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    The only other place I know is Index of / , but I can't find it there. If you got it there, I guess they already delete it (why though?).

    That place is maintained by scripts. Images gets deleted when build job is started and uploaded when building is finished. Given that there is no more A20 port in master, images were only deleted.

    I plan to build and upload latest available images before the support was removed. I'll link it here.

    Guys, I'm considering removing A20 support from master branch, which would also mean no more nightly images and certainly no stable images once LE10 is released. I tested olinuxino micro A20 board today and there is a ton of kernel related issues. In order to fix them I would need to spend considerable amount of time studying various HW cores which I don't want (A20 HW is pretty different in comparison to any other currently supported AW SoC).

    Observerd issues:

    - HDMI audio driver crashes at resolution switch

    - HDMI audio sometimes doesn't work

    - HDMI EDID is sometimes read incorrectly (fall back to 1024x768 and no audio)

    - HW video decoding crashes (out of memory) during interlaced H264 video playback

    - after playback, Kodi GUI may become corrupted (GPU driver issue? Kodi bug? who knows)

    In my opinion, above issues make images unusable, except in some not so common cases. Additionally, SoC is very weak and memory has limited bandwith. Even a bit newer H3 is much better supported and has none of the described problems.

    If there is someone who wants to fix above and possibly other issues, I will be glad to keep A20 port alive or resurrect it later.

    Is there anything I can do to provide more info about those issues (password and addons)? Is it possible for me to somehow help with bug fixing?

    Wifi password issue is known and it's due to update to Python 3.8. In order to fix it, part of LE settings addon has to be rewritten and it's actually strange that it worked so long (dbus library used by addon was deprecated long time ago). However, this will take some time. Two possible workarounds - build your own image with downgraded python or set up wifi over ssh (I believe it can be done with connmanctl, but I'm not 100% sure)

    Regarding youtube - I don't know what is the issue, I don't test addons (way too many of them). I know that Kodi update in nightly images is right around the corner (PR is already open)) and it may solve the issue. However, it may be that addon is not at fault - I get occasional crashes on OrangePi 3, when I start playback of video file. I was unable to debug it for now. But I don't see any issue on Tanix TX6, which is also H6. I'll invest some more time into this but I can't say when.

    BTW, crashlog you posted is missing actual Kodi crashlog. Can you retrieve it from /storage/.kodi/temp ?

    BTW this XviD plays on this very old firmware smoother than on the latest.

    Possible. Note that there is zero guarantee about performance of SW decoded video.

    2. Now I have the following problem: the tv remote doesn't work. I think the CEC settings may have been deleted. Is there a way to reinitialize the CEC settings?

    Nothing in the logs, I'll test images with TV a bit later...

    Well, I have removed the links and I still get it.

    Let me rephrase it. If you include links to external sites, it's very likely your post will be put in moderation queue. It seems that you almost always post link to some kind of log...

    Gass  jdww it seems that boot procedure is stalled if there is no working network connection in current nightly image. If board has ethernet connector, I suggest to connect it for now until issue is solved. If there is only wifi, there is possibility to manually add config for it over console but I'm not sure how to do that.

    EDIT: Fix was just merged, next nightly image should boot normally. Actually this fix solves several issues.

    Yes, I tested several videos H264 HD, SD XviD, AVC. (XviD videos are also jerky).

    AVC is just another name for H264. XviD is not HW decoded (see OP).

    First I have to say that LibreELEC-A20.arm-9.80-nightly-20200426-65f515b-bananapi (oldest I have) works quite well.

    This is extremely old build and many packages were updated from that time. I guess some kernel change is at fault but I have no clue which one.

    Could the cifs.ko become part of to the testing images?

    Yes, it will be part of Linux 5.9 update. It will be built-in, not a module, though.

    Where can i find old builds for Tanix tx6?

    There is no official archive of old nightly images, so you have to build it yourself from (older) sources.

    I managed to get a log, UBoot seems to work fine but the kernel throws a nasty error:

    Note that SRAM mapping error can be ignored. It's present because driver dependencies are not loaded at the time. It gets loaded again later, with all dependencies satisfied. If that wouldn't work, display would be blank.

    I would like to compile the 9.2.4 branch for tx6, wich is the "UBOOT_SYSTEM"?

    None. Tanix TX6 board wasn't supported at the time 9.2 was branched. In any case, no Allwinner fixes were merged in 9.2 stable and no stable images are provided for Allwinner at this time. You can expect them with LibreELEC 10. For now, use master branch.

    I don't really know why latest builds doesn't work on my tx6 mini.
    So I have to open the box and connect it via UART to see what the problem is?

    Yes, UART is mandatory for such problems. First you have to determine if U-Boot even runs (by monitoring UART). If so, there are additional steps that needs to be taken. But we'll discuss them once you do first step.

    on my bananapi A20 I now have a problem playing h.264 movies.

    After some time of playback (~ 1 minute) the screen freezes, but sound continues.

    It seems VPU runs out of memory. A20 can use only part of memory for video decoding. What is the resolution of your video? Can you test smaller and/or just another videos?

    I can't get past the splash screen on the latest nightly for Orange Pi PC. On the first boot everything went fine, filesystem is written, all check marks passed with OK but after the reboot I'm stucked on the LE logo. Tried another sd card, downloaded image twice but no change. Does anyone have older nightly version for Orange Pi PC for download?

    Systemd update caused some issues which should be fixed in new nightly image tomorrow. Can you test it once it's updated? Not sure if this is the cause of your issue or not, just a hunch.

    (that's the risk involved with having to approve all replies).

    Most posts are not moderated. I suggest you remove links from your signature, it's probably the reason why system puts your posts in moderation queue.

    I actualy tought that H6 meant any H6xx series chip

    AW actually caused big confusion here. Some H6xx chips are actually compatible with H6. I think they are denoted H60x. I guess H61x means slightly better than H6, but that means that software changes are needed.


    Anyone actualy has Libreelec builds for boxes with H616 ?

    No, they can't exist. SDK is not publicly released and there is no support for it in U-Boot nor in Linux kernel.

    How big do you think my chanses are in getting a random cheap box with for instance a H616 chip to run the image you made here for the beelink ??

    None. While H616 is very similar to H6, it has different (better) GPU, can actually use whole 4 GiB of RAM, has different DRAM controller and two ethernet controllers. Needless to say, it's not yet supported in mainline kernel. I'm working on it but it will take plenty of time.

    Most other (cheap) H6 boxes won't work with Beelink GS1 image, but I can enable spdif easily. Currently I don't have Tanix TX6 with me, so I can't check if it really has spdif or not (promo websites say it has).

    I was thinking of getting a extra box with a Allwinner chip, so I have all flavors of boxes (looks like H6.. series is best ?)

    Yes, H6 is the best.

    I was wondering if this new passthru feature you are testing also works thru the boxes s/pdif (optical or coaxial) outputs ?

    I tested passthrough only on HDMI, but in theory it should work also on SPDIF. It's currently enabled only on Beelink GS1 (talking about H6). I have to check if my Tanix TX6 has it...