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    Digit97 i tested your build. it was a good tutorial though. here's my result

    what works:

    HDMI CEC, LED Indicator, IR Remote, USB Ports, Ethernet

    What does not work, or problamatic:

    HDMI Audio (only supports upto 7.1 PCM. Does not bitstream HD Audio Codecs)

    x265 HEVC Format not working (only green screen apppears)

    The UI is very laggy. usable when in 1080p and when video plays it is laggy. in 4k it is not usable.

    in my case the things that i mentioned problematic are the things i need the most as i am trying to use the H96 Max + as a Media Player for my Home theater system. it was a good try though. i think we can perfect this if we keep trying Digit97

    Digit97 the process you explained to yaawl does it removes the stock firmware? or it just boots when the sd card is available and boots stock when sd is removed? and by the way we could also try on hdmi-cec and hyperion on kodi. as we are using kodi anyway it must be possible and i guess the h96 max + should have rx and tx pins for serial output. is it possible or am i just being too hopeful?