Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • Jernej please explain if I need to enable components logging, or just usual logging is enough to log PVR IPTV Simple client addon? I would try to catch this glitch this evening as usually buffering is at this time...

  • inputstream.ffmpegdirect is one of the 3 dependencies (1. Iputstream Adaptive, 2. Inputstream FFmpeg Direct, 3. RTMP Input) needed to be installed prior to PVR IPTV Simple Client. If I run any local, or LAN video, there can't be any buffering and I am unable to replicate this issue (as it's only with buffering like IPTV channel watching...). Or do you mean trying uninstall inputstream.ffmpegdirect and running PVR IPTV Simple Client? I can try, but I doubt its' possible.

    I can get debug log too, if needed, no problem...

  • I'm a bit rusty regarding inputstream addons, but at least in the past, it was possible to disable those... You can try removing all addons and open your playlist directly in Kodi. Obviously, it will have less functionality but also less possibilities to go wrong.

  • If there is any way to do that, please explain how and I would try! Never new I am able to open m3u8 channels playlist directly in Kodi without using IPTV addons... Thanks for your help!

    I have just tried to disable Inputstream FFmpeg Direct and it said that it's impossible as the PVR Simple Client addon is using it.

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  • If there is any way to do that, please explain how and I would try! Never new I am able to open m3u8 channels playlist directly in Kodi without using IPTV addons...

    Last time I tried (about year or a bit more ago), it was simple. Search for m3u8 file in video section and open it just like any other video.

  • I just installed LibreELEC-H6.arm-11.0-nightly-20220124-cef9573 on a microSD card for my generic H6 box with 2GB DRAM and noticed that a scan of the content on my NAS over a Fast Ethernet wired link is way slower than I see on my S905W box (running CoreELEC), also connected over Fast Ethernet.

    Like 20 times slower!

    It's probably the storage subsystem since online CPU benchmarks seem comparable. What can I look at to try and debug this?


  • Like 20 times slower!

    can you try to add this to the advancedsettings.xml /storage/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml


    we limit the fanart to 720p at the RPi because it eats a lot CPU time while scaping etc, same we got at our AML builds too so I guess this is something that could improve it

  • CvH

    I tried those settings and they did not seem to make a difference. To give you a feel for the performance, it is adding one new title every 15 seconds or so. My NAS can saturate my gigabit network though this box only has a Fast Ethernet port.

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  • I looked at the logs and noticed something.

    I've been storing metadata along with the media for many years using Ember Media Manager for scraping and some of the thumbnails are using http instead of https. Since http has been deprecated on imdb (and possibly on other sites), there are a bunch of errors. My Amlogic TV box had already scraped these when http was allowed and would probably also be slow if it had to rescrape from zero today.

    My movies are stored one per folder and each has a movie.nfo file. Unfortunately, my Linux scripting skills are not good enough to run something at the root folder level that replaces each instance of http: with https:

    Can someone help with this?


  • Code
    find / -name "*.nfo" -exec sed -i 's|http://imdb|https://imdb|g' {} \;

    ^ Something like that might work. You probably need to grep the possible values for the URLs from the .nfo files first so the sed find/replace is precise and doesn't have unintended results.