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    shedrock with stock Estuary, if you open the Information page for an episode (while not playing a video - ie. navigate your media library to a tvshow > season > episode) do you see the cast names and thumbnails across the top of the screen, as in the following image:

    Strange, Samba compiles fine here. Does it compile successfully without your lib2to3 changes?

    Can you paste a link to all of your changes, and the exact command line you are using for your build?

    My guess is that the problem is not actually with Samba, but that your changes have introduced a failure elsewhere (in another package) and the Samba package may be a collateral failure. Uploading your plan and history files would also be useful (you can find them in the "build.*/.threads" folder). In fact, zipping up the entire ".threads" folder and then uploading it somewhere would be very helpful as it would enable me to investigate the build failure.

    and I imagine there's at least 100MB (?) of data in memory which could just be compressed and left there?

    What is this 100MB of data you are referring to - is it the squashfs image? This is already compressed so using zram to compress it again in RAM would not result in any significant benefit, and would in fact use more CPU to perform multiple rounds of uncompress/compress.

    LibreELEC is designed to perform well within the memory constraints of the target device, eg. 1GB RAM on RPi3, which (on everything other than RPi0/RPi1) still leaves sufficient spare RAM to run a few background applications/services, so zram/zswap should not be necessary.

    However if users choose to load the system to the point where all the available RAM is in use then that's not really a problem I think is worth solving with zram/zswap - the better solution is to partition your services on to dedicated/appropriate hardware so that LibreELEC as an HTPC client is running optimally (not having RAM/CPU intended for Kodi stolen by other background tasks) or continue using a single device but one with more physical RAM and/or faster CPU (4GB RPi4?)

    Adding zram may mean more RAM appears to be available to applications, but it will also consume more CPU so what you gain on the one hand you lose on the other - you may have plenty of RAM available with zram but you may then experience stuttering during video playback as you are now CPU bound.

    Planning on using any form of swap is a bad idea, particularly if your swap file is stored on SD card - it will be very slow, with or without zswap. Swap should only be used as a last resort.

    There are several zram/zswap posts on the Raspberry Pi forum - this is probably one worth taking note of:

    swap in Raspbian: More trouble than it is worth? - Raspberry Pi Forums

    zram/zswap is a pretty niche requirement and not likely one that 99.99% of users will need. If you (or anyone else) wanted to test zram/zswap then the best option would be to enable the kernel configuration options and build your own custom/community LibreELEC: Compile []

    Humour me and check on all your clients (LibreELEC & Windows) what scrapers you have installed & enabled in:

    Settings > Add-ons > My add-ons > Information providers > TV Information

    "The TVDB" scraper is not included/installed by default in LibreELEC so you'll need to install it if you're using a fresh LibreELEC installation. If "The TVDB" scraper is installed but not enabled, then enable it.

    If you're seeing cast details for Movies then this might mean you're scraping your Movies with the "The Movie Database" scraper which *is* installed/included as standard in LibreELEC. If you'd scraped your movies on Windows with, say, "Universal Movie Scraper" (UMS) then you'd be missing the cast information when viewing your Movies on LibreELEC clients when those clients do not have UMS installed.

    I've only skimmed your various posts but the behaviour can be 100% explained by a missing metadata scraper on your clients when using a centralised MySQL database.

    If you haven't installed the same TV information scraper on all your clients as you have on Windows, then you'll only see limited information on the clients that lack the TV scraper - so make sure you've installed the same TV scraper (TVDB?) on your LibreELEC clients, and then the cast info should appear.

    Post your kodi debug log - go into Kodi > Settings > LibreELEC > System, then in the right hand pane scroll to the bottom of the list and click on the "Upload latest Kodi log and configs" item, then paste the link.

    Sorry for the delay, forgot about this thread.

    SMB2/SMB3 should be working out of the box with Windows 7+ (including Windows 10), there's actually no need to tweak or change any settings, and in fact it is working for pretty much everyone else so I can't really think of a good reason why it's not working for you.

    At the moment I can only think there's something you've done (in terms of configuration) which you've forgotten to mention, or there is some other issue with your network (firewall, perhaps?)

    I'll respond with this forum

    Is this someone you know ?

    Sorry, my Portuguese is a little rusty but a quick scan didn't reveal any evidence of a $3000 donation, so what's your point?

    I know chewitt, and we have been in contact with WeTek management in the past, and we have received hardware donations from WeTek and pretty much every vendor whose hardware we support (that's how development on SBCs works, mostly). And that's not even a secret. Nor is it any evidence of payments from vendors to fund development, as has been claimed. You're barking up the wrong tree, fella.

    Specifically for HK I have no official information, but I have official information about such requirements from corelec from another manufacturer. I can send you in PM the details of the official representative, what would you do he got this conversation. He didn't ask me to keep it a secret, but the exact details of the deal, I'm not authorized to divulge. ;)

    That's the problem, these are private deals between Khadas, HK and CoreELEC etc. it's not for you or I to discuss them in public.

    This forum is not a platform for spreading unsubstantiated misinformation on other operating systems.

    I am privy to all CE matters being part of the team and say you are BOTH wrong in the quotes you have made.

    Please edit to correct your errors.:dodgy:

    Hmmm... you don't want unsubstantiated misinformation on other operating systems to be spread on this forum (when it's about CoreELEC) but you're perfectly happy for it to be spread on your own forum when it's about LibreELEC. Bit of a double standard, wouldn't you say? At the time, we didn't come on to your forum full of righteous indignation (mainly because we knew it would have been pointless, and only lead to unnecessary confrontation) so please don't bother with that here.

    And just for the record: LibreELEC has never received $3000 from WeTek (or any other vendor for that matter), nor has - as claimed by Adam elsewhere - LibreELEC ever been paid/funded by any hardware vendor to develop for any platform. Adam knows nothing about LibreELEC finances, which are based entirely on goodwill donations.

    But yeah, KyleS / buzzmarshall let's keep it factual, please. And focused on LibreELEC.

    Edit: added image of original linked post, taken prior to stealth edit: original wording.

    I checked m,y Pi3B+ LibreELEC setup and it says I have an update......however the versioning seems off.

    Is that right? Does it go from 9.1.002 to 9.0.2?

    No, that looks like a cock-up... 9.1.002 is the 9.2 Alpha2 release which is more recent than 9.0.2, so I'm hoping it's an issue on the backend update server. We'll look into it.

    You should upgrade to 9.1.501 (9.2 Beta1) which we released today - you may need to manually apply the upgrade by downloading the tar file to the Update Samba share (as these are alpha/beta releases they're not being rolled out automatically to all users).