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    System > Settings > Input Devices > Perpipherals > CEC Adapter.

    See is you can change settings to fix your issue.

    I tried disabling it but that didn't help. Then I saw the HDMI port was set to 1 and I remembered that the problem resulted in the TV switching to HDMI port 1. I changed it to the port that the LE is actually connected to and the problem has not reappeared!


    I haven't had this problem before, or at least haven't noticed this, but my 4K LG TV will occasionally lose signal over HDMI from my S905W box running and switch to a different HDMI port. When I use the TV remote to switch back to the port, everything is fine.

    This definitely happens while in the GUI may be related to when the screensaver kicks in. I'm not a 100% sure but if a video was playing when this happened, it continued to play even while offscreen; the video was not paused via the GUI.

    Other video sources connected to the same video port such as a DVD player do not show this behavior. Switching the LE box to a different LE port does not help either.

    Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions for a remedy or even further debug?


    Ever since I figured out how to get my TV to show the signal it is getting at a HDMI port, I haven't been able to get LE to pass through 720p content without upscaling it to 1080p. I've made the GUI resolution 720p, and tried various combinations of "Adjust display rate" and "Sync playback to display" in Player Settings.

    Have I missed something? I'd like to compare the TV's upscaling to that of my S905W box running


    If you have installed Libreelec to usb or sd card, then by using the default estuary skin, you can reboot to internal nand (android)

    If you are in android, you can install an android app reboot to Libreelec

    I do have LE installed on USB and will try the reboot from LE to Android tonight.

    What is the Android app I should install to reboot in the other direction?


    P.S.: Still need to deal with the balky remote :( Maybe the Xiaomi bluetooth remote control that's been talked about

    I bought a Tanix TX3 Mini to get a feel for both Android TV and LE on a box with an Ethernet port and have realized that I want to dual-boot between Android and LE. The remote receiver in this box is very finicky and I have to use a toothpick to dual boot.

    Are there boxes that are easier to dual-boot (say with a reset switch) and that have remotes that have a large capture range? It will be hooked up to a 1080p TV for the near future and I am OK to buy another box when I upgrade the TV to 4K.