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    I'll also repeat my findings:

    1. It doesn't look like the issue is with the video files, the files that stutter on rpi4 play smoothly on other devices with similar settings.

    2. Audio does have something to do with it, when switching the output to analogue only or hdmi+analgue, the issue seems to disappear. However, when subtitles are enabled there is still stuttering, regardless of audio settings.

    3. The issue does not seem to be related to storage read speeds, CPU load or file source. I tried playing the video files from an internal SD card, from an SSD drive connected to USB 3 and via network from a different PC with the video file located on an SSD drive, both wired and wi-fi - the results were the same. While the file is playing the rpi4 CPU load is very low.

    4. The issue is sometimes not easy to detect, it's very sporadic, but it's much more evident when TV refresh rate is adjusted to video file fps, which is 23.976 fps most of the time. Also, Kodi doesn't register skipped or dropped frames during this stuttering.

    re: stuttery video playback on rpi4

    I think I also found a workaround while fiddling with it.

    It seems like this is somehow related to audio - when I set the audio output to analogue or hdmi+analogue the video playback is smooth, but when the audio output is set to hdmi only (which is the default) the video playback gets stuttery.

    More than likely has to do with the file. H264 and H265 are very smooth, but I've noticed with some old and badly/oddly encoded videos there is slight stutters. The pi doesn't seem to break a sweat on the codecs it supports via hardware. Have been thinking about just re-encoding things to h264.

    Nah. I use exactly the same video files to test this on HTPC/Windows based Kodi 18.4 and on rpi4's latest libreelec. Rpi4 stutters, while on Windows everything is smooth. This stuff is very noticeable when you're used to proper and smooth 23.976fps playback. Rpi3 worked flawlessly with h264 video, so there's definitely some issue here.

    Yes, I also get jerky video playback on rpi4, especially when external subtitles are in use. Kodi doesn't recognize it as dropped/skipped frames in the player debug info that you can see by pressing ctrl+shift+o, it is clearly visible though. CPU usage is very low when this is happening.

    There is no such problem when using an older 17.6 raspbian version, but it has a lot of other issues like awful tearing.

    Hi, I've recently acquired an RPi4 and installed the latest LibreElec alpha on it.

    While trying to set up the correct RGB levels on all of the relevant ends (according to this page: Video levels and color space - Official Kodi Wiki) I discovered that the Kodi setting "use limited color range (16-235)" only affects the Kodi GUI, but not the actual video player that seems like it's locked in the RGB full mode.

    Considering that the ideal way to set this up is to use Limited (video player), Full (GPU), Limited (TV) levels, is it possible to fix this mismatch or to override the video player settings somehow?