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    lumpi Just to be clear, when TV was off, was HDMI cable connected during boot? From dmesg doesn't seems so. I think there are some issues if you connect HDMI cable after board booted, no matter if TV is on or off.

    Sorry naming of the dmesgs was unclear...

    My TV has no issues when off. It's always only happening when unplugged. So if started without hdmi plugged I can't just plug it in, but have to restart.

    yes, especially dmesg after you appended kernel arguments with that debug command

    First the DMESG when started with TV on: dmesg_tvon.txt

    DMESG with no HDMI cable plugged in: dmesg_nohdmi.txt

    and now the last is the same boot as before, but with hdmi plugged in and tv switched to this hdmi port, when moving the arrow keys on the remote i can hear the clicks from the TV speakers: dmesg_nohdmi_plugin.txt

    This file should be a superset of the previous :)

    If not, it switches to 1024x768 and no sound.

    very strange, so I must be wrong with my ideas...

    If the x2 starts without hdmi cable it is in theory fired up with 1024x768 no sound.

    Once its plugged into the tv, sound comes life, but nothing picture wise.

    Would dmesg and kodi log as you suggested before help? Then i can try it.

    Well, my experience is opposite. I often leave TV (LG B8) turned off and only power on SBC (doesn't matter if A64, H3 or H6). When Kodi starts, TV turns on and image is what you would expected - Kodi GUI and resolution is 4K. I heard that some devices disable DDC when they're powered off. If that's what your TVs do, then your situation is (almost) expected. Although hearing sound would suggest otherwise. Provide Kodi debug log and dmesg output and I'll check if there is anything which would explain behaviour you observed. Even better, add "drm.debug=0x1f" to extlinux.conf and get that dmesg output.

    As mentioned before on my Samsung 1080p tv this only happens when hdmi cable unplugged while booting and later plugged in. You tell then the h3 defaults to a 4k signal? That would explain why sound is ok but picture not. As to the cec issues here i can't compete, as the x2 is not using the built in sunxi cec method but some gpio thing ( we discussed this together earlier) but cec seems not to be key to the original reporters issue. Seems like once an hdmi link comes up defaults are kept instead of being renegotiated. But i will try the dmesg tricks and post here

    I have an LG TV I think it supported power on via CEC. It worked with libreelec on RPi 3, I will try that again. However, that ist not my actual problem. The problem is the following:

    The screen stays black if Libreelec (OPi H6) boots without TV turned on. So I need to manually turn on the TV before booting Libreelec, otherwise I have a black screen. The HDMI connection, however, does seem to work to some degree because even when the screen is black using the remote control I can hear the typical Kodi sounds via the TV.

    It's definitely the same as what I discovered.

    If the hdmi line seems not active to some extent (maybe line termination?) during boot up only cec and audio comes life after the connection comes, no more video until reboot with active hdmi (in your case = TV is on, in my case = TV is plugged to the HDMI cable). In my opinion it somehow points to some phy initialisation, that if failing during power up, is never properly redone on hot-plug detection. As it affects my H3 and your H6 maybe something more generic??

    Sorry now back from fever, so again able to play with Linux ;-)

    I tried it again with the lima test version and couldn't reproduce the missing sound issue anymore. Also after updating to today's nightly nothing worse or better. So seems all ok?!

    Only thing I saw while rebooting a lot, is that LE is complaining about its inability to umount /flash "device or ressource busy" just followed by a complaint "failed to finalize file systems, loop devices, ignoring - system halted"

    Not critical but not nice :-)

    HDMI-CEC is activated and I can navigate in Kodi with my remote control (this using the same HDMI-CEC feature, right?). Still the screen stays black if the television is off on boot time and only turned on subsequently.

    I've seen something similar here too with the x2 if im booting with hdmi unplugged i can't seem to start hdmi anymore once i plug the cable. Nevertheless it is ok if the tv is in standby ( never tried with tv unplugged from power)

    Just tried this on latest nightly:

    Unplugged tv from power

    Powered up tvbox

    Replugged tv to power

    And still hdmi is on, so it seems only unplugged hdmi cable stops hdmi from starting in my case (2012 samsung tv)

    With unplugged hdmi cable it is as you described, audio click sounds from kodi are played back over hdmi, but screen is black.

    lumpi can you test this one? LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-devel-20200206223537-b409e98.tar I enabled few CD/DVD ROM related drivers

    EDIT: It uses Lima and has no deinterlace support. Just let me know if DVD is recognized properly.

    Thanks jernej, much better now.

    Dvd is recognised, i can browse the vob files, but no disc menu and no dvd libs, so still no video.

    Else it seems working quite well with lima. Except it took a while until hdmi audio was coming (tried zattoo first, nothing, youtube had audio, but then also zattoo got audio...)

    Is this external DVD device or just DVD files on USB stick?

    No its a usb dvd drive with a real disc.

    I just cross checked with my rpi, once i managed to solve the power issues inherent to this board, the dvd starts up und adisc menu entry in kodi appears, the dvd appears in dmesg as being assigned to /dev/sr0 i didn't try playing anything seriously, as there are too many low voltage light ing symbols still now... But the movie studio logo played.

    So I think it might be a missing driver?

    Edit: it doesn't seem to be a module on rpi, as lsmod shows only very few brcm specific modules, nothing usb related at all.

    I got the impression that all my samples so far are not interlaced, so i tried playing a known interlaced dvd. And found out that im unable to play DVDs.

    In dmesg I can't see any device node added for the dvd, which gets enumerated as usb mass storage.

    Is this a missing driver or something else?

    I did some more testing on my collection of "problematic" videos I obtained trough the years and I get audio/video sync issues... I think ffmpeg deinterlace filter I wrote is not good enough yet. It certainly causes occasional Kodi crash. I guess I'll leave this image here until I fix all issues. Anyway, this branch contains one fix which I'll plan to PR it to Kodi, because it fixes other de-sync issues I had from the beginning but I had no idea what causes them.

    In that case I'm lucky... My daughter is still watching the kids programme and so far no complaints at all.

    Poor guinea pig ;-)

    I just very briefly testet it last night with zattoo streams, seems all is working, but had the feeling its slightly less smooth than before. But have to properly test and watch a bit longer than just zapping channels...

    So far it's running for half an hour with one channel change. Rock solid maybe slightly flaky but that's just subjective.

    With this build i got quite a few websocket disconnects on the web remote, but I'm not at all sure if it's related, as I usually use a proper remote, unless i misplace it...