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    Anyone know what "Linux ARM builds" mean, if anything, for people running these addons on low powered devices like the RPi?

    I know Jackett currently uses Mono, will native Linux builds improve/change anything?

    I've been running pihole in docker for a while. The v3.3 digic images worked, but since the update for 4.0, they havent worked. User Vashiru on github made a special 4.0 image which was working for me until last week when it again started giving the error.

    You can try his image here:

    It might work for you, the problem may be at my end. But the pihole/pihole images do not work on LE or CE, i'm guessing it has something to do with the docker version we have (17.10)

    I was in a similar situation a month back, trying to get pihole working on CoreELEC.

    Gave up and set up the container manually. Heres the command:

    Set your server IP, webpassword and timezone, then just paste the command and hit enter. Your pihole will be up and running, with a working DHCP component if you want to use that too.

    The problem with my setup after doing this was that after a reboot, pihole would try to run before the network was ready, so i added a delay by doing the following:
    Create 2 files:


    ExecStart=/storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.docker/bin/docker start -a pihole
    ExecStop=/storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.docker/bin/docker stop -t 2 pihole


    Description=Runs pihole

    Then copy these files to your \Configfiles\system.d folder (i used SMB share)

    FInally, run this command using SSH to enable the timer so that it starts pihole 30s after boot.

    systemctl enable pihole.timer    

    You do not provide enough information to assess what is going on.

    Check the logs (System/Logs in the web-ui), report the issue at Radarr/Sonarr, and come back here if the issue is specific to the add-on

    Ill try and get some more info, but when i checked the logs, i didnt see anything unusual. Also, the problem does not really seem to be reproducible, happens randomly afaik. Anyway, ill wait and gather more information then report back.

    I am using Sonarr, Radarr and Jackett from the thoradia repo. For some reason, after a while my CPU usage shoots really high, and ssh top shows that mono is using CPU. Disabling and reenabling sonarr and radarr fixes it, but its really annoying. Any fix?

    What is the difference between q200_k3 and q200_3g dtb? I had been using q200_3g with gigabit for my h96 pro plus. But today i was looking at the folder and there wasnt any g200_3g under the gigabit folder, so i tried q200_k3 and it worked. Do i NEED to have the "correct" dtb, or its fine as long as it boots?

    Edit: Also wanted to ask: I have an Air Mouse js6, it has some buttons (such as the internet explorer button) which are not read by LibreELEC, im unable to map them in Keymap Editor. However, i tried 8.90.3 CoreELEC and there the buttons work, i can remap them using Keymap editor. Is there any way i can bring that functionality to LibreELEC?

    That worked for me on 8.2 Le, but it's not working on CoreELEC, i think there's some problem with saving the config file. The addon/container is installed successfully but the settings show up blank. The container does not show up in Portainer either. Any tips?

    Hey could you explain how to create the runtime script? and could you please append the changes to the main commands you posted first?

    Sorry if i wasn't clear, i already am using the new dtb, and can confirm that the gpu is running at 792mhz, but it made no difference to the ui performance

    EDIT: OK so it mayyy have improved the GUI performance a little, I'm now close to 28fps most of the time. When does thermal throttling kick in? Im running between 70-75 C, would a cooling mod help? wrxtasy

    Also, since ive moved Data to internal, can i format the second partition on my boot usb drive as fat32 and use it for storage?

    I read pages and pages of these forums and saw your comments and i learnt that a smoother GUI was not possible.

    Anyway, yes i enabled the GPU overclock, verified that it was working with: cat /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq , though it made no difference. The UI is mcuh better in other places, like the settings, but whenever there's some artwork on screen, it just slows to a 20-25fps crawl.

    Could you help me out with the rf remote problem please, it looks like this when i press the key that i am unable to program:

    08:41:36.943 T:4095639872   DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x73, sym: 0x00af, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
    08:41:36.943 T:4095639872   DEBUG: OnKey: volume_up (0xf0b9) pressed, action is VolumeUp
    08:41:38.143 T:4095639872   DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x72, sym: 0x00ae, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
    08:41:38.143 T:4095639872   DEBUG: OnKey: volume_down (0xf0b8) pressed, action is VolumeDown
    08:41:41.376 T:4095639872   DEBUG: CLinuxInputDevice::KeyEvent: TranslateKey returned XBMCK_UNKNOWN from code(150)

    I pressed vol up, then vol down, then the key i am having the problem with: it has an internet explorer icon made on it.

    As you can see, the last line is what i get when i press the key in question (there are multiple keys not working btw). I've tried adding key id 150 under the keymap xml but it doesnt seem to have any effect.

    Sir wrxtasy i am commenting just to salute you.

    I got my H96 Pro+ today. 3gb ram, 32gb, S912.

    I tried many many LibreELEC builds, but they all had some problems until i installed your audio fix v2 build. Works flawlessly. In previous builds passthrough audio would work but not PCM such as when playing an mp3 file, this build fixed that problem.

    If i HAAAD to complain, it's that the UI performance is meh, close to 20fps when scrolling a wall list at 1080p. I was expecting more from this chipset. On the stock Android build, kodi is definitely smoother than it is on LibreELEC.

    Any tips to improve this? I've already got data running off the internal storage and UI at 1080p.

    Also, i have an Air Mouse RF remote, some keys aren't working, aren't read by the keymap editor. Any way i can assign those?