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    I have the same issue but no one is responding.

    Because it's almost certainly a Kodi issue - LibreELEC is just the OS that runs Kodi, if there's a problem with the way Kodi processes JSON requests then the OS is unlikely to be the issue. Try testing on Windows instead of LibreELEC and see if you get the same results, I'm pretty sure you will.

    Whoever advised you that LibreELEC is at fault has advised you incorrectly - you should be reporting this directly to Kodi on their github.

    You know the use case could be to make the transition easier. And since hyperion is using it so you could update it.

    Until Kodi 19 uses Python 3 as a language interpreter, including Python 3 (as an add-on or not) would not help with the transition as Kodi would continue to use only Python 2 when executing Python add-ons.

    Installing Python 3 into the image as well as Python 2 is a very niche requirement, which is why it hasn't been done so far. And for much the same reason nobody has submitted a Python 3 add-on as there isn't really the demand for it.

    Also, the version of hyperion that is supported by LibreELEC 9.0 is using Python2. If someone wants to use a different and unsupported version of hyperion that has different Python language requirements then that is not our problem to solve.

    And Cryologic has a use case. Package is already there.

    @Crylogic hasn't explained what his use case actually is - he only asked why we don't include Python 3, which has now been explained.

    And to my knowledge a package for a Python 3 add-on does not exist, but if anyone wants to submit it as a PR we can consider it, or better yet a community builder can build it/host it as it will have a very short life span.

    Why Coreelec, Alexelec have Python 3? Only you cannot use Python 3? why?

    Installing both Python3 (that cannot be used by Kodi) side-by-side with Python2 (which is used by Kodi) makes no sense for a size optimised distribution like LibreELEC that targets Kodi - including Python3 at this time would benefit almost nobody and be a waste of space for everyone else. LibreELEC will replace Python2 with Python3 during the Kodi 19 development cycle.

    Not all add-ons are compatible with Python 3, that will change as Kodi 19 mandates Python 3 support but for now Python 2 is the best way to ensure add-on compatibility with existing add-ons.

    I'd say it's probably "no", but your welcome to get creative with variable substitution: smb.conf and see if that can work for you.

    Fur example, try creating /storage/.kodi/.smb/user.conf with the line:

    1.  include /storage/.kodi/.smb/%j.conf

    then in (for example) /storage/.kodi/.smb/192_168_0_20.conf you can try configuring the required client settings whenever you connect to the server that is

    Network booting on RPi 3B+ is unreliable due to kernel and firmware issues that were resolved after the release of LibreELEC 8.2.5. Since we have no plans to issue further 8.2.y releases you'll need to switch to a LibreELEC 9.0 alpha release such as 8.90.003.

    Yes, LE master does not currently include the RPi patches (which is why they're not in Alpha 3). This is a short term solution to an ongoing discussion with Team Kodi, however the longer solution is to restore the RPi patches, hopefully before Beta 1. In my own nightly builds, the RPi patches are here but integrating them into LE isn't a straight forward task using the existing LE build system so my advice would be to wait until we have restored the patches back to LE master.

    This is my first message in this forum and new to LE not in the world of Linux.

    I can't play HEVC content with LE 8.90.003 in RPi 3b+ however with Milhouse compilation they play without any trouble. Let me know if I can activate any log to now the possible reason or if it's a known trouble to correct in future.


    This is expected. The Alpha 3 release (as stated in the blog post) is focused more on OS issues than application (ie. Kodi) issues. Consequently some RPi Kodi functionality is not enabled, including HEVC - this will be enabled in a future release.

    Your S905w wifi hardware is built-in, and the required firmware is already included. Your problem is due to something other than firmware (something in your kszaq custom build of causing a kernel panic) and is unrelated to this specific thread about a USB dongle, which you are hijacking.