Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • LE already supports CVBS output on H2+, H3 and H5, it's just not enabled by default. That can be done by enabling appropriate DT TVE overlay in extlinux.conf. Currently overlays for enabling TVE exists for H3 and H5, but it would be trivial to add overlay for H2+ too. Note, H2+ is not officially supported in LE.

    Thank you :) I see that you were the author of the armbian orange pi zero patch :)

    Yes. Kodi also works with it :)

  • Can anyone confirm whether the H3 _analog_ audio out is working with Kodi v10 or v11?

    For audio, these steps might or might not be needed

    Orange Pi Zero (Problem With Onboard Soundcard)
    Hi Srs! I have problem in using Armbian 14 with orange pi zero .. I already used the Armbian system in my OrangepiZero. However, I reinstalled everything again…

    But definitely, turn up the volume from within the audio/video player.

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  • People, :)

    I have been working on CVBS for the orange pi zero, based on the 0036 patch from this project. Details about my experience:

    Orange Pi Zero LTS TV-OUT in 2022?
    Hello. I have a problem with Orange Pi Zero LTS. I also have an expansion board and the required 3.5-jack cable. I have read many different forums and sites…

    If anyone wants to try it and comment about what is missing, comment here or there, and I will share my 3 patches.

    Please, I need armbian to have all the power I have seen in Kodi+Orangepizero:

    * cvbs (working with overscan, but I set the Kodi interface zoom to -10% 😹)

    * splash graphic at boot

    * text console at boot, not just for login prompt (probably this is some kernel argument)

    * hardware h264 (I have not tried this yet)

    * shaders (and probably 3d).

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