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    Any chance I can pick your brain PlatypusW? I have an 8th gen NUC and its not working out for me I feel. When I enable HDR in windows it looks horrible, so washed out and gray. Your not having this issue?

    It was a while ago that I sorted my windows setup now, pretty much got the NUC at launch. I didn’t note much down as I didn’t plan on having a windows OS for very long as I was hoping Linux would be sorted out by now but clearly not (though it sounds like it’s getting closer).

    I’ll admit I had a few hiccups with setup - but at the time I felt that was down to the tv model I was using - there seemed to be a few issues that were different depending on the tv model.

    At any rate - what software are you using for playback? I did find that certain software wasn’t outputting hdr (properly).

    My current setup is kodi frontend with mpc-hc and madvr in backend. It seemed to be the easiest way to get hdr to work for me - but I’m fairly certain that was down to my tv and the drivers at the time, I don’t know if things have improved (or got worse). As far as I can tell I don’t have greyed out colours, I have done a few comparisons between it and my uhd player.

    Hi PlatypusW, which NUC do you have? Do you know if an 8th gen Intel i3 NUC would be enough to run 4K HDR or an i5/7 is better?

    Thank you.

    I have the i5 (8th gen). I only did this because I like to have the option of a little more power - and who knows, when the graphics gets too old I might end up using it for something more cpu intensive - I’ve at least put my haswell NUC too good use :)

    Anyway, yes an i3 is fine for 4k HDR, all processors have exactly the same graphics.

    The NUC has hdmi 2.0a and DisplayPort 1.2

    The DisplayPort, via thunderbolt 3, is not enough for hdr.

    The hdmi port is absolutely fine though. The difference between hdmi 2.0a and 2.0b is HLG which shouldn’t have any effect for the majority of what people would use a NUC for.

    I have no problems using my NUC booted into windows with HDR. The pi might be better but it’s newer (newer will always be better...) - you’ll also have the heat issue to deal with. My silent fanless 8th gen NUC is perfect for me at the moment, running much cooler than my pi 4 does just at idle...

    The pi 4 is very good, though I dislike the amount of heat it’s putting out. Not so sure about the embarrassment part for intel, I don’t think they focus too much on media consumption, certainly on a Linux OS, for the NUCs.

    I'm not aware of the generation cut-off point for HDR support as "NUC" now covers eight generations of hardware that vary in capability, but I can confirm Intel needs to add HDR support to their video driver before the subset of NUC's that are capable can do it. The first submission of patches to the Linux kernel to start adding HDR support was only last week so it will be a while yet before things are usable.

    Is there anyway/where to follow the progress of these patches?

    Is this at least a positive sign of getting hdr support at sometime in the future, even if it takes a long time - we previously had nothing to go on.