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    With the current RK3399 release I have two issues on my RockPro64:

    1. HDMI audio passthrough is completely broken to my Denon AVR-S740H; it sounds like the AVR is treating it like PCM (i.e. just white-noise)

    2. The sound randomly cuts out in videos for anywhere from about half a second to 3 seconds. It can go an hour without doing this but then do it several times in a few minutes, but I've not made it through a 2 hour movie without this happening.

    It's debatable - what do you really need in 9.2 that you can't get in the current 9.0 builds?

    Odroid_C2 – LibreELEC

    There's lots of little annoyances; most recently I needed to find a way to upgrade InputStream Adaptive to a version that was in 9.2; in general the further behind the core Kodi is from what's current, the more things I need to fiddle with to get things to work.

    As for getting a new device, do you really want to get a device now with a GPU that will be unable to decode AV1 video files that will be everywhere in a year or two. Personally I'm waiting for something like the Mecool Pro III with satellite/cable DVB tuners and AV1 hardware decoding (and obviously VP9/H265).

    I can almost certainly get a device that can CPU decode AV1 at 1080p (or will be able to when the AV1 decoders get more ARM optimizations, but I think dav1d can decode 1080p today), which is the resolution of my TV anyways

    I have an ODROID-C2. LibreELEC 9.2 came out over 6 months ago, an there's still no Amlogic support. Should I just buy new hardware at this point, or is it expected to be released soon?