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    This DTB makes the CPU run at 1.3ghz on my OP-PC (use at your own risk)

    Thanks, but I prefer it running slower and safer. I was wondering why the thermal section was missing from the shipped device tree, jernej solved the mistery and without a heatsink and no thermal protection the risk of burning the chip does not worth the extra megahertz.

    Yeah, that's mainline issue due to missing temperature monitor driver. 1.5Ghz @ 1.3volts is actually already a overclocking, more like 1.3 GHz would be maximum. Anyway, you don't need any of that extra speed if you watch videos which are HW decoded.

    I agree, 1Ghz should be more than enough for most workloads.

    Can you check if this is related to tinkerboard: disable 5s polling for CEC adapters by viulian · Pull Request #3506 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub ?

    After a quick read of the issue description, I bet it is the issue. Looking at the patches, the affected source file quite matches the name of the offending thread

    Tried the Orange PI PC image and it looks like it is working quite well.

    I spotted something that doesn't look right to me:

    * The Orange PI PC device tree operating points table has only three states, and the fastest is 1.0 Ghz. As far as I remember, the SoC was supposed to run up to 1.5Ghz @ 1.3volts

    * There is no cpufreq driver built in the kernel. Is it expected?

    * About CEC, there is a Kodi thread that apparently is using a lot of cpu time related to CEC. Doing a strace over it seems to continously scan the /sys directory in search for something and never stops. Maybe there's something missing to let it find the proper CEC device to listen to

    Hello, as long as kwiboo released some test images for rockchip devices, I may take a look into.

    Besides, armbian has Community support for the chiptrip q8 (and variants) with all the hardware working, just check the download section for xt-q8l-v10 board. Be careful to read the installation instructions.

    You can use that for a quick jump if you're eager to get LE support for that box