

    The same here with pictures. If my scraper tries to fetch an image, then all the other movie images are going black (even the backgrounds). They appear after a few seconds, tough.
    Can I do a role back? The old Beta version didn't had this problem at all. So I can wait for a fix.

    Thanks a lot!

    Found it! The Western Digital drive spins down, but it takes 30 minutes after its last read/write command. I thought it would never stop :D I can live with that, and it's very quiet though. Not like those drives in the early days which sounds like a helicopter that was taking off. 8o