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    I formatted the sd card to verify it wasn't a corrupt copy. Same problem. (I haven't verified the .img.gz I downloaded has the right md5/crc. I don't see where that's listed making it hard to check.)

    Pastebin as requested:

    edit: Also, I'm using a new 3a power plug.

    The crash you listed is one I've seen once, but haven't been able to reproduce so far which has made tracking it down difficult (it's somewhere in Kodi). It's odd you are getting this crash so often.

    I'm (fairly) sure if you keep trying you should be able to connect to your network. Not ideal I know, but this situation does seem a little unusual (based on local testing and lack of similar feedback so far).

    I'm on a Pi 4 and when I try to connect to wifi with the correct password (wpa2, 5ghz) half of the time it gives a Network Error Input/Output Error, and the other half of the time the Pi suddenly reboots without warning.

    (I don't see a Pi section to report this. My apologies if this is the wrong location.)

    Are you sure your system is rebooting, and that Kodi isn't crashing? If your system is actually rebooting then this might suggest a power related issue (or faulty hardware).

    Can you see if you have a crash log in /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log (and upload it to a pastebin site if you do). Thanks.

    I'm not sure if the crash was due to using 2 monitors or having 1 4K and 1 HD monitor or if it was unrelated. I'd previous been scanning my NAS for TV programs and that took ages so not sure if I'd have had the crash anyway as a result of the really long scan.

    When I've scanned movies, I'll reboot and see if it starts up ok. Then scan TV programs and reboot again.

    Unrelated. The crash is due to data loss on your SD card, maybe you switched off without shutting down?

    You were missing the file /storage/.kodi/userdata/profiles.xml which can sometimes go missing after an improper shutdown (and other reasons we're not entirely sure about), but when it does go missing then Kodi will crash on startup. Copying the file from the safe mode installation to your FAILED installation is the quickest fix and avoids a re-installation.

    What is the issue?

    This: Pi4 not working with some chargers (or why you need two cc resistors) – The blog of Tyler Ward (aka scorpia)

    On reddit: Broken USB-PD power on Raspberry 4?! Almost of my usb-c power supplies do not work... :( : raspberry_pi

    It's an issue that appears to affect _some_ cables (it's not actually a charger issue, but a cable issue). It's not the end of the world, but might be nice to fix in a future rev - most users are unlikely to be affected with the current board revision.

    A bit of an unrelated question... What command should I use via SSH to monitor temperatures?

    You can use to monitor temperatures.

    Also how do I enable/disable a temperature overlay on the UI itself?

    If you want to disable the over temperature/under voltage warnings it's explained here, but that's not really a good or recommended solution as your device will throttle the frequency once it gets too hot.

    Why would 0-255 or 16-235 be an issue for Rec 2020 HDR10 output flagged as Rec 709 SDR?

    Just trying to rule out possible causes in an effort to identify what is happening.

    As it happens, there should be a fix for the "washed out" videos in the next release as MMAL required some extra support for the Rec2020 colour space that had been omitted. It would still be very nice if someone could upload a test sample or provide a link to a file that demonstrates the problem so we can fix it at the first attempt.

    Also, stuttering issues with interlaced videos should be fixed in the next release.

    Hi Milhouse,

    Everything is stock, including skin, I don't use any add-ons other than those already installed in Libreelec.

    Here are the results of the test at idle:

    Are you using hdmi_enable_4k=1 in config.txt? This enables 4Kp60 but (currently) increases clocks/voltages which leads to higher temperatures.

    Quote from popcornmix

    The reason that is optional is it increases clocks/voltages which means higher temps. We did lower these just before LE image was made but a. Issue with WiFi meant we reverted it. The latest rpi-update does lower this again (with a fix for WiFi.).

    Hopefully the next LibreELEC 9.2 alpha update (9.1.002) will have the updated firmware and thus lower temperatures with hdmi_enable_4k=1.

    Have you limited your GUI size to 1080p as this will give better performance (and thus potentially lower idle temperatures) than running the Kodi GUI at 4Kp30 or 4Kp60 (Settings > System > Display > Limit GUI Size - needs settings level set to "Expert").

    Can you upload your kodi.log from the RPi4 using the "upload kodi log" option in the LibreELEC Settings addon and post the link?

    this screenshoot is taken from a clean install.

    Is the screenshot taken at a time when your system is "idle"? If so, isn't it showing a temperature of 60C-61C? Where are you seeing 70C? Is it only after you install the addons that you start to see temps of around 70C?

    And why is one of your CPU cores spiking to 100% every 3-4 seconds on a "clean" install - that's not what I'd call an "idle" system (in my screenshot, CPU load was consistently low on 3 cores, with 1 core servicing kodi.bin at about 30%). From your screenshot, it appears that your system is hammering the SD card almost constantly writing large amounts of data (to the SD card) - try disabling Backup and Artwork Beef and see if the "iowt" column goes down to 0.00.

    Sorry, just a bit confused about your "idle" status and what the screenshot is telling me, and the lack of 70C temps.

    Same issue here. I have a 2GB RPi4 with official case, PSU and HDMI cable. Clean install, room temperature is 20c and the Rpi4 idles at 70c and goes up to 75c during video playback.

    While idle at the Kodi "Home" menu (presumably you are using the stock Estuary skin?), can you run the following command in ssh (make the ssh window quite wide/high - at least 186 columns, and 40+ lines):

    1. -ZCxpyd1

    Leave it running for a short while (20-30 seconds) then take a printscreen of the ssh window and upload it to (then post the link). With this we can see if something is hammering on the CPU core(s) and driving up the temperature abnormally. Thanks.

    I'm not sure about the high temperature, this is an uncased 4GB RPi4 (no heatsink) with 9.1.001 while idle at the Home menu for 7 hours:


    Have you installed any add-ons? Is this a clean installation or upgrade from RPi3 - try a "clean" /storage/.kodi without any third party add-ons and see if you still have issues (maybe an add-on has gone nuts and is spinning on the CPU).

    Does the GUI look washed out or is it just videos? Presumably the washed out videos are HDR videos? As previously stated, there is currently no HDR support until this is baked into the Linux kernel, probably 5.2 or 5.3 so I'd expect the HDR metadata to be ignored. Can you upload a small sample video (or link to a sample video) that demonstrates the problem?

    documentation/ at master · raspberrypi/documentation · GitHub

    In /flash/config.txt, add the following to enable 4Kp60 support:

    1. hdmi_enable_4k=1

    HDR metadata should be ignored for now, so if your display looks washed out try toggling Settings > System > Display > Use limited colour rage (16-235).