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    Driver for your wifi is not hard to find or even to include it, it's just that it's PITA to maintain it and probably doesn't work with iwd, which is planned to replace wpa_supplicant in near future.

    replacing wpa_supplicant sounds promising ;)

    i can live with my 1m cable its just something to play with :)

    You should make another update with same update file. U-Boot is not updated in such way. BTW, you are bypassing a lot of checks by such update.

    well it did the update after the reboot, as the tar file was still in place, I just copied new Kernel to be able to unpack the tar

    BTW bad luck:

    1. LibreELEC:~ # cat /sys/bus/mmc/devices/mmc1\:0001/mmc1\:0001\:1/device
    2. 0xf179

    it's definitely a realtek, not yet 100% sure which one...

    lumpi ah, you are on old image... Actually I mentioned the issue, but yes, that's the one. Copy files manually in that file and repeat update again to update few missing things.

    BTW, new images use kodi 18.2-rc1 so some things like addons probably need to be updated

    OK thanks!

    I just copied new kernel and dtb to /flash after downloading tar and then rebooted no its starting with new system

    Bus 005 Device 002: ID 0bda:8179 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

    RTL8188EUS 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter

    Seems to be the standard VID:PID combination for this card, so if the driver is there it should work...

    Edit: didn't mean to give meaningless answers, just meant to cut the long output from above short :-)

    No, not yet. I'm jumping around different tasks as you may noticed. There's a ton of work to do, but not much time. BTW, I wrote deinterlace driver but I couldn't force myself to test and debug it yet :)

    I admire your persistence i wish i could invest as much time n energy.

    Is the deinterlacer already in any image? I felt there is much less tearing since my last update a while ago.

    lumpi Current Beelink X2 DT file is broken regarding wifi (missing power connection and one clock for brcm module), so you can't check which module you have. You can update with this file libreelec-h3.arm-9.1-devel-20190513205044-0fffb04-beelink_x2.tar If you have brcm module, you'll have wifi.

    Cool thanks.

    Will try when home probably Thursday.

    Btw. did you also look into my toy project with the power button? /shameless hint

    Test script for update nightly builds of LibreELEC via SSH, replace pc_plus.tar with your own value.

    If it doesn't reboot, the checksum is wrong.

    1. cd /storage/.update
    2. URL=""
    3. FILES=$(curl $URL |grep 'pc_plus.tar' |cut -d '"' -f12)
    4. for FILE in $FILES
    5. do
    6. curl $URL'/'$FILE -o $FILE
    7. done
    8. sha256sum -cs *.sha256 && reboot

    Quite comfy but well, its a variation of this: Piping curl to s(hell)

    I will provide only firmware for brcm and nothing else. Best way for you to check is opening the case. Don't worry, it's easy ( and if you use plastic tools like guitar pick, it won't leave any marks. Alternatively, you can read SDIO ID in /sys/class/mmc or something like that (I don't have any device at hand to check) and then google ID to see to which company/device it belongs.

    I will try the second way if it's not coming live with the new SW.

    I always break some of the clips also if it's dead easy...

    One is coming in 5.2 I believe, Beelink GS1.

    unfortunately I couldn't find them anywhere for sale :-P

    Yes, each SDIO device has it's own ID, just something like USB, so autoprobing should work. That's the trick I used with old OpenELEC images. Just apply power and proper driver should be loaded automatically (if exist). Fortunately, it's same power pin for both variants. However, brcm based wifi probably still doesn't work due to missing config file and firmware. I'll fix this next week.

    Yes like this the actual module doesn't matter for the DTS but how can I read that out, couldn't find any howto or the like. Never mind I'll find out once you got yours to run. Hopefully I got the right module.

    Funny thing is I used to hate brcm because of really bad drivers often freezing X or even the kernel. And now its a preferred vendor. Maybe rtl goes the same route now...

    jernej yes I was also struggling with my own view on the world... Balmer was trying to kill OS in general and Linux in specific and no 10years lateer the same Redmond WA based Microsoft is shipping a Linux kernel for real...

    Strange my emmc is still as it was shipped, if I remove my SD, Android is booting. But as soon as I can pack LE on the emmc I'll do so.

    Well my way of selecting SD cards is as follows. Define properties (speed grade, labels like A1 etc.) Then sort results by price, finally throw those manufacturers out I don't trust. Might be 1 buck extra, but so far worked well. Do you get them locally or do you import?

    I missed HDMI-CEC initially but as we sorted the IR remote im now happy with that. Nevertheless if CEC and the power button are working that'd be great. Unfortunately X2s are no more available and H6 boxes all have no mainline DTS.

    But currently my X2 is not very active, as we got rid of Internet for the moment and have "just" unlimited 4G ;-)

    Ah, true. I have Broadcom version of the wifi. However, Realtek started contributing proper Linux drivers for version 5.2. New drivers are promised in the future, so maybe there is a hope.

    At times things happen you would never ever think are possible...

    Quote from jernej

    SPL fails to load U-Boot from SD card most of the time. Box (re)booted only few times in more than 50 tries. I noticed few mistakes in U-Boot configuration but obviously none of these improves boot situation. I have X2_v3.1_20150831 version.

    To be honest I have absolutely no clue which version of the box I'm having. Is there a way to find out without disassembling? SW on it is 212k4.

    As I mentioned before I never felt anything is not working as expected.

    I now checked the type of SD card used and it's a Toshiba Exceria 16GB SDHC with U1 and roman I symbols.

    But I doubt you need help choosing cards for an H3 ;-)

    Given that Beelink X2 has Broadcom based WiFi module, it should be easy to support it. Recently I received this box, but first I have to make booting more reliable (it rarely boots). Once that's fixed, it should be relatively easyto add WiFi support.

    be aware, only older X2s have AP6181newer versions have RTL8189ETV, so I'm not having too many illusions.

    What boot problems do you have? I never faced any, having some sandisk uSD I guess, and it boots 100% of the time very reliably with your image. Let me know if you want to compare something (logs?) with my unit.