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    Short list of things happened lately:

    - Removing everything Python 2 related (Kodi also uses Py3 now), so there were issues like broken LE settings addon, but most (all?) of them should be solved now

    - Kodi was updated to development version, which also breaks plugin compatibility, especially those from third party repositories. However, this is important change which will help us iron out issues before LE 10 alpha is prepared.

    - Completely reworked HW decoding driver improvements - some of them will be included in Linux 5.5, other needs some more work. Anyway, with this update HEVC decoding should not crash anymore. All HEVC samples provided on forum which previously crashed VPU (green screen) work now. Unfortunately, 4K H264 on H6 still isn't decoded properly. Solution for that still eludes me.

    - high bitrate HDMI audio should work now - same solution might also fix other HDMI audio issues, please test!

    - board improvements - IR remotes enabled by default for Beelink X2, Tanix TX6 and Beelink GS1, OrangePi 3 bluetooth should work with next nightly, but it needs full update! For that you can just add full OPi3 image (.img) in update folder.

    Some near future plans:

    - VP8 HW decoding already works perfectly, but is not yet included. It needs some fixes for switching between H264 and VP8 (they use same part of VPU)

    - H6 is planned to switch to completely free and open source mesa GPU driver soon! This means that H6 won't use any kind of blob for essential functionality (RAM, VPU, GPU, etc.). However, various FW blobs for wifi and DVB dongles will still be included.

    So where does the wlan mac come from? I'm getting an OUI of 6C:21:A2 AmpakTec AMPAK Technology, Inc.

    Either this is also default one and it's handling is wrong or it indeed has custom WLAN MAC programmed in. I don't really know these modules well enough.

    As for the bdaddr, I can try to get something upstream. But there's no opi3 support in u-boot atm. Even when adding that with the dts from linux, there's no ethernet support in linux mainline. And with the current dts copied to u-boot, my patch doesn't work because there's no "ethaddr"...

    I added my own patches for OPi3 to U-Boot which includes ethernet node. I had a plan to upstream support when 5.5-rc1 is released (you have to specify Linux git hash of DT). As with everything done for the first time, you have to come with something and send it (marked as RFC), just to start discussion, even if it is totally hackish.

    Gatuno unfortunately method described there is totally incompatible with mainline kernel. That's why there is work being done on crust firmware, which should be compatible with mainline and more importantly, being open source. I suggest you start here: GitHub - crust-firmware/crust: SCP firmware for sunxi SoCs

    It's possible to patch LE build system to do anything, question is only if it is worth it or it will collide with something else.

    dhewg Nice! If you don't mind working with Linux and U-Boot upstream on that, I'll close my PR. This is much better.

    There is no wlan-mac set. Even setting ethernet addresses is platform specific. For sunxi, it is generated here: board/sunxi/board.c · master · U-Boot / U-Boot · GitLab

    shaneq718 I don't think that is samba issue but kernel issue. Can you tell me exactly which board you have? pine64, pine64 plus or pine64 LTS? Hopefully you took exactly the right image. In the past, mix-ups caused network issues.

    There's one board in u-boot making use of "local-bd-address", maybe we can use it too?

    It was my plan to research this. I don't know enough details to answer this.

    Which boards are affected? Is this just a orangepi3 issue?

    From supported boards only OPi3 suffers this. But this is actually property of the used BT module if it has unique MAC address programmed in or it uses default one.

    If you can research this topic and make something that works well, I would be grateful. There is much to do and currently I'm working on media drivers (cedrus, deinterlacer)...

    but then fails to start the samba daemon.

    You have to be more specific. Output of pastekodi would help here.

    Kodi of Orange Pi one plus H6,is 19 alpha?I have problem with pvr addons...Dependence error

    This is all pre-alpha. At this point addons can be broken at any point. And no, there is no stable image yet.

    That works, but is there a cleaner way to make it work out of the box by now?

    No, I made a PR for that but it has several issues (doesn't work in all cases and should be done with udev instead of services). I guess best solution would be to develop some kernel and U-Boot patches, so BT MAC gets set same way as ETH MAC.

    - switching to mesa resulted in a broken kodi: "kodi.bin: undefined symbol: glGetIntegerv", a full rebuild fixed that, maybe you ran into that too?

    I think I did, but that's not really an issue.

    - the patch "media: pixfmt-compressed.rst: improve H264/HEVC/MPEG1+2/VP8+9" in "projects/Allwinner/patches/linux/0001-backport-from-5.5.patch" seems misplaced, I didn't check, but I guess it has been merged for 5.4

    ok, thanks for heads up.

    Just tested a bit, but seems to work fine so far.

    What I'm really after is how it behaves with sw decoded content. If you have time, please disable HW decoding in settings and test SD quality and HD quality videos. Additionally, enable HW acceleration and select EGL rendering for DRMPRIME. If all these tree cases works, then I might consider switching to mesa.

    In addition to not being able to install libreelec in the internal memory.

    you have several posts explaining how to do that in main topic, just use search. It's same procedure for all devices.

    I want to install tvheanded pvr addons but it gives me an error and also simple iptv.

    addons are hit and miss in nightlies, because when Kodi gets updated, addons must be often updated too, which may took a while. This should be no problem once (semi-)stable images get released.

    Sounds like a dts issue? Do you know what's missing?

    Several things:

    - current GPU DT patch are only quick fix for proprietary driver. However, upstream patches exist but I didn't use them in LE yet

    - T720 needs some additional panfrost kernel patches. I think they will be included in Linux 5.5

    - T720 is currently blacklisted in mesa source.

    Can someone tell me where to download the previous nightly version with python 2?

    Nightlies are built completely automatically and once new image is built, old one gets deleted. Unless someone stored pre-python3 image and gives you the link, building your own image from slightly older sources is the only way. Keep in mind that addon repositories will also get updated with never versions of addons which might not be compatible with pre-python3 Kodi. In this case you would also have to build your own addon. But that is easy for addons already included in LE repository.