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    The LE settings add-on is not integrated into Kodi (only a shortcut in the skin) so it has no ability to natively access SMB share "sources" that you configured in Kodi, e.g. that are visible to the native FileManager. It only supports backup and restore from "local" storage, so removable USB/SD devices or a remote SMB share that has been mounted to a location in the local filesystem. If this is important to you, have a look at the example mount files for smb in /storage/.config/system.d/

    thanks chewitt day I might well understand this stuff!!!


    Running LE wrxtasy latest 905 build from SD card on my Wetek Play 2.

    I've setup my shares and I can view and play my media on my windows 7 server over SMB. On the Windows 7 PC all my shares are set to "Full Control".

    However, I cannot write to SMB share using the backup/restore settings in the LibreELEC config addon. I cannot restore an already saved backup file either. I have to save backup to local LE (on SD card). I can then use File Manager to copy the local backup to SMB share, but this is time consuming!

    I don't understand why I cannot write / read the backup directly from my SMB share?

    Hi guys.

    Using kszaq 912 build on my H96 Pro+. All setup to perfection with SMB shares.

    I'd like to trial CoreELEC for Leia features - I'm pretty sure my LE backup won't be compatible with there anyway to backup my SMB shares so I don;t have to go through process of typing them all in again?


    Hi, apologies in advance for the really noob questions, but I've never tried what I now want to achieve.

    Up to now, I've only owned one S905 box ans all my media is contained on 2 5Tb USB HDDs connected directly to the S905 box. This setup works well.

    I've now bought a new 4K TV and an additional S912 box with gigabit ethernet; my plan is to setup the 4K TV and S912 box in another room and have a central NAS/media server (which I have already built from an old PC) to which the 2 5Tb USB HDDs are connected. I can then hopefully stream all my media to the S905 box in one room and the S912 in the other room.

    Here's what I've done so far... I've connected the S912 box via a crossover cable to my NAS/media streamer running Windows 7. I've shared the media folders and I've successfully setup SMB shares. I can watch my movies no problem. I've even managed to get Wake on LAN working so when I turn on the S912 box, the PC turns on too!

    And this is where my knowledge ends... I've never setup a multi-PC or multi-Amlogic box network! I want to connect both Amlogic boxes to the NAS/media server.

    I can't use my BT Wifi router as (long story)it's in a completely separate room to the S905/S912 boxes (and server) and I have no telephone point where the boxes are...even with 5GHz WiFi, the network just is not fast enough to stream and I get stuttering. No worries, I'll use a wired network; so I presume I need another router?

    Is it as easy as buying a router and connecting everything up? The router will not be connected to internet.

    Do I need a router as everything will be wired (I don't need WiFI connectivity) or will a switch suffice? I've looked on Amazon/eBay and I'm confused what to buy!!

    Basically, does anyone have an easy guide to set up a wired network between NAS/media server (which at the moment is running Windows 7) and 2 amlogic boxes?

    Many thanks.

    Um..I presume you have a correct HDMI (2.0 compliant) cable between Minix U9-H & TV and that your TV supports auto-switching?

    My cheapo s912 box works like a dream, auto-switches etc...unless there's a physical fault with your Minix U9-H ... you did say it's refurbished...🤔🤔