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    No, not yet. I plan to add remote mapping for Beelink X2 remote soon, though. But even then I'm sure you can change it manually.

    As soon as this happens I will find out and report.

    vitalogy you're right, I grabbed remote for Beelink X2 by mistake. This just proves that a lot of boxes come with generic remotes. Anyway, I'll open PR soon (I'll update Beelink X2 too).


    Does this affect my x2 with a different remote too? Im using a remote from hauppauge, as this suits my needs much better than the crappy beelink remote.

    When video settings Video Mode set to Normal...on phone leave auto rotate enabled when recording video and it shouldn t be upside down.Also for best phone videos hold the phone horizontally/landscape.

    I will check what it is set to, I suppose as I never changed anything it should be on normal?

    Unfortunately your tips at how to take videos are not really helpful, as I'm already having those videos, cant rerecord them with different settings/orientation of the camera...

    Also the Nexus 5x as an example has the CCD mounted upside down to ease routing of the PCB. once I found out about this, I tried to hold the phone accordingly (very counter intuitive). But as a matter of fact Android doesn't seem to give a dime about video orientation and seems to handle all with metadata. If played back on Android all those videos are not distorted either. Also the preview thumbnails take the correct orientation/aspect ratio into account.

    So to come to a conclusion the way those videos are recorded might be suboptimal, but nevertheless they seem to contain enough information to be displayed correctly. So there is a chance to fix it player side.

    I tried playing videos recorded with several Android phones from several vendors on a recent test image of LE (for allwinner H3) and videos shot upright are mostly 90° tilted, often wrong aspect ratio. Horizontal videos are upside down (mostly with my old nexus 5x which had the sensor built in the different way round) As far as I found out Android seems to just save the video any format it feel like and then fills into the meta data how the player has to rotate the content.

    Funnyly the thumbnails are shown correctly on LE, as opposed to the video itself.

    Is this a known issue?

    Is someone working on this?

    Can I help out somehow? With sample videos maybe?

    Thanks for your support.

    What do you mean with PR?

    PR stands for Pull Request its in git version management tool a way to inform the maintainer (libre elec in this case) that you have something you would like them to include in their software.

    So jernej means he informs libreelec to take over his fix out of his own test version. As he thinks its important enough to be included in Libre Elec until a proper fix is developed.


    I checked it out and btrfs is working as expected.

    Just stumbled over an issue with some of the movie files on there: mostly vertically oriented files taken by mobile end up either just 90° rotated or aspect ratio of height and width inverted sometimes both combined.

    I doubt it's allwinner related however. I have a pretty short clip without any privacy issues. Should I share it somehow?

    Edit: sent link by pm

    I checked also some videos from my old nexus 5x where the ccd was mounted upside down. All videos are recorded upside down and as I understand it there's a hint in the meta data telling a player who can handle it that its recorded upside down. Unfortunately all videos are upside down unless I remembered this while shooting and kept the mobile upside down...

    Interestingly the preview thumbnails are always shown in the right orientation and aspect ratio.

    In case this should be non allwinner related where should I post it best?

    Please test following update: libreelec-h3.arm-9.80-devel-20191016073755-dfedcdb.tar

    If it works, I'll make a PR.

    Yes. No. No. There were made some attempts to do something to be able to disable CEC, but nothing that made it to mainline. Current idea by maintainers is to add DT flag to mark it as unusable. I might do it in the future, but currently I'm more focused to video stuff. You can however build your own image and disable CEC driver in kernel.

    will test the btrfs tonight and let you know.

    Regarding cec no big issue its just rendering dmesg useless without grep... Use your skills where they bring the most and what brings you the most fun ;-) your work is very much appreciated.

    I'm getting lots of error messages about cec on my x2

    is this because x2 is using a gpio for cec? Can cec be deactivated for this board until someone gets it working? Is it a dts issue?


    I just tried to mount an external hdd with vids and pics formatted in btrfs and it fails with the following message:

    1. LibreELEC:~ # mount /dev/sda2 /media/pics
    2. mount: mounting /dev/sda2 on /media/pics failed: Invalid arg
    3. ument

    is there anything missing for btrfs or i messed something up? Sorry for my clumsy noob question it's my first evening with btrfs ;-)

    I couldn't confirm it to 100% but it seems your wifi is realtek and this is not easily supported, so that jernej is not supporting it in the normal images, someone did some special image with realtek wifi, check further back in this thread if you are interested.