LibreELEC (Leia) 9.1.002 ALPHA

  • Hi,

    I have tested more VC-1 movies on my PI 4, and I think that if one cpu core is powerful enough to decode the movie (decoder cpu core utilization < 95%), then the playback is smooth (no frame drop), and if one the decoder core utilization is higher than 95% VC-1 playback stutters, there are frame drops.


    yes the switch to software decoding on PI4 for VC-1 and MPEG-2 uses to much CPU (often ~80%) and as you wrote it stutters if a core is used to high.

    would be good if this load could be distributed to the other cores... is this possible?

  • I have noticed that if I upgrade to 9.1.002 from 9.0.*, keeping existing configuration, Kodi fails after reboot due to

    vfs.sftp addon missing

    The installation reboots in safe mode, where I could reinstall the addon and it worked with the new version (using I then moved the new addon to the default configuration:

    mv /.kodi_FAILED/addons/vfs.sftp /storage/bkp; cp -a /.kodi/addons/vfs.sftp ./.kodi_FAILED/addons

    Everything appears to be functional after reboot.

    I contributed this trivial solution here to aid any unfortunates. Should LibreElec be able to handle addons with upgrades smoothly even in alpha releases?

    Thanks for a great pre-release,


  • I can confirm this too although not sure what went wrong exactly as my Rpi is 3500km away..all I have installed on it is Tvheadened server....emby server4 and VNC server..

    Tryed to update to 9.1.002 from 9.0.1 trough VNC and lost connection and couldn,t connect anymore...

    After getting my inlaws to get an old monitor and connect to the Rpi to see what went wrong just found out it was stuck on Safe Mode and just needed a reboot altough VNC did need a force update to start again..

  • Just upgraded my Pi4 from 9.1.001 to 9.1.002 and am having issues with video playback. Experiencing the issue with both offline media and TVH playback.

    When I start a video I get a black screen with no video, but the audio plays. If stop the video etc I can successfully return to the Kodi menu etc.

    I'm having no end of issues dumping the Kodi logs, will continue to try and extract them. This issue has only happened after the upgrade, no issues with the previous 9.1.001 install.

  • F.Y.I.

    I upgraded to 9.1.002 from 9.0.2 and ended up in Safe Mode.

    The boot process got stuck in "stopping" the plex media server (PMS) for some reason. After some failed attempts it booted into Safe Mode.

    Sorry for not collecting logs and all, went back to 9.0.2.

  • Is your Rpi headless?

  • where can I find 9.100.2 for the Wetek Play1?

    Due the age of that product and due the fact that there are no proper drivers/kernel around LE9.0 is the last version for WP1. Without new drivers etc (that are not there anywhere) it won't run with upcoming Kodi19 anyway.

  • Hi,

    I lost myself here. So what's the difference between:

    - LibreELEC (Leia) 9.1.002 ALPHA

    - LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2 ALPHA1 with Raspberry Pi 4B Support

    for the Pi4 user?

    Both support Pi4 and both are based on Kodi 18.3.

    So which should I use with Pi4?

  • Every time i try to scrap TV shows Libre crashes and ends back at the logo and i need to restart the kodi service from shell or wait 30min untill it starts up again,

    I've tried the TVDB and TMDB tv scrapers (latest versions) but it's the same error, i have to scan one season at a time for it to work. some minor shows with 3-4 seasons can work to scan all together.

    It also does not work well with multipaths for same show.

    If i start scan a show all seasons /episodes on a different path are hidden away.

    tried reinstalling from scratch but it's the same problems, never had a problem when i used RP3 with kodi version 17.2 with the same structure.

  • Good evening, is there a cause/reason the advancedsettings.xml will not work?

    Tried with a raspex version/image (kodi 18.3 Git:20190718-b0e4133d0f) and my mariadb is able to connect.

    For the w0man acceptance factor i would prefer the libreelc image instead ;)



  • When I start a video I get a black screen with no video, but the audio plays. If stop the video etc I can successfully return to the Kodi menu etc.

    Try and use the hdmi socket closest to the power connector and it should work.

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