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    I tried Dolby Atmos files with a nightly build a couple of month ago and they worked for me. I then took a break and now that it is available I installed 10.0.0 for the Pi 4 and noticed that with the (hopefully) same passthrough settings Atmos sound does not reach my receiver. Is it not yet in the stable release (do I need to stay on nightly builds for this to work atm)?



    Started working after inserting cable to hdmi1.



    Same here. Testing on RPI4.

    Installed latest official v10. Enabled Audio Passthrough (didn't change anything else). Doesn't work. Only Stereo gets to my AVR.

    Switched "DTS support" ON and then DTS appeared on my AVR screen. Not DTS-HD.

    File is DTS-HD.

    Repeated same with latest nightly - same.

    Normally my receiver shows either DTS-HD or MULTI CH INPUT on the display.

    So is DTS-HD ir audio passthrough officially supported or not?

    I want to use Serviio as my DLNA server. I use it on my Windows HTPC to share my content to other TVs.

    Because Serviio supports:

    - Movie thumbnails (Kodi - not supported or not working; I've seen complaints in forums but no solution)

    - Video playback resume (not supported in Kodi; scrolling with TV remote to a middle of the 2hrs movie - nightmare; and you have to remember where you stopped)

    - Sorting automatically my TV series into series, seasons, last watched episode etc. (not so good in Kodi)

    Kodi works. But painfully. Serviio does it way better. So I use Kodi for Local playback and Serviio for sharing to my network.

    Additional requirements for Linux:

    • if on Linux, Java 8 must be installed. Windows and OSX come with Java runtime aready included in the installation.
    • Linux users need to install the FFmpeg package (incl. libRTMP, libASS, libx264 and libmp3lame) for their OS distributions or, ideally, compile FFmpeg using the source files provided above
    • Linux users need to install the dcraw package if they need RAW image support

    So is it possible to install Java, FFmpeg, libRTMP, libASS, libx264 and libmp3lame to LibreELEC?

    Maybe those are available as addons? (sounds pretty standard to me)

    You can SSH to LibreELEC. Right? What about installing packages or compiling from source?