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    I upgraded to 9.1.002 from 9.0.2 and ended up in Safe Mode.

    The boot process got stuck in "stopping" the plex media server (PMS) for some reason. After some failed attempts it booted into Safe Mode.

    Sorry for not collecting logs and all, went back to 9.0.2.

    Be aware here when testing by playing something from the movie library. My movie library was built on a sftp:// path. This was changed to a local path where the archive was sshfs mounted without updating the db.

    You could still start and play everything from the indexed library but nothing in advancedsettings.xml was applied. This even with buffermode 1 (all filesystems). However, wipe and update the DB and it will be fine.

    In my case, increasing the ”readfactor” fixed the lag and hickups. Kodi just didn’t utilize the available bandwidth without increasing this a lot. Memory size didn’t matter much as the buffer wasn’t filled fast enough anyways.

    Testing with the Plex docker plugin and no problems so far.

    Note that I'm even mounting an already mounted sshfs location.

    Plex is scanning surprisingly fast and indexing all content.

    Streaming 1080p works perfectly fine both through the Plex Web and the Plex App on my iPhone.

    I'm very pleased, thanks a lot :)

    Another angle of this, some responsibility lies with the one mounting data to an "unknown" app ;) But doing chown when necessary sound like a good idea, it would solve startup issues with RO files.

    First time I used Plex btw. It's great and all that but apparently it doesn't support playing from RAR archives. Unfortunately I didn't know this before I bought the Plex app.

    Hmm.. couldn't this be an opportunity for this plugin? Beat standard Plex by adding this. I'm sure you can figure out some clever solution adding RAR support here, using Kodi or some layer extracting on the fly or something. From reading several forums etc it would definitely be big news! ;)

    Thanks for your reply and pointing this out.

    Automatic updates is and should be disabled after this and whenever you want it updated it's actually not a big thing to fix manually.

    It is mounted with proper UID but as RO indeed.

    In my opinion though, doing chown -R here without a warning is both risky and pointless. And with a large archive mounted over a network it delays the startup with minutes and possibly hours. Finally, any existing ownership and group-access structure will be completely destroyed.

    However, now everything is working properly and I'm very pleased with it. Kodi still as the main player and Plex for streaming services.

    Maybe one thing, It would be nice and perhaps more "clean" to have a custom folder in addition to videos/tvshows/pictures. This as a mounted target may contain a mix of all those plus more.

    Never mind, it's in a bash script and simple to disable.


    #chown -R nobody:users "$V_data_tvshows" "$V_data_movies" "$V_transcode" "$V_data_photos"

    In addition I will add the mounting to this startup script instead of autostart of libreELEC.


    It seems the plex addon requires writable access as it tries to take ownership of all files at startup for some reason.

    CGroup: /system.slice/docker.linuxserver.plex.service

    ├─1409 /bin/sh /storage/.kodi/addons/docker.linuxserver.plex/bin/docker.linuxserver.plex

    └─1476 chown -R nobody:users /storage/tvshows /storage/videos /storage/downloads/plextemp /storage/pictures

    Jan 03 00:30:10 LibreELEC sh[1409]: chown: /storage/videos/hd-series/*************.S03E09.720p.BluRay.X264-*******: Permission denied



    This is a big problem for me as it's a remote RO mounted location where RW is not an option. Especially not if there are applications doing recursive chown's on everything.

    I found an option in this file:


    <setting label="30007" type="folder" id="V_data_movies" default="/storage/videos" option="writeable" />

    Have tried to change this to "readonly, ro, read, notwriteable" etc but it doesn't change the startup behaviour of plex.

    Any ideas?