feedback for test build LibreELEC-RK3328

  • Hi

    Maybe this can help.

    LibreELEC uses the following RK kernel code at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    Kwiboo's build's use the following RK kernel code. at rockchip-part6 · Kwiboo/ · GitHub

    You then search for that specific commit in the kernel here - GitHub - rockchip-linux/kernel: BSP kernel source

    LibreELEC - eae92ae2b930999857df47c3057327c1c490454b - All changes up to 05 Feb 2018

    media: rockchip: rga: add userptr to use normal cache-enabled memory

    Kwiboo - b8154f1fba5496be524fb110c78ffe49ec58d3f1 - All changes up to 25 days ago, 4 June 2018.

    Revert "arm64 Kconfig: Move LIST to a safe value"

    So this uses about 4 months later commits and code updates.

    All the changes up to that commit will then be used by LibreELEC for the kernel, newer commits(changes) past that are ignored.

    Think of a book(RK kernel), LibreELEC's bookmark is at eg. page 45 and Kwiboo's at page 95 and the book has 130 pages.

    Then you can do the same and compare for

    rkmpp - the video codecs at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    Kodi package - at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    (search at '')

    Kodi package is usually updated once or twice a month by LibreELEC.

    and all the other packages

    All these RK changes still need to be merged into LibreELEC and is not yet part of the nightly test builds.

    Kwiboo has even more wip commits that are not even added there yet.

    Rockchip: update linux and some packages by Kwiboo · Pull Request #2646 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

  • hi there,

    hope to see the new kwiboo release soon, my Mvr9 box is waiting to test it 😊.

    regards arel

  • mo123

    Thanks for this explanation ! Have a much better understanding now for the ongoing development process and what to use.
    As already said, I will wait patiently for the next releases from you and from kwiboo.

    There is only one lie in the last sentence: patiently (JOKE!) :saint:

    have a nice weekend..

  • My next test build is delayed until tomorrow as I would like to have initial HDR support part of the build, stay tuned.

  • never the less...I was waiting for "years" :) to get something out of a RK-Box...which could be promising (in terms of deinterlacing, livetv, libreelec and so on...) I can wait another day to get something which is 1000% more than everything we had years before :-).

    thanks to Kwiboo and mo123 and all other guys behind further RK3288 development !!

    regards arel

  • All these RK changes still need to be merged into LibreELEC and is not yet part of the nightly test builds.

    Kwiboo has even more wip commits that are not even added there yet.

    Thank you for the information.

    I apologize in advance if this is a silly question, but are there plans to eventually merge them into LibreELEC down the road?

    I'm really enjoying Kwiboo's LibreELEC on my Rock64. It uses hardly any CPU/RAM even for high end h265 stuff. :D

  • Anyone is using the latest test image with any form of torrent client? mine is crashing unless i lower the amount of opened connection in transmission to about 20 (and even at 20 it crashes anyway in rare cases, probably because something else open a few ports at the same time, im guessing)(i also tried deluge inside and out of dockers), anyone else see something like this? i ask because im now worried that i may have a faulty network chipset...maybe...i was about to try with an usb adapter but mine is not yet suported on this maybe a known issue? someone else use torrents on this build/sbc?

  • This is going in the wrong direction, i just wanted to know if there was a know issue with the network driver maybe, i guessed that libreelec DID care about the network driver working correctly and not crashing the device on random situations but apparently i was wrong, im gonna leave it like it is and hope for the best...thanks anyway.

  • New test images is finally live at Index of /test/ built form my latest rockchip-part6 libreelec branch and drmprime-wip-v2 kodi branch


    - Latest libreelec, kodi and rkmpp

    - Option to select what size to limit gui to when resolution is larger then 1080p (requires restart to take affect)

    - Limited color kernel patch removed, change your TV to use Game/PC/full range mode to get proper colors

    - HDMI output mode is changed to YCbCr 4:4:4 mode when playing video

    - 10-bit color depth and HDR mode is now possible and automatically activated if your TV supports it, activate Deep Color/enhanced modes in your TV's settings

    - LibreELEC Addons repository is using correct url

    - New TP-Link device id added to rtl8812au driver

    Known issues:

    - VPU sometime produce artifacts, trying to play same file again or another file in between usually makes it work

    - HDMI signal is sometime lost or picture is black when starting playback, the switch to YCbCr 4:4:4 and 10-bit color depth is not working all the time, usually works second or third try


    - Add options to control HDMI output mode, 10-bit color depth and HDR support

    - Upgrade to latest release-4.4 kernel from Rockchip

    - Test and tune for RK3399 and RK3288

    Please test the different GUI Limit options, YCbCr 4:4:4 mode, 10-bit color and HDR support and get back with some feedback

  • Kwiboo, before it test, how about HDMI passthrough what i need mandatory? :D

    changelog looks great, brilliant work, keep on it so rockchip will be better then AML ;)

    whats the GUI Limit options for? to see it expert mode needs to be enabled


    HDR, HEVC worked

    GUI limit, didnt see any impact, whats it for?

    not working, judder

    -HDMI passthrough



    will use AML until HDMI passthrough not working

    Minix U9

    Zidoo X7

    Bqeel MVR9

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  • Changes:

    - New TP-Link device id added to rtl8812au driver

    Thank you SO much, the adapter is working now (altho it connects at 2,4ghz even at a few cm from the router but it works im totally happy)

  • how about HDMI passthrough

    I plan on working on passthrough audio primarily for mainline linux and then backport changes to rockchip 4.4 kernel, this will benefit mainline allwinner, amlogic and not just rockchip. limited PT is already working for AC3/DTS on some setups but I will test and include one change for next time.

    the adapter is working now

    thanks for confirming

    whats the GUI Limit options for?

    This options will limit the GUI overlay to use the configured size (default 1080p) and scale it if the TV switches to a 4K mode to display video. Default on stock android for rk3328 devices is usually to render the GUI in 720p and then scale it to the selected resolution, this option/feature makes same thing happen for Kodi and you can change it (expert mode) if you have issues, 1080p gui + 4k video at 60fps will touch the limits of gpu and memory bandwidth on these devices.

  • thats normal, mo123 has to build own version or kwiboo should add the "workaround" for this builds :D

    Minix U9

    Zidoo X7

    Bqeel MVR9