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    Thanks for your commentI

    it was very difficult to assemble this img, because my experience with this type of device equals zero, everything was explained to me by other users, as far as I understood the quality of the video is given by the level of similarity that the Linux (LibreElec) dtb has with that of android, on android the video is very good, on Linux no, because there are differences in the compilation of the dtb, which can be given by the lack of drivers or other reasons I don't know, I don't know if there will be progress regarding the video, I also noticed this problem.

    The dtb files: I found them here, check in pages Armbian for TV box rk3328 - Page 20 - TV boxes - Armbian forum,try to ask an update ; the more expert users are balbes150, hexdump, easyb, amirul

    [do you know how to select another dtb file? You can test another dtb file if you want to contribute]

    also I hope there are improvements. Best regards!

    Firstly I would like to thank all user who have made a contribution in support of RK3328 device, in particular:

    @ balbes150 from FreakTab Forum, @ hexdump from Armbian Forum, easyb, @ amirul From Armbian Forum and LE community.

    What you need:

    1 USB stick: at least 1 gb

    1 SD Card : strongly suggespted at least 4 gb

    Balena Etcher: balenaEtcher - Home

    LibreElec custom image for H96 Max+ :!IxYXFIbb!DCiQiwYLK...-dyQ8IUDnDl2nA
    referred imaginatively by me as
    "Libre_Elec H96 Max+ _Crossover"

    IR Remote fix:!hpZlxAzb!FaqEvNF_T...iwQmbXdOF7As3U

    Let's Start

    Install and open Balena Etcher ----> click on "select image" and choose Libre_Elec_H96_Max+ _Crossover.img

    Instert usb stick and SD card in your pc. -I suggespt to delete all partitions on these units, -make a backup before doing it-

    Click on "Select Target" and choose: USB stick and SD card

    Click on "Flash!"----> wait for FINISH.

    Now insert USB stick and SD card in your H96 Max+, connect HDMI cable to TV, connect power supply cable.

    After powering on, you can read: "PARTITION RESAZING IN PROGRESS" ,
    wait till the device is rebooted.

    After the reboot you can see the home screen of KODI, complete first setup using a usb mouse.

    Wait 5 minutes, then power off the device using the icon in KODI home screen.

    Remove power supply cable, remove USB stick, keep SD card inserted in H96 Max+.

    Power on the device, leave work the interafce till you see KODI HOME.

    Now you have succesfully installed LibreElec on SD card

    How to make IR Remote working:

    Open archive,----> extract: [h96mp , rc_maps.cfg] in a free USB stick.

    Open settings in KODI,----> click on File Manager ,----> click on Add source,----> set same as picture and click ok.


    Insert your usb stick in H96 Max+

    You have now a situation like a next picture, you can see 2 different columns. -my usb stick is named "USB_STICK"-

    In left column open your USB stick clicking on her name, in right colum open .config folder clicking on it.


    You must click one for one on two files : [h96mp , rc_maps.cfg] in left column, till their names become green,
    ----> right button of your mouse and click on copy,----> Confirm. Results in next picture


    In the right column click and enter in rc_keymaps folder, reselect two files in left column, they become green,----> right button of your mouse, click on copy, Confirm. Results in next picture


    Reboot device. You have now a working IR Remote


    HDMI AUDIO: works
    IR Remote: works
    Wifi usb dongle: works
    bluetooth usb dongle: works
    ON/OFF Led Indicator: works
    CEC: not tested



    Final conclusions: what I've done, and why:

    I have assembled the image, but the credits belongs to others.

    I chose to use:

    The super system: LE 9.80 kernel 4 by balbes150: that support usb wifi and bluetooth dongles.

    The easyb dtb to be able to offer compatibility with HDMI AUDIO and have ON/OFF LED that works.

    The u-boot component of LE 9.1 generic official image, beacuse the easyb dtb doesn't work with balbes150 u-boot.

    i don't know why.

    IR Remote Fix by easyb: to make IR Remote control works.

    In the guide there could be inaccuracies regarding the terms used, forgive my lack of knowledge.
    There are LibreElec features that I haven't tested yet, any error report or correction report is welcome


    no this process doesn't remove the stock Android firmware. Yes you hope too much ,try and check what work.

    I have h96max+ and i confirm that this device not have official libre elec support and is difficult but possible to set wifi,bluetooth,rc remote,hdmi audio.

    hdmi-cec i think is impossible for now. I am a noob but i'm tryng all ways to set this device much possible better.

    Use balena etcher to write official generic image on usb stick and also in sd card.

    put easyb dtb file (rk3328-box-h96mp.dtb) in root of sd card and usb stick.

    open extlinux folder and open the file called extlinux.conf with a text editor

    replace the string "rk3328-box.dtb" with "rk3328-box-h96mp.dtb" (you must do this last process in usb stick and also in sd card)

    insert usb stick and sd card in h96 max+,power on, wait at least 7 minutes. Remove usb stick. Power off. Power on.

    Now Libre Elec is installed in sd,you can use only sd beyond this point.

    rambylon HD audio work, bluetooth usb dongle work,remote control work.

    i'm testing wifi with usb dongle, onboard bluetooth and wifi for now seems to not work with all image and dtb possible(waiting confirmations by more expert user)

    what you need help with?

    I could not understand much about the Libre Elec remote control page. I downloaded your zip rc_h96mp for remote control, can you please tell me if how to behave to finish the process?