LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2 Beta1

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  • naidu72

    what makes you so confident ?

    if I follow the download links I see:

    Index of /libreelec

    so it seems 9.1.501 is the last one - at least on that mirror - !

    maybe it was late mirrored after some internal testing or waiting on an late fix since 2019-09-03, I guess ...

    btw. after an short test on my NUC: it runs well - so far - Thanks guys !!!

  • Is the version of 9.2 Beta1 = 9.1.501?

    Confussing numbering and btw not available over the download_new web page ;)

    Yes... and I agree it is a little confusing, but our update process is based entirely on numbers so we have to use something less than 9.2.0 to represent builds that are not yet quite 9.2. Prior to this beta we were using 9.1.001, 9.1.002 to represent the "alpha" builds, so you can see there is a progression towards 9.2 with each release.

  • Is it possible to automatically update from v 9.2 Beta1 to the next (eventually stable) releases without losing the database and settings etc?

    Kodi only change database format with each major release, so if you're already on Kodi 18.x then you should not have to update database again until Kodi 19.

  • Are there any RPi 4 specific changes between 9.2alpha2 and 9.2beta1? It looks like the notes were mostly copied over from alpha2....

    Probably not so you'd notice, but it is using a new 4.19.y kernel with various bug fixes and new firmware for RPi4. Visual issues such as tearing in the GUI unfortunately remain.

  • EDIT: removed, figured out how to find the .TAR file from within the GUI. (Scared to use .IMG.GZ, might over-write the whole disk, isn't it?)

    Does anyone know if Linux 5.1 will have more overhead on the Pi 1,2,3 and may reduce performance? What about 5.2 which is coming soon right?

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  • (Scared to use .IMG.GZ, might over-write the whole disk, isn't it?)

    Don't worry you can use .tar or .img.gz to manual update device from existing installed running build to latest beta as mentioned in Update Libreelec section of wiki. Just ensure you have correct .tar or .img.gz file for your specific device, transfer downloaded file into update folder of device (using your chosen method to transfer file to device) then reboot.