LibreELEC (Matrix) 10.0 BETA1

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  • I upgraded from 9.2.6 and updated YouTube, InputStream, SACD ISO, Multi Weather and Pandoki. I deleted the old apps and it only took about 20 minutes total. Nice work guys.

    (2) Intel i5 NUCs

  • I was curious to try LE10 out. It has loads of new options for RPi4 Users in my opinion. Much newer kernel, new rendering. Really BIG changes.

    I had high hopes that the „subtitle stutter“ vanishes with LE10, sadly the subtitle stutter is still there (hdmidirtyregions zero doesn‘t help)

    Another reason i wanted to try out LE10 was to get rid of micro stutter when using audiopassthrough over hdmi (with DTS and E-AC3). I have to check this out further with LE10. It seems to be better at least.

    IPTV with TV-Headend Server on LE10 is sluggish (continuity errors) and the Server takes aaaages to start, but hey, it‘s Alpha ;)

    I wasn‘t able to take over my homebridge docker container and had to set it up as new, no big deal .

    The RPi4 CPU gets hotter with LE10, seems it has more work to do with LE10 than 9.2

    After all: good work for the first beta, i am excited to test the out the coming betas :)

    Hopefully the subtitle stutter on RPi4 gets fixed somehow in the future. It‘s the most annoying thing on RPi4 platform besides the micro stutter with audiopassthrough. I never had this subtitle stutter on my x86/nvidia LE9 system...

    Thanks LE Team!

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