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    It's powered through microUSB, which is not recommended by me and some others, like Armbian team.

    now that you are mentioning it i literally can see @tkaiser complain about crappy microusb...

    As there is also no li-ion connector afair theres only the fan 5v pins.

    But for the price i guess some tinkering is ok with me ;-)

    sun8i-h3-nanopi.dtsiwow, DTSs are a topic of their own, seems more like black magic to me than a scienc*...

    So far I found out the following:

    Definitely the button is missing - linux/sun8i-h3-beelink-x2.dts at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub

    While looking for hints I found a DT overlay I hoped I could steal from - sunxi-DT-overlays/gpio-button.dts at master · armbian/sunxi-DT-overlays · GitHub it even maps the button to KEY_POWER, but not sure how to bend it to fit (PL3) and if overlays work in LE.

    Then I hoped to find more hints in this nanopi DTS - linux/sun8i-h3-nanopi.dtsi at 6f0d349d922ba44e4348a17a78ea51b7135965b1 · torvalds/linux · GitHub

    Now I had two examples, which looked very dissimilar to me :-S


    Now confused...

    I was playing with the power button (again on beelink x2), which according to armbian fex should be PL03, so gpio355 in sysfs.

    But the value doesn't seem to change with button presses. Now i saw in fex, that mux is 6, which should be S_PL_EINT3 i suppose thats an interrupt enabled input.

    Is there missing something from the DTS?

    I'm not planning to investigate much more, as at the moment the benefits of this button is in any case very limited until the ARISC works, if ever...

    I didn't try it yet with LibreELEC, but I couldn't find any downside of H2+ compared to H3 in the past. I guess it have lower performance, but don't take my word for it.

    the only thing I suspect some probs is the VE, as this seems to be 1080p as opposed to 4k whatever this means in the end for us.

    Quote from jernej

    BTW, I don't want to support any board/TV box which is not in Linux kernel and only TV box supported is Beelink X2. If you would like something else, please send patches to Linux first. As I said before, I don't want to carry patches forever.

    OK point noted...

    I saw one that looks like a 1:1 clone of the beelink x2 but... You never know, its like Christmas gifts...

    Will think twice now ;-)

    Yes, it's out of tree. But there is an effort to mainline it.

    cool then nothing much missing from H3, thermal, maybe crypto and depending on crust maybe spinlocks and msgbox

    Quote from Jernej

    Yeah, I follow crust development and I intend to use it here for suspend if it will play along nicely (no major changes to linux or U-Boot necessary).

    very interesting, hoping it will do what we hope it does ;-)

    Definitely no Jernej doing the heavy lifting for me ;-) HDMI is via external driver, so not sure how they solved audio

    How is it possible you have HDMI audi on H* when sunxi mainlining matrix states a plain bold "NO"? is it out of tree?

    oh so I misinterpreted you about the Ampak

    I'm not so paranoid, I have just ESD slippers even though I handle expensive electronic boards

    hehehe well ESD is like a religion, some believe in it, others don't. At home touching the screw/USB first has to do. Slippers i still have, but not of much use, without the matching floor. so if ever I think I should do more in that direction I think maybe a mat and if i really feel like a wrist band... but as long as its my stuff im destroying its not a big issue, problem was at that factory warranty issues, as most problems from ESD don't happen immediately, so wont get spotted by QC and end up in returns from customers site, quite expensive in industrial.

    roel thanks for the suggestion, I checked it but shipped with heatsink it s in a different league than most others, actually for nearly 50$ i prefer buying from olimex, rather than from china well maybe im just wrongly biased :-D

    jernej I know libreelec is not supporting the A33, but Bootlin and Sunxi usually mention A33 as very well supported and it has a PMIC. The nintendo costs ot much more than the Tritiu board and has a case and a controller ;-) then A64 is in the sunxi mainline matrix slightly behind H3, but seems to get lots of attention at the moment.

    WRT ESD, I used to be brainwashed about ESD during my apprenticeship in a big electronics company, so I prefer having ESD protecton on rather than taking out my ESD slippers, ESD coat, wristband, waste bags, floor.... you name it :-P

    The OrangePi Plus2E is a really nice board, but definitely something more for my experimentation than for a simple kodi box from the pricetag...

    You mention Ampak, on the product page its mentioned Realtek RTL8189ETV, usually a bit of a diva I guess.