[] LibreELEC Kodi Krypton - S905 & S912 devices

  • TEST RELEASE S905 / S905D / S905X / S905W:

    The following folder contains a v8.2.4.2-Test2.rar S905 test release.


    alternate source...

    Kodi-Krypton-AMLogic (Google Drive)

    This ODROID C2 version (32 bit) is update compatible with kszaq LE versions:



    The ARM 32bit C2 version above is NOT compatible with aarch64 - 64bit official LE C2 versions, but you can change to 32bit by SSH logging in and issuing this command before a .tar update:

    touch /storage/.update/.nocompat

    Requirements if upgrading from a kszaq version:

    If something does not quite work, also copy a relevant .dtb file into the Update Folder when doing a .tar update (no need to rename)


    There are extra Kodi options found in: (read the explanations at bottom of Kodi settings screen)

    Settings > System > AMLogic

    Settings > Player > Videos > Disable Auto Resolution ...

    S905W devices are limited to 4K @ Max 30Hz.

    S905W devices also require (for OTA TV viewing) - Deinterlaced (picture) Post Processing to be Disabled in Kodi > System > AMLogic settings

    W. :)

  • Hey Wrxtasy.

    Just wanted to ask if the CoreElec builds contain all your fixes for S912 devices, since I own a Minix U9.

    The reason Id like to install CoreElec is for auto update to the newest CoreElec version (assuming it is implemented there).

    Thanks for your builds anyways.

    - Mr.Brown

  • AFAIK, CE.8.90.3 uses new kernel and has all latest fixes for S912. It does not have the option to overclock GPU from Kodi menu, but you can overclock it with autostart.sh, just as well. It also has functional auto update...

    If you plan to install CE.8.90.3 version, I suggest you do a fresh install due to many changes and fixes.

  • Thanks for your great build, no stuttering in s905x. Minimum subtitles stuttering is dispeared (first line stuttering). Thanks for your great build. All format plays flawlessly (720p, 1080p, 4K etc). One issue I observe that how to disable noise reduction. There is no option available in setting to disable noise reduction because noise reduction set on as default.

  • HI wrxtasy wetekdvb not work i have wetek play2

    i test this but not tuner found in tvh

  • I have been testing the S905/S905x devel build and must say I'm very impressed.

    Ever since the early days of 8.x kszaq builds, I always had slight, infrequent, but sometimes noticeable stutter on 720p/25p content only. I always used the settings of turning "adjust refresh rate" off and "sync playback to display" on. I'm in the UK, and all our TV series are 25p. I find with this setting I have very smooth playback of 23.976p, 24p and 25p content. I'm quite happy with stereo sound (don't care about passthru audio) from the TV so this setup works really well. Don't have AVR system etc.

    Anyway, so far I have not seen any stutter at all (this is not subtitle stutter, but general video stutter I'm referring to). I've tried a few episodes of 25p UK TV and some 23.976p US TV and movies. So far, the picture is very smooth.

    I have noticed that memory consumption is higher compared to kszaq's builds. It appears that video/audio is cached a lot more and I'm guessing this causes the memory usage to increase (so far to a max of 32% - I have 2GB ram box). It's not a problem, just an observation - maybe this helps with playback smoothness??

    Once again, congrats on a super smooth build!!

  • HI wrxtasy wetekdvb not work i have wetek play2

    i test this but not tuner found in tvh

    Try the v8.2.4.2-Test2-wetekdvb.rar release found in the Mega Folder or mirrored here:

    Kodi-Krypton-AMLogic (Google Drive)

    Also S905X & S905W can now GPU Overclock to 792MHz (a new device tree may be needed). I have not seen any issues.

    Makes for a speedier GUI. :)

    I swear AMLogic are purposely constraining lower spec devices GPU clocks simply for marketing purposes.

    For those updating from the previous v8.2.4.2-Test you will have to do this again (for the last time):

    touch /storage/.update/.nocompat