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    It's one of those things that still requires manual humanoid action to activate it.

    We'll have a stern talking-to with those responsible. ^^

    No worries:) I just have a couple remote NUCs that I would love to stop manually updating now that the stable version is released. Having remote connects available is not something I like to practice for too long.

    CoreElec 8.90.0 is super solid so far. 0 crashes and Live TV channel switching a/v sync issue is also gone. My test boxes are pretty basic with regards to setup, no 4K or 10bit to test. Just IPTV and NAS streaming via SAMBA. Great work fellas!

    OE - LE - CE I'll be tagging along regardless of what it's called :thumbup::thumbup:

    Forks on Forks on Forks! Hahaha! Also glad theres a nice clean github fork I can follow, but someone stated about the new logo. It does look a bit like John Stewart and Comedy Central trying to take over lol. But no complaints here, I'm always down to lend my coding skills and testing for the cause.

    I believe you can also install inputstreamhelper addon and will check your widewine version and ask to update. I'm about 83% sure it does that. Though clicking a Netflix stream won't trigger a widevine update unless your're using a beta fork from the github. The Amazon addon does take full advantage of inputstream helper and widevine updates. Again only 83% sure. Sorry I know this has nothing to do with LE alpha.

    GDPR-2 I have to say the 4/3/18 devel build is solid. A lot of the IPTV and HLS stream stuttering and a/v syncing issues are gone. Even some of the 1080p streams with inputstream have improved. Same goes with passthrough issues as well. I've been testing on my Tronsmart S95 Meta for about six months and it finally seems happy. Great work and thanks!

    If you need inputstream.adaptive 2.2.8 for S905 and S912, I have compiled myself and could upload here.

    Oh you are baby Jesus if you could upload Inputstream 2.2.8! I help code and test the psvue add-on and v2.1.15 is not working anymore. Thanks nice

    Also what do you use to compile binary add-ons? I mainly use Xcode to code in python, xml and Java but after reading I might have to get a Ubuntu VM just to compile the binaries.

    Thanks GDPR-2 and others for for all your hard work on the Amlogic builds. Sorry to hear all the doughebags finally got to you. 8.90.6 is the most stable version to date. Though I do wish peak3d didn't apply million updates to inputstream after you made 8.90.6 build. v2.1.15 to v2.2.8 in 10 days...? "C'mon Man!" Lol. This forum is a very nasty and vile place with people who don't seem to understand the words "test", "development" or "alpha". Probably the same people who stop at green lights. Anyway, I'm off to vacation in the sun for spring break or to the Kodi forums where things seem to be more civilized.

    Just recently dual booted one box with a micro SD and it's a class 4. LE would lockup just trying boot because of the slow speed. Switching to a UHS1 SD card and the performance is comparable to the internal flash. Any class 6 or above SD should be good for booting. Then have all your Kodi data run off the internal. I would recommend UHS1 or UHS3 if you're going to keep everything on the SD card.

    I'm not sure if this is related to the video freezing after playback has stopped issue but in 8.90.5 whenever I play a file ripped from a DVD, Kodi crashes. It doesn't matter the format or codec used on the file. The same files played in 8.90.3 and 8.90.4. I tried taking a different raw avi file and the dvd file and encoded them both using the same codec, bitrate and frame rate. The DVD file is the only one that crashes. The only difference I noticed between the files after encoding them is the DVD has the NTSC standard listed in it's video information. I've attached the log file and the kodi crash log file too.

    Kodi log file 8.90.5

    Kodi crash log file 8.90.5

    Thanks. I think the Amazon issue is more to do with Inputstream adaptive. I get the same issue with both Netflix and Amazon since 8.90.3. tweaking the Inputstream adaptive settings would help or restarting. There was a recent update to the rtmp input add-on and that has helped. I'll test on 8.90.5 once my box updates.

    Sorry my stupid Macbook crashed before I could finish editing my post. I did notice the download URL from my log file has a space before the ".tar" in the file name. Maybe urllib2 is encoding the space then calling the url? I've been working on the PSVue addon and urllib2 and requests have been a thorn for me every time! Hahaha.

    ERROR: ## LibreELEC Addon ## oe::download_file( .tar, /storage/.kodi/temp/update_file) ## ERROR: (HTTPError())

    Yeah I was getting the same problem as Menion with the auto update stating there was an update but never downloading. After checking the log file it seems the LibreElec config addon is timing out trying to connect to the auto update server.

    More specifically, this is the error which eventually throughs a urllib2 404 error.

    ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):

    File "/home/kszaq/ocz/le-master/build.LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2-devel/LibreELEC-settings-12c5f24/.install_pkg/usr/share/kodi/addons/service.libreelec.settings/", line 284

    followed by:

    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 556, in http_error_default

    HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

    I can post the full pastebin log file if anyone wants to take a look at but after reading it looks like the auto update may be suspended until the transition to the Leia builds are complete.

    Awesome work kszaq on 8.1.3! Super solid build and no issues on both my Tronsmart's S95 Telos and Meta. Even better news after upgrading from 8.0.2e to 8.1.3 is the no sound issue playing certain AAC encoded files with the output configuration setting set to anything other than "Fixed" has now been resolved. I'm not sure what in 8.0.2 did not like passthrough or DTS but 8.1.3 seems to have gotten rid of it. Thanks!

    I've never had any issues using the kodi backup addon on LibreElec. I only use it so that I can schedule backups to my NAS and disk space on my box is limited. I have it configured to backup only addons, addon data, database, and config files. Restoring from this backup is best once libreelec/kodi is installed and setup. Also I've notice if your current kodi build has too much stuff (large database, lots of addons) then the backup will be large and become corrupted. I recently did a hard reset and stripped down my build to keep it lite as well the backups small. The LE backup is best when doing a hard reset or new install as it backs up the OS settings (LE) and kodi settings.

    Also 8.0.2b is amazingly faster. No more problems hardware accelerating h.264 files and streaming files over SMB no longer freezes when fast forward. Awesome work kszaq!

    boot from an SD and it works correctly, I access SSH and execute the command "installointernal" to install libreelec on the internal flash.

    When I run the "installinternal" command, the following message appears:

    Can not get mtd information for /dev/nand_env

    When I restart the tvbox without the SD does not start, the screen is black.

    The command should be "installtointernal". I'm not sure if you forgot the "to" part or if was a typo on your post. I had to run "installtointernal" twice like the instructions says because first boot failed giving "error press any key to shutdown"