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    as you won't overwrite anything when installing on an SD card try a couple of images maybe the beelink is a good start, as it's also a box...

    Awesome thx for the tip, will look into that build, yes it is essentially an X92 box.

    Where are the dtb files located?


    They are all in a sub directory on the image, other than with the other elec you shouldn't copy them around, but change a config file to point to the right dtb. In case you dont find the right one for your box it's worth trying the vim2, this works very well for my box. Sorry for my vague answers, I'm currently experimenting with manjaro on the box, but didn't start it in quite a while, as my new job keeps me quite busy nowadays...

    Hi there! Is it possible to use this images with another tv-boxes with allwinner H3 or H5, if they are not in the list of supported models ?

    I'd like to buy one of them in local market, but I'm not sure if it works

    You will need to have a matching DTB. But often those tv boxes are all based on reference designs by i.e. allwinner.

    So often an image for one works also for others.

    Maybe you have no ethernet or no this or no that.

    So you can try it, but noone will give any guarantees, and as tv boxes usually come without schematics or other documents they are usually not the preferred targets for most devs.

    Hello all. I have an old Beelink GT1 Ultimate (S912 with True 3GB DDR4) currently with CoreElec running from internal storage and I'm interested in switching to LibreElec because of the newer kernel since I also want to use that box as docker-pihole-unbound and torrent client. I don't want to brick my box and I would like some guidance for 1st know if my box is supported, 2nd if it is supported which version should I use and 3rd if it is possible to running it from internal storage as I'm doing now with Coreelec. I also would like to know if there are known issues, if any, running one of these test LE builds.

    Thank you so much in advanced for your great work on maintaining this wonderful piece of software.

    Best regards,


    I'm having a similar x92, the correct image should be the box version, that uses the vendor uboot loader of the box (Android and probably also CE?) I'm in the meantime running my box with the vim2 image of manjaro linux and can tell that linux on a current mainline kernel works quite well on the s912, so id guess also this image should work reasonably well.

    P.S. running mine of a SD card, so no risk at all.

    Of course, that is already implemented, it just acts up on Beelink X2. It works reliable for me on OrangePi Plus2E and BananaPi M2+ (speaking about H3 boards).

    Wondering if it's the X2 or user problems...

    Could you please explain to me how exactly I should trigger a shutdown that will stop the cores and hands over to the arisc? The shutdown dialog triggers a shutdown only to a halt with hdmi on, like old PCs with AT powersupplies.

    Then I'm positive things will improve over time.

    jernej is it technically feasible to not just send the SOC to sleep, but in fact shutdown Linux and power off the ARM cores and use the ARISC core to power them on via remote or button and perform a proper boot from scratch? That would be much more useful in my opinion. That would also eliminate the need for power cycling to start after a shutdown.

    Привет. Форум на английском языке. Пишите на русском и английском языках (гугл переводчик).

    Now I had to use gugl perevodchik to find out what your answer was...

    Im using an LG WebOS TV from 2020 with LE nightly release on Allwinner platform and raspberry pi 3 with regular LE release and sound works on both, I never had to set anything for it to work.

    Does audio work with the software that was preloaded on your stick, just to confirm it is no hardware or compatibility problem...

    jernej todays version works only thing confusing a bit is that you land back in the shutdown dialog.

    Tested only with the button, not the remote.

    Pressing the button while running will bring up the shutdown dialog, a second press hides it again.


    found my original remote, no effect, when pressing the button on the x2 it didn't come alive again, like yesterday.

    I think the difference was that my first triel let it asleep only a very short time, I reactivated before the TV showed no signal, the second time, when it didn't come back it took a bit longer due to reying the remote

    Edit 2:

    My assumption was wrong, while doing some further tests I realised that actually the remote's red power button, when pressed while in sleep, triggers the freeze of kodi, not the duration of the sleep.

    Also interesting fact is that SSH keeps alive but is frozen the whole time the box is asleep, no reconnection necessary after waking up, it then even parses whatever I was typing while x2 was sleepin.

    Edit 3:

    I think it's at random if it's working or not...

    Would it also be possible to gracefully shutdown Linux and restart it by the button? If I'm shutting down it's not powering off, but shows "reboot: System halted", waking it back up is impossible, except by power cycling.

    I don't mind waiting for a full boot, bit getting up and connecting power is annoying, sleep is not my concern, it sleeps also well if all playback is stopped and tv switcjed to different input...

    if you execute "systemctl restart kodi", does it work? Also, do you have plain Kodi or do you have any addons, especially PVR ones? There were some suspend/resume issues with Kodi discovered and fixed. Kodi was just updated today in LE, so please re-try with tomorrow image. Suspend/resume is complex, every driver must work correctly...

    As per above editafter kodi restart all is ok,

    I'm having the rbuehlma zattooo pvr addon not surewhat version

    Will try again soon


    Original, NEC 0x8051

    Not sure I will fimd that again...

    Now I tried it and get the following:

    - setting to standby by remote

    - screen goes off, blue LED is off

    - pressing power button

    - screen comes back nearly immediately, no reaction to remote or anything else, screen is ddimmed, power menue is still displayed, round blue waiting symbol is visible, but not turning

    - Linux is accessible via SSH

    Edit: after "systemctl restart kodi" all back to normal