[8.0.2e] LibreELEC 8.0 for S905/S905X

  • Hello,

    I used 8.0-8.0.1l-mm i installed the transmission and when i want to use the transmission remote gui from laptop i always get this error message: "Connection refused"

    Host and Port numbers copied, fixed IP address.

    What is the problem? What do I do wrong?

  • I also have noticed a small audio problem from version 1l.

    I have a S905X box (a chinese cheap one) connected by HDMI to an AV receiver. Audio pasthrough activaded and ouput set to 'Best Match'. All worked perfect until version 1k.

    With version 1l in some videos I have no audio at all. I think the problem lies in the audio sampling, because I only notice it streaming low quality videos with very poor audio (AAC audio with sampling below 25 kHz).

    The problem solves if I set output to 'Fixed', because the audio is resampled to 48 kHz. Even the mp3 coded at 44.1 kHz are resampled, and that's not very good to me.

    I've tested version 2a this morning and the problem continues there. Returning to version 1k solves the problem.

  • Where is the keypad file for the remote stored? I want to map some extra buttons. I've checked userdata, userdata\keymaps and configfiles, can't see it anywhere, it must be somewhere though as my (A95X) remote works.


  • The only thing you would see is slightly better initial H264 decoding performance when you skip about video in Kodi on the AML S905 that is found in the Hub/Play2/ODROID C2. So not much at all.

    Any video output color differences will be for the S905X only.

    spinecho , everything works good on kszaq build except dvb tuner (there is no support for it in this build)

    Thanks Guys - so I may as well stick with GDPR-1 build at the moment. :thumbup::thumbup:

  • i tested and went back to version L. Video quality on MM kernel is not good enough i keep at Nougat

    WeTeK HUB, T95X, X96, RPi2, MiniX NEO X7, MiniX NEO X8-H and a HTPC

  • I can confirm. Happened to me as well with A95x 2/8. I am using the l version. This is the 1st 8.x build I am using.


    I have 2 units of nexbox a95x 2/16 and 1/8. On both happens same, and Popo128 noticed bug like he said.

    Yesterday I tested "temp sensor disabled" rom version. Same bug happens ob that rom too.

    Today I will test 8.0.2a version.

    Please fix this... Its soo annoying :/

  • Is there a patch floating around to support resolution switching downward as well as upward? I prefer the GUI at 1080, but still will occasionally watch tv at 720 before the 1080 downloads. My TV has great upscaling which I'd also like to use on the 720 sources.

    Edit: Given the update in OP regarding HDR handling, here's a small summary of the real world impacts between the marshmallow and nougat kernels:

    - Note: You won't get real HDR in either, you need to use android + SPMC for that (either another box or dual boot).

    - 10 bit output doesn't work in either, but the 8 bit conversion works much better in the marshmallow kernel (which eliminates tons of banding compared to the nougat kernel). I have a suspicion the cpu checks added into the nougat kernel aren't working properly, but haven't tested (and am not motivated enough to due to using android for HDR material).

    - Colorspace won't be passed on, and despite my earlier comments, forcing the colorspace to bt2020 on TV or AVR won't be correct because there's a colorspace conversion to bt.709 first. After proper HDR playback, this is most noticeable on skin tones to me even when forcing. I also had color clipping from forcing to bt2020 on bt2020 source in vibrant HDR jungle scenes (so it went source bt2020 10bit => libreelec bt709 8bit => TV bt2020 8bit)

    - Where the marshmallow kernel excels is on bt.709 10 bit x265 sources that would get severe banding on the nougat kernel.

    - There are black level changes between the kernels depending on display capabilities. On some displays, there are no black level changes on test images. On both my newer hdr capable displays, there are major changes in black levels that make me prefer the nougat kernel. It's worth noting I get the same test images for black level on the nougat kernel as on the marshmallow android build.

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  • uploaded 64bit build (8.0.2a + some addons) to LE – Google Drive

    player : Mini MX-G p200_2G & Inphic Spot i7 PRO p212 & Khadas VIM2 q200
    monitor : iiyama ProLite E2283HS
    speaker : UE Boom 2
    dvb-t : PCTV microStick (79e)
    firmware : android | LE 64bit | balbes 3in1 | gentoo

  • The problem solves if I set output to 'Fixed', because the audio is resampled to 48 kHz. Even the mp3 coded at 44.1 kHz are resampled, and that's not very good to me.

    Thanks for the info felixob. It's definitely something with the HDMI sampling. Changing the output to "Fixed" solves it, but other files with the same codec and sample rate play on the "Optimized" and "Best match" outputs. I have a feeling it's the bitrate of the audio as well that is having problems.

  • I use the TV box Odroid C2, Raspberry Pi 3 NEXBOX A95X and T95z S912.

    only T95z S912 live tv SD HD MPEG4 version 8.0.2a is working properly

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