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    Download Tanix TX6 image from here (.img.gz), extract it, so you have only .img file and burn it to microSD card with some tool like Etcher, dd, win32 disk imager or something similiar.

    I currently have OPi lite2 and I think it would be great to add support for lite2, too.

    Agreed, but I don't have it. In this case it's not as easy as adding entry in uboot_helper script, because kernel and U-Boot DT need to be updated and maybe something else too. PRs are welcome, though.

    bluetooth which probably hasn't been solved for any board.

    Why not? It works on several boards (those which have Broadcom module). Currently I can't rememeber status on OrangePi 3 and I can't test ATM, but I think it works there too.

    WiFi(I guess related to vcc)

    Note that official OrangePi site reports that different wifi modules are used for OrangePi 3 and OrangePi Lite 2 (AP6256 vs. AP6255). If DT node is set correctly, there still may be difference in firmware. If that is so, you should see an error in dmesg - driver complaining about not able to find and load firmware. But that is relatively easy to fix, just provide dmesg output and I'll take a look.

    I have some problems on a Pine64 Plus to get the IR working.

    Did you enable it in DT file? Anything that it isn't soldered on the board it's not enabled by default. Currently you have to decompile DT file, search for IR node, change status = "disabled"; to status = "okay"; and compile it. Note that change will be lost if you update your image.

    Better solution exists (DT overlay), where you would change just one line in config file (similarly to RaspberryPi) and it would be persistent through updates, but it needs more work in LibreELEC build system.

    shahidali55 , roel and others with HDMI audio issues. Please test this universal H3 update file if it changes anything:


    This is for any H3 board, just put it in /storage/.update and reboot.

    If anyone wants to do a custom build, this update includes only one additional patch, which should improve situation for A64 and H6 too:

    drm: dw-hdmi-i2s: enable audio clock in audio_startup - Patchwork

    vitalogy Thanks, but no new Realtek out-of-tree (non-mainline) drivers are accepted in official LE git, as was stated many times already (in Allwinner subforum and github PRs). However, this wifi module has a good chance being supported in mainline soon, as PCIE version is already supported. My info is that SDIO interface support will be added next year. It will be enabled soon as patch(es) will be available.

    If you want to do community builds with wifi driver included and publish images here, it's up to you, but as I said, this package will not be accepted to upstream LE git.

    I will monitor your work, thanks for the Libreelec image adapted for this box.

    Don't forget that I probably won't post new image here anytime soon, unless there is something to test. Use nightlies instead, they are build almost every day and include all improvements.

    libreelec 16

    What is that? Maybe you mean old OpenELEC ports with Kodi 16? Anyway, anything not recent is not supported in any way from me.

    Im having issues with the pvr iptv simple client with network streams. seam to be crashing or having system lock ups.

    First try to manually build image and addon. Only that way you can be completely sure that Kodi and addon match. With nightlies this is not always the case.

    Hard to say what could be wrong.

    Currently we know that Eachlink boxes, albeit very similar to Tanix TX6, have problem with HDMI, to the point that HDMI connector status must be forced to "always connected" with kernel parameter in order to work.

    There are for sure some issues with HDMI, but none of them occurs with HW I own.

    Vital_22 Such issue I experienced long ago with different H6 board but not recently. It might be temperature, but that also depends on your cooling solution and ambient temperature. Where I am, ambient temperature is 25°C, what's yours? I never experienced any issues with Tanix TX6. I use stock radiator but housing is removed (only bare PCB).

    Temperature driver will be added at later time, once it's ready for mainline.

    P.S. Please don't use code tag for normal text.

    All improvements has been merged into LibreELEC git master, so they will be available in next nightly image.

    iocast   danilo-jlle This image should have fixed ethernet on Pine64+, please test and report:


    shahidali55 There were tons of updates in mainline linux in drivers important for HDMI audio. We'll need some time to pull them and integrate them to LibreELEC, because some of our own improvements conflict with them. As far as I can see, some updates fix number of issues, so I'm optimistic it will help in the end. Please be patient.

    BTW, reason why only YT seems to work is that YT vides may have different audio format than the ones you are trying to watch.