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    I have similar issue that when i play movie it goes black 1 second and then it shows the HDR logo and it goes back iam not sure its the cable.

    It looks you are not using the correct build, when you should use HiassofT build LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.80-devel-20210210171544-68ac68f.tar

    The info bellow its from your logs.

     LibreELEC (community): nightly-20210226-e12ff43

    Denon AVR - S950H, short HDMI 2 cable. DTS-HD music. Only when listening to music (Mka format) at 1-2 second intervals at irregular intervals.Also available for 4K HDR DTS-HD movies, with 2-4 second lags. (Audio passtrough = allow pass)

    Thanks. D

    Try one cable for audio to the AVR and one Cable for video to TV. That works for me.

    Have you tried the GM version?

    i don't understand why you guys use 2 HDMI's .. one to tv and one to receiver. Does your receiver not have HDMI out to TV? The whole point of receivers is to plug in all your devices to it and then it to your TV. That way you don't have to change inputs on both TV and receiver when you want to change from say the NUC to a PS/XBox for example.

    I have a old recevier that support DTS-HD and DTS MASTER HD but not 4K and HDR. So i connect the tv to get HDR and 4k and to the receiver to get HBR that means DTS-HD and DTS Master HD.

    smp you said you don't use an AVR. So you just use your tv's speakers?

    In my testing today. I can confirm the audio glitch is present in the September build too. Its only present if you bitstream your audio. If i disable pass-thru audio it works flawlessly however if i enable it i get random audio glitches of either missing audio for a half second (one time it occurred even for longer) or occasionally i get a "pop". I've never come across this before with any other hardware or software. My next test will be to just install a stock LE image on this hardware and see if it occurs too.

    I got my NUC connected to use a AVR Onkyo TX-SR608 and the second HDMI cable from the nuc connected to the TV and the audio works perfect i tried DTS TRUE HD and DTS HD MASTER , DOLBY Digital +. There must be something with your cable or something else because the LibreELEC-GBM.x86_64-9.80 build works for me.

    The Intel driver would always select RGB limited for a TV.

    I force "RGB full" for my personal builds to work around a buggy "HDMI Black Level" setting on my Samsung 4K TV.

    I'm also not sure how to deal with 4K 50/60Hz deep color modes since the Intel driver prefer RGB 8-bit. Should the driver be hacked to force 4:2:0 12-bit? For now I just enabled dithering for 8-bit modes.

    I compared the RGB (standard version) with the YCbCr version and the RGB was darker and less color information when i compared with my LG OLED55 C8. I prefer the YCbCr for sure. I checked the dark scene of new Lion King .

    smp what video player settings do you use? Off a clean install, with default settings I was getting video stuttering with panning scenes so I enabled "Adjust display refresh rate" option. This fixed the video but not i seem to get dropped audio from time to time. I don't want to enable "sync playback to display" because then i lose passthru audio.

    I dont' think I was seeing this with LibreELEC-GBM.x86_64-9.80-devel-20200830050448-6063236.img.gz but i'll re-install that one later today and test it out.

    Does upnp services work for you?

    Current HDR support starts at 9th Gen (Gemini) and based on Q&A with Intel devs a couple of days ago Intel has no current plans to implement HDR for older Generations. We might try to influence that once Kodi support has matured, but I wouldn't get hopes up.

    NUC7PJYH is not official supported by Intel with HDR but it still work with smp build for me to get HDR.

    Thank you very much!

    So, on the NUC7PJYH the HDR works but I have problems with DTS-HD audio (sometimes I hear some annoying clicks from the speakers and I must be honest, they also scared me) while unfortunately on the other NUC NUC10i7FNH the HDR does not work.

    I dont have that issue iam using DTS HD and HDR. Maybe its your HDMI cable that is bad. Iam using HDMI 1 for Video HDR and HDMI 2 for DTS-HD audio