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    I'm interested too.

    Latest nightlies for OrangePi PC boot and work well enough on OPi One except HDMI sound, which doesn't work at all.

    Already tried to boot the OPi PC build with the dtb file from the dejan_ image?

    Interesting, never heard of that ;-)

    roel is that projector usable for something or just a toy?

    With android it wasn't usable. You had to control it wit a app but the wifi connection with the device was bad. You could, according the specs, also connect a bluetooth remote, but to be honest, I never found a good bluetooth remote. Most bluetooth remotes are a hybrid beween IR and bluetooth. For example, the navigations keys are IR, the special keys are the keyboard are bluetooth. I never understood these remotes. By the way, the bluetooth connection dropped also on regular base. You can find more info on the kickstarter of this device:


    It's not for sale anymore because the company has stopped. It doesn't have usb and sd-card exposed. You have to tear it open, and that's not easy. I have to solder longer power cables as they are really short and I had to cut them to get the mainboard and projector out of the housing. I hope I can manage to put everything back together. I still have to test if LE boots, I still have to solder the power cable and I have little time. It's low on my priority list. I will try the cubieboard image first as I thing the most features are enabled there and I hope the projector is connected with a supported "video output). if this boots, I will search which device has the ampak AP6210 and a supported dtb and see further if this one boots are I have to build a custom dtb with the ampak AP6210 included.

    I have this device: KOHOTECH KP100 MB V3.0 -

    Somebody knows if there is a dts for it.

    I have it already a long time. It runs android 4.4 but it is rather a terrible experience, so last yaer I teared it open to see it had a allwinner A20 processor and hoped I could ever run libreelec on it to make it usefull again.

    I found on the sunxi wiki somebody already teared it open, but the page is rather bare. Maybe somebody already made a dts for it.

    There is already a fex on the sunxi github: sunxi-boards/kp100_mb_v3.0.fex at master · linux-sunxi/sunxi-boards · GitHub

    One of the kernel maintainers Martin Blumenstingl continues to poke away at the Meson 8 codebase and (coincidentally) in the last week he got CVBS output working. As long as he continues his efforts I'm confident there will eventually be a Eureka! moment

    I hope he doesn't lose courage with poking around to get hdmi working especially now we have lima in mainline. I still have the impression the S812 is more powerfull then the S905.

    But some remote only working mode lircd, especially old lcd tv. So i want reference type and merk remote, working in another mode lircd. (Nec-5, nec-6, etc).

    I think this link about config remote for build in remote with tvbox, not list remote device only. some one want to reference too for changing old remote

    Most of these remotes you can buy on aliexpress without the tv-box. NEC remotes work, MCE remotes should work out of the box. I use a sony remote from a old DVD-player and my previous one was this one: Universal IR Remote Control For Android TV Box H96 MAX/V88/MXQ/TX6/T95X/T95Z Plus/TX3 X96 mini Replacement Remote Controller-in Remote Controls from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress

    Search for "tv box remote" on aliexpress.

    roel maybe you can try same fix as I used above for H3. You can compile A64 image from this branch: Commits · jernejsk/ · GitHub

    This didn't fix it for me. I'm sure it is related to the wifi driver. I compared your kernel config and only see the rtl8723bs selected as module, if I check my kernel config there are a few rtl8723xx moduels:

    1. CONFIG_RTL8723AE=m
    2. CONFIG_RTL8723BE=m
    3. CONFIG_RTL8723_COMMON=m
    4. # CONFIG_RTL8723BS is not set

    In this case as above, sound works, but wifi doesn't. If I change only RTL8723BS to CONFIG_RTL8723BS=m and recompile the kernel the sound starts behaving strange.

    Update: disabling all the other RTL stuff and only set the RTL8723BS as module fixed the sound issue for me. In case somebody builds his own custom kernel for a pine64+

    Jernej, I tired your patches on linux 5.3.7 and now the hdmi sound works. Seems something was broken in 5.3.6.

    jernej ,

    I discovered what gives me the isue with the HDMI sound on the pine64-plus.. It's the rtl8723bs module. As I tried building a kernel to use the wifi and BT module I compiled the rtl8723bs module from staging. I enabled both hdmi_sound and wifi in the dts and discovered that the sound was completely messed up. So I compiled the 5.3.7 kernel and found out sound worked but wifi didn't work because I forgot to enable the rtl8723bs module. After I recompiled the kernel again with the rtl8723bs module included the sound starts doiing strange things again. I disabled the wifi in the dtb, but the sound stays behaving strange. I compiled just the same kernel with only the rtl8723bs module as difference.

    Any idea?


    I have a github account, but only reported bugs with it, so I never pushed something to it, so I have to figure this out first.

    I know compiling 10 kernels is not much, but on my pine64 it takes a day to compile, so it takes ages. I will make a new clean config to start from zero as I probably made already stupid choices...

    jernej ,

    I compiled a kernel with your patches, but for some reason I only get crackling hdmi sound. It's like it plays 1 second, 1 second not, then another second. I enabled all sunxi stuff regardings sound in the config. But omewhere you do some magic to get that hdmi sound working. So now I wonder what is the magical line in the config file that gives that hdmi-sound? Probably it have to do somethine with a hardware clock but I am not that educated in kernel and hardware stuff to put my finger on the wright spot.

    (I think I already compiled 10 kernels with different configs)

    I forget to say, it's for a pine64-plus.


    I have a sony RMT-VB100I configured for Libreelec

    I like the remote but I have one problem with it: you can't "long press" the buttons. Seems the remote stops the signal after a few seconds. So if I want to scroll a directory listening with the arrows I have to repeat my key presses over again.

    I don't know if there is a workaround for this, or is it possible to reflash the chip. It's a HB8101P.

    In attachement also my configs for this remote.