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    The guys with the buffer problems, could you describe how to reproduce it? Trying to reproduce. 7h pvr playback an no buffering yet.

    in general buffering only happens sometimes at my mvr9 when watching tv streams from my tvheadend server, but i cant really say it is always on the same type of channel (interlaced 50hz material like sports/soccer and so on)....maybe it has something in common with the LAN problem ? transfer on LAN could be interrupted ... buffering appears ?

    Sorry,would like to help there a scenario i should test ? give me a hint and i will do...


    interlaced sports channels 1080i are seemes to be stuttering for a few ms sometimes too. on other material this does not happen....or it is even not visible...

    Hi there,

    updated to 0807 via tar file (update directory of libreelec). Update went fine.

    Testing via live-tv (Tvheadend client-addon, signal is coming from tvheadend server 4.2).. TV set is SAMSUNG E Type 55 inch.

    - non interlaced 720p signals (like german TV "ARD" or "ZDF")
    is runnig very sharp...there is no interlacing necessary and it will be displayed as 720p with real GREAT quality !! no glitch, colours are (from my perspective) also great ! TV set is also automatic switching to the right resolution of the stream !

    - interlaced material (like SOCCER on channels similar to "Sky germany", in general it is 1080I which means 1920*1080 50hz, are NOT interlaced. It is also not possible to ACTIVATE a interlace mode from GUI (viedeo settings while playing the video/livetv-stream are greyed out and shows "inactive").. Tv set is switching to [email protected] if the signal is in general should be interlaced at 50hz 1080 signal.

    Only question: How to "activate" interlacing modes to test whether interlacing could work in acceptabal manner... :) ?
    Interlaced material without interlacing activated doesnt give a acceptable experience, Overall switching is fast AND stable ! Sound is also, after some testing "in sync" with picture.

    @DeVelopers : GREAT, go on with this super work and at the end there will be the first (e.g. for livetv) KODI based Distro for a RK based Box !!!



    Hi, tested the new relase (updated the one from 20180701) and interlacing with livetv is not possible.

    - during playback of a channel (e.g. [email protected]) the interlace option is not "visible". while playing player has ffmpedg (HW) set...

    In comparison to last build , channel switching less often will leave "blank screen...but sometimes sound doesnt start, but picture.

    Never the less I´m still impressed, that it ist runnning as it is, THANKS KwIBOO !

    hope to see more releases !

    regards arel

    Hi Bylderup,

    thanks a lot for the addon ! the way i also test live-tv based on "german TV standards :-)" (50hz, 1080).

    the idea to take the addons from another build is not bad :-), especially when it is also "ARM" based and the addon has no dependency to the VPU chip...which is the case for hts-client.

    So know I can do some wider tests...! will give Feedback here !



    Hi Bylderup...where did you get the hts-tvheadend client ? cant find it anywhere...

    I´d like to test livetv with kwiboo´s new release (on my mvr9) :)



    I have noticed this also, it is the "console" framebuffer (boot logo) that is still active behind Kodi gui and taking up memory bandwidth, ensure you set GUI Limit (Expert settings mode) to 1080p and reboot or if you start/stop a video the video/console layer will be disabled and the green lines disappears.

    I forgot to include the patch thats enables rkmpp mpeg2 hwaccel in ffmpeg :)

    Hi Kwiboo, tried to test the release....but there are no pvr-clients available. As stated before :-), would be great if I could test the new release for live-tv (interlace...and so on).

    Is there any chance to install hts-tvheadend cleint addon from another source.?. The one mentioned in this thread here wont install because of (version) dependencies. any hints ?

    the current nightly have the same problem...i fear tvheadsend is currently not available for RK-based boxes at the (beta) repository....:-(



    never the less...I was waiting for "years" :) to get something out of a RK-Box...which could be promising (in terms of deinterlacing, livetv, libreelec and so on...) I can wait another day to get something which is 1000% more than everything we had years before :-).

    thanks to Kwiboo and mo123 and all other guys behind further RK3288 development !!

    regards arel

    hi there,

    hope to see the new kwiboo release soon, my Mvr9 box is waiting to test it 😊.

    regards arel


    thanks for your fast reply.

    I´ve already tried this image...see above....and hts-addon were included/available there, too... my problem were all images on the nightly, libreelec test area with date later than 06062018. from there on they have newer grafics implementation, e.g. for deinterlacing and so on....

    disadvantage...i cant test them for my use , because hts-addon client cant be used/downloaded etc. in this new images (dependencies for addon are not fullfilled...)

    my question is related to these new images and hts-addon from libreelec repository which is not install.

    regards arel


    ...and this image (if it starts from sd...) will give you a much better experience than the 1´st one you tried...but is still "alpha" and by far not a choice if you would like to throw ANY kind of media on the you maybe could with the s905 releases of libreelec (stable) where you can get at least a much better success factor.

    but....we all hope that the HW of the RK3XYZ boxes will be supported (especially the vpu etc.) on a more "opensource" base than the past...this was the key for the s9XY boxes with libreelec.

    from the HW perspective the Rockchip based boxes SHOULD be more than competetive...sad story...the SW support of the Rockchip maker is LOUSY...but getting better at the moment.

    so, lets HOPE :-).



    You can try this - libreelec-rk3328.arm-9.0-devel-20180606204749-0267cea-box-trn9.img.gz

    LibreELEC runs independently from a micro-sd card, so Android has no influence on it.

    Hi there ,

    i´ve tested the above release. there are also some "nightlies" (with code for/from Mainline as far as I can understand) on Index of /

    In comparison to they should have included some mediaplaying tweaks/patches to enable HEVC or other grafix related stuff...:-)

    I would like to test these "stuff" !! but especially I´m interested (on my MVR9 :-)) to test live-TV an DEINTERLACING 1080p50Hz material !

    I´m running a TVHEADEND server on a dedicated mashine, but the tvheadend CLIENT (hts-...addon) is not available (cant be installed , restrictions between Libreelec and linked repository dependencies of the mainline RK3328 libreelec images ?!). In this case I cant test (e.g. live-tv and deinterlacing) :( !

    Is there any hint, HOW to enable hts-client (zip install doesnt work either...) in such an "nightly-release) from Index of / ?

    this would help a lot and could give me confidence that such an powerful box, or RK33XY itself, would come close to an AMLOGIC based box (s905, s912) concerning deinterlacing and Live-TV. On these Amlogic boxes currently everything is possible in "deinterlacing2 at a hight standard...

    I would give feedback here of the testing results...but cant get pvr-client to work under such an "enhanced/advanced" nightly RK3328 build :-(.

    Any hints ?

    regards arel