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    I really don't know what might be wrong. You said RPi worked ok in such case? Debugging drivers is not easy - I'm using separate sd card with ALARM rootfs (arch linux for arm) and modified U-Boot to boot kernel over network. Then I can modify kernel, build it, boot it over tftpd and test it.

    aelray dmesg shows that HDMI is always in disconnected state. Then it's no wonder why you don't get any picture. Just to be clear, is HDMI cable actually connected to the board and only TV is off? That case should work as I often boot it in such way. However, if you plug HDMI cable later, when board is already booted, then I imagine there would be problems, but I don't plan to work on that anytime soon.

    This is a single-core system, I believe.

    Oh, I mixed up few SoCs. That's strange then. You can always press "o" during playback to check if video is HW decoded or not.

    However I did get to dmesg output through ssh1, and there is more

    Nothing strange here. But it kernel actually crashed, you shouldn't be able to get ssh connection. Is there any file with "kodi_crashlog" in same folder than normal kodi log?

    That is odd then, because the OSD reports CPU significantly below 100% when stuttering like that, typically 40-60%

    Maybe ffmpeg decode mpeg4 only on one core.

    dmesg: It seems that after Kodi starts up, the output on UART stops. Is that intended (where should I get it, then)?

    That strongly suggest that Linux crashes. Can you add "ignore_loglevel" to kernel command line in extlinux.conf, along with previous modifications we talked about?

    FPS are reported only for UI at the moment, so this is surely lower for menus (not much is going on) and it doesn't match video playback. mpeg4 is slow because there is no HW acceleration and it's decoded by CPU. I have no idea what's going on with H264. For that, I would need at least Kodi debug log and dmesg output.

    am seeing a strange shimmer in the Kodi GUI (starts as soon as the splash screen shows up. It's as if some lines would render the contents of the previous line, instead of its own pixels.

    Can you make a photo of that or short video? Anyway, it's unlikely that I can help with that issue because I don't have any A10 board. Does that prevent to be able to navigate menu and start video playback?

    You tell then the h3 defaults to a 4k signal?

    Depends on TV/monitor connected. If EDID is read, then it switches to recommended resolution. If not, it switches to 1024x768 and no sound. My TV is 4K, so it will switch to that. In your case, it should switch to 1080p. EDID should be readable even if TV/monitor is turned off, but I'm not sure if that means only in standby or also when unplugged.

    Well, my experience is opposite. I often leave TV (LG B8) turned off and only power on SBC (doesn't matter if A64, H3 or H6). When Kodi starts, TV turns on and image is what you would expected - Kodi GUI and resolution is 4K. I heard that some devices disable DDC when they're powered off. If that's what your TVs do, then your situation is (almost) expected. Although hearing sound would suggest otherwise. Provide Kodi debug log and dmesg output and I'll check if there is anything which would explain behaviour you observed. Even better, add "drm.debug=0x1f" to extlinux.conf and get that dmesg output.

    Am I doing this right? I decompiled the DTB, set status="disabled" on the first enabled usb node (and the phy which the subsequent attempt to boot complained about), compiled and replaced sun4i-a10-a1000.dtb.

    yes, seems good.

    but the error message is the same:

    So wifi just appears to be last driver loaded, but not the cause.

    jernej , which /init is this referring to? This one?