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    levitsky86 To be honest I don't use playback in background and don't care about that much. First of all, what lagging means? Is GUI rendered slower than when there is no video playback in the background? You should play a bit with different playback settings to see if there is a change. Also try videos with different fps.

    There are several possibilities - GBM version of Kodi is currently lacking some features which may exhibit something like that but it could be also some driver problem or even HW capability. Hard to say anything.

    lumpi you misinterpreted requirement. Only requirement is that display refresh rate is same or higher than video fps, ideally integer multiplier. If it's lower it means A/V sync issues, at least currently. This is known issue but nobody works on it actively.

    Dear Jernej, thanks for kind reply!

    I use Kodi for IPTV watching. I've got a PVR IPTV Simple Client installed in Kodi. When I switch on any channel the video is playing smooth as it should with no problem. But just as I turn on the menus and start navigating them (scrolling TV channels list) both playing on the background channel video and the menu scrolling is very tough. It starts to lag like the CPU is not able to handle it. When I stop scrolling the TV channels list the video (channel) playing on the back ground quickly accelerates to get to the current position. In other words, if I want to avoid this issue I need to stop playing the current TV channel and then navigate the menu and set the other desired channel to play. Sorry for my bad English. Hope you understood what I mean. Anyway, I can film a short video for you to show this issue.

    Hi Jernej! I am testing (using) your image and nightly updates for the whole summer on my Orange Pi Plus 2e. What I still don't understand is some sort of pretty heavy video lagging when navigating the menus while there is video playing at the background. I hoped that some nightly images would solve this issue but I have installed many of them till the current version and that lagging is still present, unfortunately.

    Perhaps this is just due to the board's CPU/GPU limitations (too weak for Kodi 19/LibreELEC 9) and that would be never solved on these boards? Could you tell me some words about this issue, please? Thanks for your great work!

    Kodi was recently updated in master branch, so addons will have to be updated. Not sure when that will be.

    levitsky86 Old nightly images are deleted from server.

    Dear Jernej,

    Please explain me how should I check for that add-on update? I mean, if I install the newest nightly update, should I check in Kodi for PVR update and it has to update it to the newest version if its already released?

    Or, would I have to recompile the whole Kodi image in Linux and then the PVR add-on too? Thanks for your help!

    Hi Jernej!

    I have installed the latest nightly update today - 2020/04/20 and it has been said that my PVR Client is not supported by this version, so it has been turned off.

    Luckily I had an older update file 2020/04/10 and I have updated again using this older version then done the PVR Update in Kodi Add-on menu and it has been turned on finally.

    So, what could I do to make it work with the latest version? Should I compile it in Linux manually?

    P.S. And where can I get the previous update file before 2020/04/20? If I remember correctly it was 2020/04/19. Thanks!

    Kodi supports video playback from iOS 8 devices or older. Since then the video protocol changed and Kodi Airplay support became restricted to audio only. If one of the open-source streaming libraries (re)gains support for video Kodi can look at updating things. Until then .. Apple thanks you for funding their locked and proprietary "must pay a $fee to Apple to exist" ecosystem. If you read the help text in the services menu (which I authored) the reason for the toggle switch is clearly described.

    Chewitt, thanks for your explanations. I have read your help text, but in Russian its meaning is translated vise versa (concernig the word "старше" - "Older" in English in that context in russian it means higher number, but not lower)! ^^

    Hi JerneJ!

    I still can't play videos through the Apple airplay function, but only music even with this latest version and nightly update. When I turn the switch to play videos in the services menu my phone can't find LibreELEC to stream videos. When I turn that switch off again my phone finds it but only sound is streamed to my Kodi. Is there any solution?

    just put update file (.tar) or image (img.gz) in /storage/.update and reboot.

    Jernej, many thanks! That worked great!

    I have checked the CEC yesterday and I can say it works almost perfectly with my 50" Pioneer Kuro Plasma TV!

    So, currently:

    1) when I power off my TV it powers off Kodi too;

    2) when I power off Kodi it powers off TV too;

    3) when I plug in Kodi it powers on TV too.

    That is a great success! Many thanks for that! There's only 2 things currently left which I can't get rid off.

    First is that switching to Kodi device CEC feature doesn't work. So, when the TV is at another input and I power on Kodi, i get multiple messages from my TV: CEC100 the device control is not supported. When I have turned off that feature I still get the same message but luckily only once. I suppose its the problem with the TV, but perhaps you could do something with CEC too.

    And the second strange thing I have noted is that if I power on my Orange Pi when the TV is at any other input rather then Pi, Kodi starts with the black screen and no image, even though it is workable (can hear the GUI sounds). So, I have to restart Kodi with my mobile app to get the picture on again. Is this a bug, or perhaps I should disable any feature in the menu (I'l have to check disabling fully CEC too) ??? Please advise!

    No, addon interface doesn't change so often. I think you're good for some time. At least until Kodi is updated in nightly images, maybe more. Settings should be preserved across updates. Not sure what happens to addon settings if addon is updated.

    Thanks! And how can I update manually from Nightly update file? I have downloaded it on the flash drive but I can't find the option to update from file in Kodi menu.

    Dear Jernej,

    I have few questions. How can I disable the CEC support? My Apple TV turns on every time I power up Orange Pi and I suppose that CEC is a problem.

    And is there any way to enable Wake On Lan using mobile app? When I press the button it says that the command is executed, but the board doesn't turn on.

    And would I need to recompile th PVR Simple client Add-on every time after I update from Nithtly updated and/or to set up all settings again?

    Many thanks for your hard work!

    Nightly and dev images don't do autoupdates IIRC. However, you can always update using update file. Try updating with nightly update.

    So, I have to recompile the image in Linux every time and then get only the update file to update manually from Kodi, right?

    git clone

    This git LibreELEC build system has the nightly images, hasn't it? Sorry for stupid questions, but I am really noob here...

    Dear Jernej,

    I have encountered few more serious problems with current images.

    First is that the image turns off so there is just black screen but with the working system (can hear sounds) and I have to restart (sometimes few times) from my mobile app to get the image back on again.

    And the second issue is just complete freeze during TV watching. The video stops and the sound too (some millisecond of the same sound is repeating all the time) and the only way is to do a hard restart (power off and back on again).

    I watch TV for the half of the day currently and both of these problems happen about 2-3 times every day always.

    Dear Jernej,

    I have tested the image on my Orange Pi Plus 2e for few days already with PVR IPTV Simple client. What I've noticed are some really minor (trivial) lags when whatching full HD channels using H.264 codec. Lags are minor, but they are present and appear once after approximately every 20-40 seconds. And a quick menu scrolling seems a really tough task for now as it's much more laggy then playing full HD video.

    Jernej, I have tried the compiled build with PVR finally. All in all impression is good! Hardware acceleration works perfect when watching TV in full screen. Some major problems occur if I start scrolling the TV channels list while a video is playing at he background. It starts to lag and even can come to a full stop (5-10 seconds). But then it goes on again. Also it seems that the menu speed is not as smooth as video playback, but it's 99% OK!

    Thanks for your hard work and waiting for finally defeating all problems and final release!