Intel true 10bits/HEVC/HDR support... ?

  • I got rid of my NUC8i3 and now rocking a gemini lake ODROID so can't test the LSPCON patches for you. My dad has the NUC8i3 at his place but I can't easily access it till i'm over there.

    PlatypusW .. any luck with it?

    smp this build is based off kodi v19 beta1?

    I’m in the same boat as you, completely forgot about all of this until randomly coming to check here today. I’ve been using an odroid n2+ since they came out and have since moved from worrying about hdr on intel/Linux to what devices I need to playback (mkv) dolby vision now :D

    If I have time I might dig out my nuc and give it a go though.

  • Nekromantik be careful as that one might not have support yet where as you can find Gemini Lake NUC's for less as they are older and they work.

    I didn't realize I could get an intel NUC with Gemini Lake still so I "built" one using the ODROID H2+ board which now I regret as you can just go with an intel one that looks nicer ... but alas it is what it is and it works. Testing out your latest build smp and figuring which limited addons are updated and which ones aren't yet.

    EDIT: I compared video quality of this build compared to my Vero 4k+ and its not even close, the Vero 4k+ is superior. Its as if I'm watching the movie in a smokey room. A white haze, colors are not as bright and "popping". Its triggering HDR on my tv but is it really using the metadata ? Tomorrow I'll install winblows on the box and test out that build of v19.

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  • I see no video quality issues. A "white haze" usually means incorrect black level.

  • I see no video quality issues. A "white haze" usually means incorrect black level.

    Yep - desaturated video levels also happen if YCbCr content is handled in the incorrect level space.

    'White Haze and Desaturated" can also describe HDR Rec 2020 content displayed incorrectly in SDR and/or Rec 709 level space without tone mapping.

  • I'm just noting what I noticed using this build to play two sample HDR files vs the same files on the Vero 4k+. My GF was watching me test out the builds and noticed the same thing. This was done on the same TV and everything including same HDMI port and everything. I literally plugged one in and tested files, swapped box'es to same HDMI port and played again. HDR setting triggered on TV but looked off.

  • Vero and other Amlogic boxes default to YCbCr 4:4:4 (4:2:0 for 4K 50/60Hz).

    In my build the Intel driver default to RGB full.

    It is possible that your TV does not set the correct black level for RGB full.

    I can compile a build that will output YCbCr instead of RGB and you can test if it will improve the PQ.


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  • I think thats it. This video output is looking really good. I want to test again this evening when I have less light filtering into the room.