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    ArchNMy ! I agree with you, 1 GB should be fine but users report some problems in another thread related to the Rock4 1 GB... May be there problems are not related to the ram amount but that cost nothing to ask, just to know if we found a correlation.

    That's really weird. Just some little setings to check :

    - Set GUI Resolution to 1920x1080p (system->Display) (personally I set it at 1280x720p)

    - Set refresh rate to 60 Hz (System->Display)

    - Whitelist all supported resolutions (System->Display) In particular do not select all resolution with 4096

    - Adjust display refresh rate On start/stop (Players->Videos)

    Hi Carey !

    I try both video on my Rock64 and they play flawlessly.

    I have a Rock64 with 4GB ram. I run Librelec nightly-20190501 build from a micro SD card (samsunbg EVO 32 GB). All my playback are done via my NAS with SMB protocol.

    Just by curiosity, and I do not think it's related to your problem, how many ram do you have on your Rock64 ? And do you try to run the video via a HDD plug into your USB ?

    Hi !

    just for reference, I run the last nightly build on my rock64 4GB without big problem. I am able to play SD, HD, some 4K and some 4K HDR without problem. And I don't have to disable "allow hardware acceleration-PRIME"

    Some weeks ago I had some problem with SD content that was not smooth when playing it, but now everything paly well.

    Some of my 4K and 4K HDR do not work but others 4K and 4K HDR work well.


    The boot sequence do not go enough far to ssh the Pine H64 so I am unable to login to do a dmesg. I attach a photo of my screen, maybe that will help. If I plug a USB/TTL dongle do you think I can be able to provide you more interesting information ?

    I do not provide the decoded EDID, how I can provide that ?

    Hi jernej !

    I tested the last nightly image and the image is not working. I always have a Kernel Panic. So I tested the nightly image I download may 1st and I have exaclty the same problem, no image on my 4k tv but work well on my 1080p monitor.

    I did another test, habitually everything pass through my Denon AVR, I always test my SBCs like that without problem. This time I tested to plug my H6 directly to my TV without passing through my AVR and everything work. I will continue to test your next images to see if the problem disappear.

    I have buy this device only to have fun so it's not a problem to wait until all work correctly. Let me know if I can help you with some tests.

    Hi jernej

    I just received my Pine H64, I try your release but my H64 do not boot. I am able to see the Libreelec logo, I have the file resizing information and suddenly I have the message "Disabling IRQ #95" and that's all, libreelec stop loading..

    Do you have an idea why this happen ?

    Thank you for your help !

    Hi !

    I did some tests to, and I got stutter only with MPEG4 SD contents. But I found a workaround, I put the resolution at 720p and now everything is smooth. Resolution switch automatically when needed and my SD contents is really good. This problem do not exist on my Rockpi 4B.

    Hi jernej !

    Thank you for your great work.

    Is it possible to have an image of Librelec for the OrangePi Lite2 (H6, 1GB ram) ? I use a USB dongle for ethernet so, I don't need wifi driver. My USB ethernet dongle work fine with the last WIP image of Armbian (kernel 5.0.6).

    I don't know if it's possible, but if I don't ask I will never know...

    Thank you !