Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • LE already supports CVBS output on H2+, H3 and H5, it's just not enabled by default. That can be done by enabling appropriate DT TVE overlay in extlinux.conf. Currently overlays for enabling TVE exists for H3 and H5, but it would be trivial to add overlay for H2+ too. Note, H2+ is not officially supported in LE.

    Thank you :) I see that you were the author of the armbian orange pi zero patch :)

    Yes. Kodi also works with it :)

  • Can anyone confirm whether the H3 _analog_ audio out is working with Kodi v10 or v11?

    For audio, these steps might or might not be needed

    Orange Pi Zero (Problem With Onboard Soundcard)
    Hi Srs! I have problem in using Armbian 14 with orange pi zero .. I already used the Armbian system in my OrangepiZero. However, I reinstalled everything again…

    But definitely, turn up the volume from within the audio/video player.

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  • People, :)

    I have been working on CVBS for the orange pi zero, based on the 0036 patch from this project. Details about my experience:

    Orange Pi Zero LTS TV-OUT in 2022?
    Hello. I have a problem with Orange Pi Zero LTS. I also have an expansion board and the required 3.5-jack cable. I have read many different forums and sites…

    If anyone wants to try it and comment about what is missing, comment here or there, and I will share my 3 patches.

    Please, I need armbian to have all the power I have seen in Kodi+Orangepizero:

    * cvbs (working with overscan, but I set the Kodi interface zoom to -10% 😹)

    * splash graphic at boot

    * text console at boot, not just for login prompt (probably this is some kernel argument)

    * hardware h264 (I have not tried this yet)

    * shaders (and probably 3d).

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  • LE already supports CVBS output on H2+, H3 and H5, it's just not enabled by default. That can be done by enabling appropriate DT TVE overlay in extlinux.conf. Currently overlays for enabling TVE exists for H3 and H5

    Can you elaborate this a tiny little more?

    I have a Orange Pi PC (H3) and my extlinux.conf has the following content:

    Code: extlinux.conf
      FDT /sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc.dtb
      APPEND boot=UUID=1803-4024 disk=UUID=f4b846f8-36dd-4f2d-88ab-07c68ec7d52a quiet console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty1

    In the overlays folder I have a file called sun8i-h3-tve.dtbo which doesn't sound wrong but how to "activate" it?

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  • Use search function

    Well - the forum software is quite poor (imho) which sadly includes the search function. That said I did a much broader search than only this forum and even ended up on the docs from extlinux. The Libreelec WIKI on the other hand was no help of all and by the looks of it has a lot's of old/not valid docs (maybe partly because of the low engagement in this community)

    Ended up with this config here:

    Quote from extlinux.conf



    FDT /sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc.dtb

    FDTOVERLAYS /overlays/sun8i-h3-tve.dtbo

    APPEND boot=UUID=1803-4024 disk=UUID=f4b846f8-36dd-4f2d-88ab-07c68ec7d52a quiet console=ttyS0,115200 console=tty1

    But CVBS didn't output a thing. Anyway I'm finished with libreelec and have a working setup already with coreelec (other hardware). The community over there is very welcoming (opposite I experienced here) and also has the state-of-the art forum software (discourse) which doesn't comes with the pack of restrictions this community has like:

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  • Hey, guys, I have some problem with EPG not showing on my mobile apps devices whereas it shows in the Kodi itself.

    I know maybe this is not the right place to ask this question, but maybe some of you have ever resolved such issue and could help me too, please?

    So, it worked for me in old days when there was no stable versions of Kodi 20 and I have been using RC and nightly images and etc.

    But when I updated to final 20.1 this thing happened to me on all of my mobile devices and its very uncomfortable now...

    I am using PVR IPTV Simple Client and official Kodi Remote apps on my mobile devices.

    Any help is highly appreciated!

  • Since a few weeks I get a green screen watching disney+ with HEVC streams on my pineH64. When i dissable HEVC (h265). I switched back to H264 for now. I didn't test other HEVC files/streams so not exactly sure if it's due to Disney+ or LE or a hardware problem. I see if I can upload the log this evening.

  • Dear all,

    finally I wrote experimental support for 10-bit HDMI output on Allwinner H6, so HDR videos should render without any processing, directly to TV. Note, due to missing HW decoding driver features, only VP9 is rendered in 10-bit, while HEVC is still rendered in 8-bit. However, due to proper settings in HDMI output, it should be better colourwise anyway.

    Please test.


    Update file:

  • I tested HEVC on H6 multiple times this week and it worked fine. Please test with some HEVC sample first. If that works, then it's most likely addon issue.

    I found some time to test HEVC with HEVC samples and it works great. So it's most likely a problem with the disney+ addon.

  • Hey, Jernej, please let me know on which boards the Wi-Fi is working the most stable? (with mainline driver) I am going to obtain a new board and I need a working Wi-Fi on it too. Thanks for your hard work!

    Please let me know if Wi-fi works on Orange Pi 3? I am able to buy such and I see it has Sparclan and not Realtek.

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