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    Rolled back to 20210717 and checked HDMI settings for Audio correctly setup on second hdmi connection etc.

    Apologies as now realise that ssh was probably working absolutely fine in 20210720 (user error using ssh from pc :blush: )

    LibreELEC:~ # pastekodi

    LibreELEC:~ # modetest | pastebinit

    no results to fetch

    Hope information is helpful, can try again with 20210720 installed in order to compare results between builds on my particular setup

    (now I have resolved user error with using ssh, hadnt used putty in a while, didnt check carefully loaded session parameters :blush: )



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    added hdmi_enable_4kp60=0 to end of config.txt on sd, then attempted to boot rpi4, no change blank screen.

    No ability to access rpi4 via ssh or samba even after a reasonable wait time

    Removed power

    on a hunch, disconnected 2nd hdmi which in my usage case outputs audio to older AVR that does not support 4K etc

    (1st hdmi connected direct to 4k TV)

    Reconnected power to rpi4 and libreelec booted up OK, samba access ok, but access to rpi4 via ssh not available?

    Removed hdmi_enable_4kp60=0 in config.txt on sd

    Removed hdmi_enable_4kp60=1 from distroconfig.txt on sd

    Attempted to boot, no change blank screen.

    Removed power

    disconnected 2 hdmi

    Reconnected power rpi4 booted up OK samba access ok, but access via ssh not available?

    So unfortunately unable to run suggested commands via ssh whilst 20210720 installed.

    Considering to roll-back to previous nightly and try upgrade again, anything else to try whilst only one hdmi connected with everything other than ssh appearing to be working OK? (to gather elements of requested info i.e. from libreelec build in pastebin options)

    I have same issue with my rpi4 jumping from 20210717 to latest 20210720, where in my case sd only contains LibreELEC. (No Noobs)

    Black screen, not visible on network etc.

    Thanks for the pointer..Will take a look at config.txt and attempt to restore/replace later today.

    Take a read through following thread may provided pointers, maybe Denon AVR-2310 doesn't know what to do with Audio only HDMI input?

    And I would read through AVR manual carefully as perhaps you need to make HDMI setting adjustments on the AVR?


    ginogio65 be aware that in my case I am still relying on manual method (checking through kodi GUI) that audio correctly assigned to hdmi1

    (Between reboots of rpi4 to update to latest nightly and when my TV/AVR combination are switched off/on)

    in my case, I need to ensure ALSA: vc4-hdmi-1, ONK TX-SR608 on HDMI is selected

    in your case, I note from secreen grab that you need to ensure ALSA: vc4-hdmi-1, MJI Marantz-AVR on HDMI is selected

    My understanding is that vc4-hdmi-1 relates to card0-HDMI-A-2 where for my own understanding I double checked by sshing into rpi4 and inputting tail /sys/class/drm/*/status command when both my TV and AVR is switched on and fully recognised.

    tail /sys/class/drm/*/status
    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/status <==
    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-2/status <==

    So in my usage case above confirms

    hdmi0 = card0-HDMI-A-1 = Philips 55PUS7304 4K TV

    hdmi1 = card0-HDMI-A-2 = Onkyo TX-SR608 AV Receiver

    You are ensuring that your AVR is remaining switched/fixed to hdmi port that you connected your rpi4 to your AVR and that both Audio settings assigned to ALSA: vc4-hdmi-1, MJI Marantz-AVR on HDMI ?

    This question/comment relates to my usage case with my TV connected to HDMI out from my AVR in order to utilise CEC/ARC features between TV/AVR. If I am not observant I can miss fact that my AVR may switch from rpi input hdmi port to TV output hdmi port.

    (i.e. Does this infrequently during navigation of Kodi GUI controlled via CEC and remote of TV)

    I'm currently working on a script to simplify this whole edid stuff - hopefully that should make it into beta2.

    Great thread topic on AVR detection and explanation on how-to utilse rpi4's spare HDMI port to output audio directly to AVR (HDMI 1.4b in my case) when following Settings are correctly assigned to required hdmi out. :cool:

    • Settings -> System -> Audio -> Audio output device
    • Settings -> System -> Audio -> Passthrough output device

    Just been testing method/process with hdmi0 (video) and hdmi1 (audio) this morning (which works perfectly, thanks) and like others, I now understand will need to permanently setup edid and config, such that rpi4 remembers hdmi1 connection, when rpi4 and/or AVR is powered off/on.

    Thank you HiassofT :thumbup:

    It is just the name of the update channel - it still provides the latest nightly builds. Maybe a bit confusing...

    Temporarily switched from LibreELEC-10 to LEnightly-9.80 as my "update channel" ;)

    For my rpi4 I have following two custom channels assigned in order to switch between above "update channels"

    Custom Channel 1
    Custom Channel 2

    Just a comment in thread that update to latest nightly build for rpi4 via new custom channel url is currently not providing available 04/03 and 05/03 nightly builds. Noted that releases.json currently dated 03/03 and assume (ref Irusak previous comments) patience required and not a fully automated set-up to pick up latest Nightlies just yet.

    flubshi as mentioned by Smultie LibreELEC Nightlies now being identified with "10.0-nightly" within filenames since 27th Feb.

    Note: Currently no "LEnightly-10.0" update channel to select

    Would be great if you can update your temporary workaround to provide access to latest nightly builds ;)