Early mainline images for RK3288, RK3328 and RK3399

  • This thread is for early mainline kernel, so no Kodi 18.7 here.

  • Kwiboo Any idea if cec wakeup/poweron works for rk3399? I can see that my LG TV power downs the RK339 TV box I have, but it does not powers it back on.

  • Hi everyone

    Is this the correct thread for the actual nightly builds for rk3399 devices here: Index of /

    I'm actually thinking about buying an rk3399 based board and am wondering if it is possible to turn the SBC on via IR remote or on board button, or if it has to be powercycled once shut down.


    P.S. turns out npcomplete has similar question :-) I guess it all depends if there is an embedded controller and if that's supported by mainline LE.

  • I was reading else where and I think this needs to be configured in u-boot, i.e u-boot controls "power-on" and LibreElec (OS) controls the "power-on"

    I'm interested in power-on either from hdmi-cec or RC

  • Just looking at the datasheet and found this:

    1.2.5 System Component
     Cortex-M0
     Two Cortex-M0 inside RK3399 to cooperate with Cortex-A72/Cortex-A53
     Thumb instruction set combines high code density with 32-bit performance
     Integrated sleep modes for low power consumption
     Fast code execution permits slower processor clock or increases sleep mode time
     Deterministic, high-performance interrupt handling for time-critical applications
     Serial Wire Debug reduces the number of pins required for debugging

    if this MCU has control over PMU and IR receiver all but the M0 can be shut down. That works before u-boot I suppose.

  • The rockpro64 .dtb is missing the entry for ir-recv. I think I can figure out the fix (it's a GPIO IR receiver so a copy from the 4.x dtb should be about right)