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    Finally got around to grabbing my dad's NUC8i3 .. the latest build on here seems to be working flawlessly. I got HDR10 to work and also passthrough audio seems to be perfect so far too. WOOHOO!!!

    EDIT: Watching 3rd movie on the build, audio has been perfect.

    What are the limitations again on this .. subs don't work and 4kHDR @ 60fps don't work .. correct?

    Concerning HBR audio passthrough I can only report my own experiences with my NUC8i5BEH.

    It works perfectly as far as I can hear without any flaws. No audio dropouts or stuttering. Only clean sound.

    That‘s true for the testbuild from post #502 and the nightlies (up to 20210327) I tried. My Yamaha AVR reports every sound format (e.g. DTS HD MA or Dolby TrueHD) correctly. YMMV with other NUCs.

    I'll try it out. Maybe I'll have sometime this weekend.

    Sorry for the confusion. The first part of post was yes off topic but was mentioned earlier on here so thats why I asked it. Plus there are alot of HDR experts here, case in point read noggin's response.

    The 2nd part of the post IS on topic as its related to the NUC's having issues with audio as I and others have mentioned multiple times in the past. I haven't had a chance to test the image so was curious if the intel driver bug has been ironed out.

    chewitt .. quick question, i saw this on the LE blog "We are pretty confident RPi4 users will like the update since it brings HBR audio and initial HDR video support" .. what exactly does initial support mean?

    So has anyone done "proper" passthru audio testing of the build in 502? Like does it finally fix the split second audio drop that occurs every few mintues?

    Once you can play everything at 4k60, the best platform then becomes the one which is most power efficient. IMHO.

    Partially yes. But I also understand where Deezle is coming from. There is a difference running Kodi with just plain estuary w/ a tiny video library vs my Aeon Nox with alot of eye candy and a massive library to boot. SBC's like Vero 4k+ (which actually does everything playerwise i need) and others are not significantly faster except probably the I/O which helps a bit then when I was using a Zotac MAG more then 10 years ago. Its very noticeable while using the actual GUI compared to the more expensive x86 NUC's. Just need the software/drivers to finally get with the times because HW that was released about 3.5 years ago is capable of it. And thats just the GUI not to mention other possibilities like Deezle wanting to use it as a pic viewer and his SBC getting choked up.

    the Intel NUC7CJYH was the perfect platform IMO as it can do 4k60 with native HDMI 2.0 and it has a TDP of 10w.

    Agreed. Its old enough that its price is a great value these days compared to newer NUCs. I have a ODROID H2+ which is very similar. I just can't use it d/t the audio issue for now.

    smp uses a gemini lake i believe .. i have one of those also lying around. He doesn't use passthru audio though so its a perfect (and fairly inexpensive solution compared to newer intel nuc's and even this amd "nuc") option for him and others that don't use passthru

    Can a machine ever be too fast? ;)

    No it can't .. but there is a price vs performance factor also to look at ;)

    And yes, prelim showed Dolby TrueHD worked .. but my question is does it work "properly". Under intel both DTS MasterHD and Dolby TrueHD "work" but when passthru audio is enabled every few minutes the audio cuts out for a split second.

    Deezle, thanks for showing me this thread. I'll be following it for a bit to see. i'm assuming any Ryzen will be lightyears ahead in speed (especially since you can also use an NVMe drive on it) compared to an RPi4.

    My biggest concerns are does it do 10bit 4k HDR properly? Does it do HD Audio passthrough properly. We have an intel custom build that I got 4k HDR working on but only with decoded audio. Passthrough has issues.

    I have tried some test files and only Dolby Digital / + work as well as DTS. I can play these audios and when I stop playing audio resumes throughout libreelec.

    I cannot play AAC, LPCM or anything with TrueHD/Master Audio/DTS HD.

    When I play these files the video plays with no audio. Stoping the video causes libreelec to loose all audio and I need to reboot the system to get audio back.

    Disappointing to hear that still having audio issues :(