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    OK, so I am a ~70 year old noob trying to learn.

    Recently I thought I saw a person using one single command to mount the protected partition. That does not seem too hard to breech.

    I'm not b itching. I really am trying to understand. You know how much a 67TB NAS costs. I just want to protect it.

    Maybe you’d be better off using a full desktop version of Linux with Kodi installed. The JeOS principle that LE is based around may not suit your Linux skill set if you need to step outside the box, literally.

    LE is perfect for the appliance model, switch on and go experience as 95% of all the heavy lifting has already been achieved via Add Ons. Simple click, install and configure where necessary from a GUI. No CLI required there.

    The majority of LE users deploy an SBC solution like the RPI and using the four USB ports supplied on board find them more than adequate to supply storage possibilities via USB media.

    I’m a little puzzled why any one individual would need 67TB of storage. Are you hosting some form of data centre service. I wouldn’t have neither the time nor the energy to watch or listen to the media that 67TB would be capable of storing. Personally I have one single 1TB drive connected to my SBC formatted in EXT4 and have zero issues with it.

    Finally age would be a very poor excuse to use for anyone trying to master a new discipline, particularly one that doesn’t require leaving a chair. I’m a couple of years younger than yourself and barring any neurological disorder I don’t see advancing years as a stumbling block to mastering the basics of the Linux environment. Primers like this are ideal for users in your situation If you prefer the printed alternative there are plenty to be found on the web like this…f621&th=1&psc=1

    I already told you the config dump text file was empty. I checked it myself. If you prefer work away with the two successes you’ve had.

    I think you’re original instinct about only having this working with DVBT may be correct as you don’t have access to DVBS broadcasts via satellite and from what I can gather so far my testing has been of little value to you.

    But I did comment previously that I finished the TVH configuration in the TVH web GUI which presents the user with the first time TVH Configuration Wizard. That was achieved via SSH into the TVH web GUI. Nothing to do with LE or your quick start script. All your quick start script did for me was install the two TVH addons in LE.

    This is why I’m suggesting that you document EXACTLY what the user should expect by using your setup script addon.

    I think it’s best if you documented exactly what your TVH quick start script does in LE.

    At the risk of repeating myself all your quick start script has done for me is install both the TVH 4.3 server addon and TVH Client PVR addon. It then returns to the Program addon. screen without any further configuration options or action required. I needed to complete the TVH configuration by SSH remotely into the box.

    As I said you need to outline exactly what your LE addon script will achieve in LE without stepping outside of the LE environment but that’s entirely up to you.

    No. I accessed the TVH web GUI which as I mentioned presents you with the TVH web GUI Wizard on first run and from where I continued the TVH configuration.

    Maybe you could do a screen by screen grab of what to expect from your script in LE. I’m still unsure at my end what is to be expected from your script. Yes it installs TVH server and the TVH client but that’s about it as far as I’m concerned.

    I tried running your new script on the test setup but all it reported was "No adapters available". I removed all traces of TVH from the system, ran the script again. It installed TVH 4.3 server and TVH PVR client and thats it. I had to go to the TVH web UI to complete the setup which of course presents you with the TVH Configuration Wizard (yes it's actually a wizard). Is that all that your script is supposed to do. The dumpfile.txt is empty.

    Is your RPI4 a bare board with no case. If not remove the case, connect the bare essentials to get it booting and try again.

    Assuming you’ve tried all the previous suggestions without success, try a different power supply. You may have to borrow one to try this. Your power supply may have gone bad.

    I’m assuming you are only connecting/disconnecting the HDMI cable to the RPI4 when the power has been fully removed.

    I have not fully decided yet.

    I plan on adding a hidden 'dump config' feature/button/hotkey (undecided) to the addon that will create a file with a copy of your TVH configuration that you can just post. It will probably contain a dump of the whole adapter device tree with all objects and properties as well as the network object(s). Maybe I will include the muxes because with crazyturk, it seems that the leaf adapter and the mux list need to match.

    I have some family commitments for the next 4 days or so. Consequently, I probably won't be spending much time on this until next week some time.

    That makes two of us so. I’ll keep an eye out on the forum over the next week or so for any further updates from you.