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    I'm working on it, but it's not fast. Kernel 3.10 is very outdated and the main work is to add support to the main kernel.

    Thanks Balbes, I will wait until you release the new version.

    Thanks Roel, But I have never used AlexELEC. I used Balbes builds since Belbes started to release here - one of the earliest adopter of Belbes releases.

    Thanks Kingsombra - I will test android build too but I prefer LibreELEC more compared to Android environment. Lot easy and fast and reliable.

    A question to the owners S812 and S802 in which the activated multiboot. Can anyone help me in initial testing Linux\Ubuntu platform s802\s812 ? The task is simple - download the image, burn to USB stick or card you need to copy the dtb and try to start the system. I am interested in overall health (presence of images on the monitor have different models).
    Test images can be downloaded here.

    Hi Bebles,

    Linux works on S812.

    Exist. system is: S812 + 2Gb ram + 8gb emmc + 100 mbps ethernet on android 5.1.1 - M8S + Your Libreelec/KRYPTON-17 - works in Multiboot from USB/SD card

    Your: Yandex.Disk - Desktop version
    extract: Armbian_5.24_Vegas812_Ubuntu_xenial_3.10.33_desktop_20170106.img - use 7ZIP
    Used - HDDRawCopy1.10 to transfer to USB (kignston 16 gb). Note: Use good quality USB or SD card otherwise linux would not boot or black screen.
    Add: dtb.img file to root of USB. (I already had mine dtb.img file but anyone can use from dtb folders based on your M8S - copy that file to root folder of USB & rename to dtb.img
    Delete - aml_autoscript (I already had multiboot)

    Insert USB to M8S & wait for screen to go off & on. After 2 to 4 mins - typ. linux cmd line scrolling - then ask for login/password.
    login - root
    password - 1234
    & now change password (requirement)

    Now you will have desktop of armbian.

    - Ethernet works
    - WiFi not checked
    - Bluetooth - not working - says no adapter installed
    - screen resolution - 720p only on hdmi - could not change to 1080p. tried h3disp without sucess.
    - hdmi audio - do not wotk - only has analog audio in hardware - do not know how to change audio to hdmi
    - two demo video on desk top - both works in vlc
    - firefox works -
    - youtube works in 360p. 720p plays with difficulies - choppie, 1080p - does not play
    - normal no software running - cpu 1% usage & 151M memory usage. (in uxterm)
    - firefox + 720p youtube - all 4core cpu go to 99% usage -

    Hi balbes150,

    Update from Post # 36:

    • Manual update from to LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm- - works. Everything is fine except Bluetooth broken (used to work in Tried all setting to turn on and off but could not work. Still H265 video is choppy. Lots of buffering. Still no power off.
    • In new USB, I tried your Krypton 17 build: Yandex.Disk - Everything works including Bluetooth. Off-course no power off & H265 video still choppy / buffering. Overall happy with build.

    keep it up your good work!

    Thanks again,


    Hi Dankec,
    Used rufus 2.11p.exe & Used Kingston 16gb SD card
    Select your card drive & select downloaded .img.xz file & press start.

    Let it write. Once done...

    Put it in M8S sdcard slot -> hold reset button with toothpick while inserting power plug -> wait only 5 - 8 seconds only (or as soon as you see M8S logo release it) -> release tooth pick - wait 10 seconds & remove power & SD card.

    Make again new USB key -> delet aml_autoscript file -> insert into any one USB -> insert power plug -> logo S812 or M8S comes -> wait...wait...wait.... LibreELEC will show up within 30 to 40 seconds ->first time takes time -> first time it will setup system & will reboot by itself -> now it will boot directly into LibreELEC after M8S logo.


    Hi Balbes,

    Thanks for your excellent work to integrate other forks.

    Yes, it does work on M8S -> S812 + 2Gb ram + 8gb emmc on android 5.1.1

    I followed Post # 11. First time used SD card + toothpick.

    Then used USB as primary boot ->burned same way as SDcard but used USB.

    used-> S6KtL-SVuHcLq -> SD_USB

    Following things works:
    can be boot from USB or from SD card. Both worked.
    ethernet, wifi (ap6330)(both 2.4 & 5), bluetooth - all out of box
    remote - config file have to add in folder. Also, remote config file have to edit -> back button, home button & volume up button to be re-configure.

    Does not work:
    Shut down, sleep -> do not work -> HDMI off. blue light remains on. Some times - all off & then in 1 second, blue light on but HDMI off. To start M8S, unplug power & plug again.

    Other points:
    Boot to nand - works & boots to android. In android - if I keep USB in & press reboot - boots directly to LibreELEC.

    Test video - all worked. Not tested fully progress...will test more formats/codecs & edit afterwards.

    Test audio works - not all checked all format/codecs...will test & edit afterwards.