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    I just updated my Beelink X2 to the march 3 update and it seems there is some issue with input stream adaptive, as it's currently impossible to stream any mpeg dash content. I updated the repos and add ons I expected would help. Sorry couldnt do more in depth testing for now.

    I don't know what a serial console is. That is way above my "paygrade." And to think I was proud of making an AppleScript back in the day that posed an asinine question and restarted your computer no matter what you answered.

    The TV's native resolution is 720p, it's a cheap TV in the guest room where I was going to use the Beelink X2. (I've got two glorious Nvidia Shields in the living room and bedroom.) Could it be outputting something in the wrong resolution without changing the front color from the red? I'll hook it up to my monitor tomorrow.

    Thank you again for a hasty response.

    My x2 is at my parents place, else I would have tried it on my worst monitor. On my old samsung 1080 TV from around 2012 it's working like a charm, same on parents crappy Philips Android TV, also 1080 resolution.

    I can upload new updates today, but except Kodi update, 4K H264 decoding and maybe HDMI CEC fix, nothing else would be new. I'm still struggling with some problematic H264 and HEVC videos.

    If you think that's ok, then I can do it.

    For me that would be helpful. So far I didn't run into troubles with any movies.

    Yesterday I cloned jernej s repo and set up the build system to again play with the dts.

    So far my success story is all is still working, except my modifications are not doing anything at all :-P so might have a look again another time, when I'm feeling like again.

    Maybe will decompile the dtb and see if it contains my mods, or if I worked against the build system and my mods got overwritten...

    Also I realised the MMC1 seems inactive, despite the original dts doing all as other SBCs do it... Should the dmesg show anything regarding the wifi on mmc1 or not? Interestingly the brcmfmac module can be loaded without a card without any complaints.

    lumpi Please note that LE build system has multiple patches for kernel. Some of them touch DT too. For example, HDMI audio is not mainlined yet (but we are working on that). There is Beelink X2 DT specific patch too (to avoid random MAC address). You have two options:

    - Decompile DT, patch it, compile it again.

    - Create a kernel patch and build your own image/update file

    Hmmm decompiling seems the easier way, but no chance to get it upstreamed.

    I might try getting a vanilla kernel/userland running, testing my patched dts and then try to submit it and hope for it to trickle down to le again. But with my current speed i will be ready for kernel 6.0 ;-)

    Quote from jernej

    H6 support is worked on. Just two days ago I managed to fix HDMI audio support. HW video decoding is next - it is very similar to older variants, just updated with new features, so I don't expect much work, but you newer know.

    Cool, I should never underestimate you devs again. :-) really great progress! Thanks

    whenever I replace the stock dtb with a self compiled I'm loosing ethernet.

    Weird thing, as it even happens with the unmodified from linux...

    Now its time to sleep, next step might be chasing the stock dtb through dtc and comparing the results.

    Again back to my dtb ventures...

    I guess I managed to get my new dts doctored together, at least it compiles without complaints, which makes me happy and a little bit proud. ;-)

    Now the most simple part I failed with miserably: how do I exchange the currently in use dtb on the LE image? I found a dtb, but not sure this is the one in use...

    Ok I guess I gave up a bit too early, seems to be located in /flash

    I got the message they don't send to belgium and I should order one with allnet (@ a much higher price). Probably something to do with customs

    probably, sometimes being outside of EU has some advantages too ;-)

    So for me ordering from allnet is in any case no option, then better Olimex :-D

    Will post if I actually know more.