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    Firstly apologies, didnt follow lately this thread, so better ask You Guys for advise

    I got Mecool MS8 PRO + S905X 2GB/16GB and Kszaq LE build installed on SD Card

    now if I want to upgrade to this wrxtasy build posted above in #532 which version will be suitable for my box, and if is enough to put tar file in.update folder and just restart box

    or new flashing is advised ?

    One question, just to be shure

    I got Mecool M8S PRO+ ( S905X , 2GB/16 GB ) and LE installed on SD Card, no problem there

    what is safest way to update on this 8.90.4 version and not to screw anything , and with which dtb file

    I know is explained in first post how to, but just want to stay on safe side

    one question
    I have installed test version 20170102....gc3e054b.img.gz on sd card, like is said problem with reboot is still there
    now if I want install this latest release LibreELEC-S905.arm-7.0-devel-20170103162229-r23610-g3b038ea.img.gz is it enough just put it in update folder and reboot box ?
    box is MiniMX 1GB/8GB also bought from Gear**** boot with a Bear logo

    just updated from .007 version on my beelink mini mx 1G/8GB , everything went well , but on the end I have one big issue

    didn't seen anybody posted about it, thing is that ethernet connection can't be established , wifi work ok but wired connection doesnt at all

    I try reboot box and rooter , problem remain

    any suggestion is welcome, in a meanwhile back on .007 where is no such problems

    Perhaps you could try it on USB so that we would know if it is only me ? Also what SD card are you using ? I am using Sandisk Ultra Plus which I thought were top class.

    card is Kingston microsd HC class 10
    sorry, currently dont have spare usb so cant try install on it

    Thanks Kszaq for Your work, as allways

    just installed LE on Mini MX 1G/8G on sd card and everything run smoothly, no problem so far

    speaking of problem, I have one interesting situation and dont know how to solve it

    I'll try it 3 different android firmware ( 105L1 , 106L1 , 107L1 ) and wifi is not working on neither, in network settings wifi device is set ON, but box doesnt find any available network , on wire is all ok
    that doesnt happen in LE, wifi network is find and wifi is fully functional

    what could couse this problem, and how to solve it ?