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    [EDIT] Ignore my post. I fixed the incorrect voltage used for pmu_io_domains (1.8 correct vs 3.0 wrong) now I do get 1080p display. I'll post my dts soon.

    Kwiboo I have a RK3399 box (X99) for which I had a working 4.4 dts. I tried booting the rockpro64 img, but it gave an error wrt i2c on the serial console.

    I ended up modifying the original 4.4 dts which got rid of the i2c error bringing it closer to rockpro64, but the screen is blank. There is an error regarding EDID is blank.

    Let me know so I can provide any debug logs or dump of any parameters from serial console.

    1) Is this build hardcoded to speak to Videostrong hardware, or does it contain the full DTB tree for the tons of rk3399 variants, such that if I threw it on my pine rockpro64, it would figure itself out?

    2) What kernel version is it? ( if it's not exactly 4.4.138 I will be unable to use it, because my designware/synposis "i2s"/bridge driver goes bad past 4.4.138 which is what my rockpro64 uses for HDMI-carried audio I think?; anyway >4.4.138 floods dmesg with 'fail to clear' errors and audio goes -1,000x speed, sounds like a demon when you play a file if using >4.4.138). How would I even begin getting help with that?

    This build was never intended to drive anything but vs-rk3399. Even if SoCs are same, vendors pick and choose what features to implement and how to implement them. So you might get lucky if this build works on your board, but no guarantee.

    Also this build uses kernel v4.4.154.

    Here you go:

    rk3399 device has two vops. vopl and vopb. vopb supports four windows of 4960x2160p while vopl only supports two 2260x1920p windows.

    I'll have to check the DTS and make hdmi use vopb.

    Keep in mind I don't own this board and hence I have no ability to test this board.