H96 Max Plus (Rockchip 3328)

  • I hope too, I have bought this box just to run Libreelec as a upgrade to my MXQ "old S8005" for x265 HEVC content playing, and totally unable to install LE on it, tried all firmwares for RK3328, also tried to extract .dtb from android firmware and replace it on LE and result " noboot" with LE firmware there are an "could not mount_common at boot" and it start a debug shell. as I dont have a usb keyboard I can't login to it to debug "maybee later i buy one" for now i have bought a x96 mini "s905 based" that WILL run LE. Before trashing or selling the H96 max+ I would also like if there will be devel on it sooner or later.

  • Yes, I am successfully running LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.1.502-box.img.gz on my H96 Max Plus with a "hacked up" FDT file based on rk3328-t9.dts. I am currently trying to figure out the best way to share my work. E.g., can someone point me to the source (*.dts) of rk3328-box.dtb which is part of the official image. I cannot find it in the mainline kernel source code. What I did find is rockchip-kernel/rk3328-box.dts at le · 150balbes/rockchip-kernel · GitHub. With that I can work...

    If you do not understand what I am saying, maybe Libreelec for rk3328 - FreakTab and https://forum.armbian.com/topic/8082-armbian-for-tv-box-rk3328/?do=findcomment&comment=79524 are good starting points.

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  • I could not understand much about the Libre Elec remote control page. I downloaded your zip rc_h96mp for remote control, can you please tell me if how to behave to finish the process?

  • Put the files from rc_h96mp.zip into /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg resp. /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/ (e.g. using ssh/scp) and reboot.

  • rambylon HD audio work, bluetooth usb dongle work,remote control work.

    i'm testing wifi with usb dongle, onboard bluetooth and wifi for now seems to not work with all image and dtb possible(waiting confirmations by more expert user)

    what you need help with?

  • Use balena etcher to write official generic image on usb stick and also in sd card.

    put easyb dtb file (rk3328-box-h96mp.dtb) in root of sd card and usb stick.

    open extlinux folder and open the file called extlinux.conf with a text editor

    replace the string "rk3328-box.dtb" with "rk3328-box-h96mp.dtb" (you must do this last process in usb stick and also in sd card)

    insert usb stick and sd card in h96 max+,power on, wait at least 7 minutes. Remove usb stick. Power off. Power on.

    Now Libre Elec is installed in sd,you can use only sd beyond this point.

  • Digit97 the process you explained to yaawl does it removes the stock firmware? or it just boots when the sd card is available and boots stock when sd is removed? and by the way we could also try on hdmi-cec and hyperion on kodi. as we are using kodi anyway it must be possible and i guess the h96 max + should have rx and tx pins for serial output. is it possible or am i just being too hopeful?

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  • no this process doesn't remove the stock Android firmware. Yes you hope too much ,try and check what work.

    I have h96max+ and i confirm that this device not have official libre elec support and is difficult but possible to set wifi,bluetooth,rc remote,hdmi audio.

    hdmi-cec i think is impossible for now. I am a noob but i'm tryng all ways to set this device much possible better.

  • Digit97 i tested your build. it was a good tutorial though. here's my result

    what works:

    HDMI CEC, LED Indicator, IR Remote, USB Ports, Ethernet

    What does not work, or problamatic:

    HDMI Audio (only supports upto 7.1 PCM. Does not bitstream HD Audio Codecs)

    x265 HEVC Format not working (only green screen apppears)

    The UI is very laggy. usable when in 1080p and when video plays it is laggy. in 4k it is not usable.

    in my case the things that i mentioned problematic are the things i need the most as i am trying to use the H96 Max + as a Media Player for my Home theater system. it was a good try though. i think we can perfect this if we keep trying Digit97

  • Thanks for your commentI

    it was very difficult to assemble this img, because my experience with this type of device equals zero, everything was explained to me by other users, as far as I understood the quality of the video is given by the level of similarity that the Linux (LibreElec) dtb has with that of android, on android the video is very good, on Linux no, because there are differences in the compilation of the dtb, which can be given by the lack of drivers or other reasons I don't know, I don't know if there will be progress regarding the video, I also noticed this problem.

    The dtb files: I found them here, check in pages Armbian for TV box rk3328 - Page 20 - TV boxes - Armbian forum,try to ask an update ; the more expert users are balbes150, hexdump, easyb, amirul

    [do you know how to select another dtb file? You can test another dtb file if you want to contribute]

    also I hope there are improvements. Best regards!