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    I have problems with the image contrast or the black doesn't reach higher densities and the scenes are washed out? I went back to version 10 and magically everything was resolved? What happened to, will I ever be able to upgrade to version 11 or am I limited by my hardware?

    Looks like Full RGB mode is not active for your screen device output. I had the same problem which was solved by adding

    modetest -w 239:"Broadcast RGB":1

    to /storage/.config/ (… Replace 239 with connector (video output) number specific to your system, which can be discovered by inspecting modetest text dump when ran without arguments.

    Also make sure that your Settings / System / Display / Use limited color range option is not enabled.

    I had a similar issue, deleting Addons27.db, rebooting and reinstalling my addons helped.

    I looked into corrupted(?) Addons27.db and compared it with the working one but couldn't spot a noticeable difference. Obviously I didn't try hard enough :)

    Yeah, looks like gen7 aliexpress offers generally don't bother with hdmi 2.0 converter chip.

    Gen8 boxes are advertized with hdmi 2.0 though. But they are not cheap atm and are falling in intel nuc, zotacs etc gen7 price range with decleared hdmi 2.0 compatibility.

    I'm running a similar 3965U box and it works fine (after limiting max cpu c-state to C7S).

    Note that i610 supports 4K@24Hz max over HDMI, if it matters to you.

    Make sure this thing does have the auto power on bios option, I've seen mini pcs lacking this.

    What else - I see it has an active cooling and people in reviews section complain about noise...

    At the moment update of netboot systems is unconditionally disabled: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    I don't see why it wouldn't work for r/w share. Settings restore works just fine, and system update is no different.

    If changing this behaviour is a no-go, a new kernel init argument overriding this would be appreciated.

    So I played with bisecting the kernel and found out that bug appears after this commit:

    kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree

    The merge is not small and I'm having a hard time isolating the patch that caused the issue.

    Meanwhile I found out that supplying intel_idle.max_cstate=1 as kernel boot option get rids of the bug.

    EDIT: After some more tinkering I found out that setting Package C State Limit BIOS option to C7S instead of Auto solves the problem, and intel_idle.max_cstate kernel option is not required anymore.

    I guess the thread kind of auto solved itself.

    I managed to capture dmesg outputs of successful and not successful (resetting) runs with progress drm.debug=0xe debug ignore_loglevel options by removing the usb boot disk in timely fashion :)

    Success (kernel 4.18.11, alpha 006):

    Failure (kernel 4.19.4, alpha 009):

    Failure (kernel 4.20, next LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0-Milhouse-20181129005231-#1128x-g63fb241.tar):

    I compared the good (4.18.11) and bad (4.19.4) logs line by line found the following difference:



    present in good, missing in bad:

    [drm:skylake_get_initial_plane_config] pipe A/plane 1A with fb: size=1920x1080@32, offset=0, pitch 7680, size 0x7e9000
    [drm:i915_gem_object_create_stolen_for_preallocated] creating preallocated stolen object: stolen_offset=0x000000000000000
    0, gtt_offset=0x0000000000000000, size=0x00000000007e9000
    [drm:intel_alloc_initial_plane_obj.isra.131] initial plane fb obj (____ptrval____)
    [drm:intel_set_plane_visible] pipe A active planes 0x1

    The difference is most likely due to the fact that there was a framebufffer console in one case, and 80x25 in another. So the only real difference is i915 module version, 1.6.0 20180514 vs 1.6.0 20180719.

    Maybe someone with i915 driver understanding can take a look and notice any clues?