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    You do realize that remote.conf needs to go to /flash or, if you want to put it on the SD card/USB-Stick directly, on the LIBRELEC partition along with the device tree and such (I believe, you can also put it in /etc instead).

    I always put the remote.conf file in the config folder (/storage/.config). It has worked for me with S805/S905 boxes, so I suppose it's the same with S912 boxes. I've tried with your files, but no success. Thanks anyway.

    I've tried using dmesg to detect keystrokes, but it doesn't detect any key. I'm starting to think that it's a problem with hardware configuration, maybe a wrong dtb file. It could be possible?

    I started using gxm_q200_3g.dtb, because my box has 3G of RAM. I've also tried with gxm_kvim2.dtb and gxm_q200_k3_pro.dtb, but the remote never works.

    What does the remote look like? I have two different ones, one for an EgoIggo and one for an ANTSIR box, which also worked for an ABOX MAX (you can already tell from the pictures that they are the same).

    So, if yours looks like one of those, I'll be happy to provide the file.

    My remote looks like of the ANTSIR and the ABOX MAX of your pictures. If you can provide me the files, I'll test them. Thanks.

    I have a S905x box with a USB DVB-T tuner RTL2832. It's has been working without any problem with 8.0 builds, using tvheadend.

    After installing 8.1 build, it does not work. Entering the TV section it appears a message "PVR manager it's starting upp..." and continues forever.

    I also have a message in the kodi logs: "Tvheadend HTSP clent. Access denied".

    I was using tvheadend 4.0 service. I tried web connection with my PC, but I couldn't access, so I installed 4.2 service.

    Now I can access tvheadend from my PC and all the configuration seems OK, but the problem it's still there. The client doesn't work.

    I also tried removing and reinstalling both server and client, without any success.

    Is anyone else having similar problems?


    you can permanently mount CIFS shares by creating a file in /storage/.config/system.d

    There's a sample file (cifs.mount.sample)

    Thanks for the info, but I've found a much easier way. Only needed to enable the option "Remember for this path" in the dialog box for entering user/password. I didn't see it because I've never had to enter authentication for my shares before, but it's there. A little stupid but it works.

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but maybe it could be useful for someone.

    As I said in a previous post, after upgrading to this version, I couldn't access my samba shares in a Windows machine. The issue comes from a modification in LE 8.2, it's not a problem of kszaq's builds. It seems that kodi now always requires authentication (user/password) and my shares where free (no user, no password set in Windows).

    After trying some tricks without success, I returned to previous 8.0 version, but today I tried again and found a solution. In kodi config, services, smb client, there is a new option to configure the maximum version of samba. If you set the value to "smb1", when you try to access a share kodi asks you for user/password. Then, if you don't have any user/password, you can enter anything you want (I've used user: "a" / password: "b") and access the share. You only need to do that one time, after that you can access automatically all shares in the same machine. It seems that kodi needs to have a user/password, even it's no useful at all.

    Its probably due to a recent update in windows that disabled SMBv1. Control panel, programs and features, add windows features -> look for SMBv1 server and add it. That should re-enable it.

    I use Windows 10 in spanish (I live in Spain) and sometimes software translations are not very good. I looked in control panel something similar to "SMBv1 server" and I've found "Compatibilidad con el protocolo para compartir archivos SMB 1.0/CIFS" (Compatibility with file sharing protocol SMB...) but it's enabled. So I looked further and found "SMB directo" that was disabled. I've enabled it and tried, but no success.

    I also tried setting in Kodi "SMB Maximum protocol version" to SMB1 and SMB2, but didn't work. If I set maximum to SMB1 it always asks me for user/password. If I set it to SMB2 or None, it refuseses directly the connection.

    I think there must be some changes in LE/Kodi that affect SMB shares because kszaq's builds 8.0 work withour problems. The problems started with 8.1 builds that use LE 8.2.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your info.

    I've updated a S905X box to version 8.1.1 and I'm having SMB problems, I can't access to my Windows shares.

    As other users have reported, I think the problem lies in having a free access in Windows, without user/password.

    I wonder if it's planned to solve this in future releases (it works perfect in older versions).

    Otherwise, the update was easy, no problem at all. Thanks a lot for your work.

    I also have noticed a small audio problem from version 1l.

    I have a S905X box (a chinese cheap one) connected by HDMI to an AV receiver. Audio pasthrough activaded and ouput set to 'Best Match'. All worked perfect until version 1k.

    With version 1l in some videos I have no audio at all. I think the problem lies in the audio sampling, because I only notice it streaming low quality videos with very poor audio (AAC audio with sampling below 25 kHz).

    The problem solves if I set output to 'Fixed', because the audio is resampled to 48 kHz. Even the mp3 coded at 44.1 kHz are resampled, and that's not very good to me.

    I've tested version 2a this morning and the problem continues there. Returning to version 1k solves the problem.

    I have 3 boxes running LE builds from kszaq, using a mysql database running on a windows PC. Recently I upgraded from LE7 to LE8 without any problem with mysql. I remember having network problems with some boxes that resulted in empty databases. You can check this post thread-1349-post-9962.html#pid9962.

    I have uploaded 7.90.beta4a build where I tried to solve non-working ioctls for DVB tuners. Please test this and report.

    I have also updated addons repo with the latest versions from upstream libreelec-8.0 branch.

    Tested and working OK on a T95N (S905/2GB/8GB) with a external USB tuner (RTL2832) and tvheadend. Problems have now dissapeared.
    As always, thanks a lot for your huge work.

    Well, I'm going to tell my experiences, maybe it will be useful to someone.

    Today I decided to update one of my cheap chinese boxes to the new KODI. It's a T95N (S905/2GB/8GB), a very very small box. It was running LE from SD card without problems from some time ago (the version without temperature control). I downloaded the new beta, made and save an image of the SD card, copied the img.gz file on the Update folder and rebooted the box.

    1st problem. I saw a message from KODI to update the library, then a message to update the add-ons, and then... wait. Well, after one hour with the KODI logo on screen, I supposed the box was frozen. I tried to connect via SSH, the system seemed ok so I rebooted the box... and exactly the same problem. I went to my PC, connected via SMB and downloaded logs file. After regarding a little on the log files, I saw this on KODI.log:

    17:32:43.704 T:3902428064   ERROR: Unable to load /storage/.kodi/addons/adsp.basic/, reason: /storage/.kodi/addons/adsp.basic/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
    17:32:48.926 T:3959280544   ERROR: CecLogMessage - AllocateLogicalAddresses - failed to allocate device '0', type 'recording device'
    17:32:48.926 T:3959280544   ERROR: CecLogMessage - failed to find a free logical address for the client
    17:32:48.927 T:3959280544   ERROR: CecLogMessage - failed to register the new CEC client - cannot allocate the requested device types
    17:32:48.928 T:3950891936   ERROR: OpenConnection - could not opening a connection to the CEC adapter
    17:32:48.928 T:3959280544   ERROR: CecLogMessage - failed to register a CEC client
    17:36:47.965 T:4111212544  NOTICE: Storing total System Uptime
    17:36:47.966 T:4111212544  NOTICE: Saving settings
    17:36:47.974 T:4111212544  NOTICE: Saving skin settings
    17:36:47.974 T:4111212544  NOTICE: stop all

    I saw that file ( with that strange error (I'm not a Linux expert, of course) and decided to delete it. I rebooted again the box and... absolute success: KODI started OK and all I had before it was there, even my Xonfluence skin. I changed to the new skin and began to play a little with the new interface, entered in the Music section and...

    2nd problem. As you may know, KODI 17 has new options in the music section, so it needs to make a rescan of the library. The first time you enter in the section, it asks you to make the update, advertising it will take it some time. Well, I have a long library of music albums, so I asumed it would take maybe half an hour. I said YES to the update and went doing other things. After 10 minutes of working, I saw the screen was black. The system was completely unresponsive to the remote, I touched the box and it was very hot, so I tought it was hanged because of the internal temperature. I disconnected the box, reconnected and LE started well, no problem. When I saw the box wasn't bricked, I decided to try again and make a new music library update. The system hanged again after a few minutes.

    I'd never had temperature problems before with this box. I don't know it this could be resolved with temperature control. Anyway, it seems that the processor has an internal protection, because it gets hot and hangs. Or maybe it's another effect, I don't know.

    I also have a problem with tvheadend, that it's not working ok, but I saw in another post someone saying that it can be resolved with another version of the server. I will try later.

    Well, after this little problems, the box is working very good with KODI 17, so it's not bad at all. I want to give thanks to kszaq and all the people that make possible to use LE on this very cheap but capable boxes.

    Thanks for this awesome build! I have it successfully running on a Mini M8S and a T95x with the latest build. One major issue is that it seems that this latest build broke the PVR addons with a "Can't Load Dll" error message. I tried both the TVHeadend HTSP PVR and the IPTV Simple PVR and both came up with the error, even after uninstalling/reinstalling the addons. Noticed that others were having some similar issues. Any fix to this? Other than that, this setup seems to be the best by far! Very nice work!

    I had the same problem. You need to clean add-on cache, as is explained in first post (

    rm -rf /storage/.kodi/addons/packages/*

    ), reboot and then reinstall add-ons. It worked for me.

    @all: A new version uploaded: that should solve DVB issues.

    I'm sorry to say it, but I'm still having the same problem with tvheadend. My system refuses to load the client.
    Here is a new log file.

    I just made a new cleaning of addons, reinstalled client and working.
    Yesterday I did that a couple ot times, so I thought it was no necessary to do it again. Sorry.
    And thank you very much again.