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    While it is very close to the definition of spam (unsolicited mesage/mail) i cant see what i can achieve/gain "spaming" about an issue on one forum and about another on other forum, unrelated issues...also you quoted the other dude post, do you mean that im both? what will i gain doing that? im not selling anything, if at all i can hurt said product while seeking with help with issues (i dont even want to name it again, i dont want to """spam""")

    Again, yea, i ask for help when i need it, isnt that what a forum is for?

    PD: even worst, the other post is over 6 month old, 2 messages over 6 month appart is hardly spam IMHO

    PD2: WTF that other dude copied my post from the other thread!! what is that? a bot? i even forgotten the exact text since its over 6 month old so it didnt click as mine, sorry about the ranting but no, im not nadhim

    Power...the problem on sbc is 95% of the time related to said external drive powered? i had super random crashes (yea, specially with torrent clients curioulsy) until i got myself a powered usb3 hub and used it (drive to the powered hub, hub to the rock64)

    Ignore all my ranting, apparently its some problem with w10 i think, i dont have another hdd to test atm but created a 3gb ramdisk on my second rock64, transfered a file there, result: 55MB/s without any tuning at all on the other rock64, also im pretty sure its a pretty inneficient test for a start and i got more juice out of about all the hot air, im going to google about w10 samba issues, thanks anyone for reading...

    Kwiboo I kept searching and trying things on my own, my notes:

    So, i tested the suggested script and made allmost no difference, if at all all this made the speed more spiky, less stable but spikes never go over about 35MB/s and go down to 25MB/s, are you sure there are nothing limiting the speed on libreelec? the weird thing is that read does 30MB/s and write does over 90MB/s (most of the time its near 100MB/s), i mean, usually in any media writing is slower than reading (also remember that i had OMV installed before this on the same board, same cables, same HDD, same all, and i was getting around 70MB/s on both read and write) you need me to open a bug report somewhere? no idea if you or other developers use any github/bug tracker...

    Also i cant find it but i had a copy of the samba.conf from when i was usign OMV and the optimizations where identical to the ones Libreelec uses, i can search it if you need to compare, i have a copy of the whole OMV card somewhere...

    I did a basic dd test to be sure since the hdparm test was for reads:

     dd if=/dev/zero of=output bs=1M count=4096; rm -f output
    4096+0 records in
    4096+0 records out
    4294967296 bytes (4.0GB) copied, 68.344728 seconds, 59.9MB/s

    i got about that speed on OMV so i guess my hdd limit is there, i also tested some tuning from the script you suggested:

    - IO scheduler is already at cfg for my device, no change done there.

    - all this make no change on the "issue" (taken from the script):

    echo 7 >/sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_cpus
    echo 32768 >/proc/sys/net/core/rps_sock_flow_entries
    echo 32768 >/sys/class/net/eth0/queues/rx-0/rps_flow_cnt
    /sbin/ethtool -K eth0 rx off tx off
    ifconfig eth0 down && ifconfig eth0 up

    - the part about storage quirk is also active since my drive isnt using UAS, its using the standard usb-storage driver (also i dont think its part of my issue since dd and hdparm give good values)

    But there are parts of the script that i dont know how to split since my coding skill is allmost null, specially the parts about the /proc/interrupts spliting and the governor cpufreq increase (this last is even needed? afaik we work permanently on performance)...(remember i have a rock64, section rockchip64 on the script), anyway thanks in advance for any/all the help :D

    See build/armbian-hardware-optimization at master · armbian/build · GitHub for some hw optimization moving interupt handling to different cpu cores and more.

    Since im trying anything i have at hand ill try it anyway but i did an iperf and it nearly toped the gigabit AND never toped any cpu at 100% so the chances are very slim that the issue is there IMO but also, iperf works virtually, its not using both hdd and eth at the same time...maybe you got something there...

    I started this thread thinking that i was having samba speed problems but now im starting to think that maybe there is some problem with the network driver on the rock64? i came to this conclusion after testing it with the proftpd addon, i get 30MB/s LE->W10 and about 45MB/s W10->LE, also i tried with SFTP and i get 30-30, its not bad and im going to keep using it as is but its not good either, the same hardware setup can give me 70-80MB/s with OMV, same cables, same router, same hdd...

    Can there be something related to the ethernet driver used by libreelec that limit the upload? its the same driver/options that the omv people use?

    Some stuff i tried:

    - stopping docker since it create a virtual lan interface, same results

    - forcing min/max to smb2 and min/max smb3 on libreelec, no changes

    - Completelly disabling smb1 on W10, no dice

    - Disabled LSO on W10, no luck

    - did most of these tests watching closelly htop and the worst offender was sftp with about 40-50% cpu use, still had room to work

    Again, its not a problem since it works and at a good enough speed for media (even up to 4k) but slower than it should be

    Any tip/help is GREATLY apreciated :D

    PS: i did an iperf in both directions, and now im totally lost about what happens here:

    One direction and the other, so i dont know what else to test, lan gives me 80/90, hdparm gives me 100+ but soft is slow...again any idea/tip is totally appreciated :D

    PS2: im trying crazy stuff and tried renice-ing smb and made allmost no difference

    First of all i want to say that this is not a complaint AT ALL, im very happy with what this community does with libreelec, that being said to my "issue":

    As the title say i get weird samba speeds on the rock64 latest alpha and i want to know if there is any idea to improve things a bit at least, the thing is like this:

    libreelec working as a "NAS" and windows 10 as client

    copy file FROM libreelec TO w10 desktop = 30MB/s average

    copy file FROM w10 desktop TO libreelec = 90MB/s average

    Not that it matters but the w10 computer have an ssd and the rock64 have an hdd thru usb

    Some notes to keep in mind:

    - hdparm super basic test:

     hdparm -Tt /dev/sda
     Timing cached reads:   1500 MB in  2.00 seconds = 750.25 MB/sec
     Timing buffered disk reads: 328 MB in  3.01 seconds = 109.00 MB/sec

    - the EXACT same hardware setup but with OMV on the rock64 was giving me an average of 70MB/s LE->W7 (cant remember the other direction) also keeping in mind that w10 to LE gives me 90MB/s average makes me think that hardware and network are fine

    - transfer tests were done with about 7gb information in 2-3 files top to rule out any caching both omv or LE can be doing

    - both systems are freshly installed, i didnt touch ANY option at all in any of them exept that i tried forcing SMB2 and SMB3 on LE and made no difference at all, now its back to the defaul 2/3

    I think that this needs some smb.conf fine tuning maybe but i cant find specific information googling so i came here for help, any ideas? 30MB/s seems suspiciously close to what a usb2 port gives BUT on the other hand the other direction gives 90MB/s...maybe some mount option?

    Im not looking to outspeed OMV but at least 60MB/s LE->W10 since i transfer stuff a lot more on that direction

    Thanks in advance for ANY help/ideas :D

    Im planning to try again libreelec on my rock64 but im wondering, a loooooong time ago images included some sort of flash memory protection, cant remember if it was an addon, plugin, integrated, any, but i wonder if its still included on newer builds as i plan to install it on a microsd (basically the addon/plugin watever moved the log writing and other temporal writing tasks into memory if i recall correctly), i did some google searching but cant find if its still included in the latests alphas...

    Utilize folder2ram - Raspberry Pi - OSMC Forums

    Im doing deeper googling and im seeing that its probably not needed anymore and thats why i dont hear about it since so long, im going to do my testing in a few days anyway but it would be nice to hear something about this from some of the gurus anyway, thanks all for reading... :D

    Im planning to try again libreelec on my rock64 but im wondering, a loooooong time ago images included some sort of flash memory protection, cant remember if it was an addon, plugin, integrated, any, but i wonder if its still included on newer builds as i plan to install it on a microsd (basically the addon/plugin watever moved the log writing and other temporal writing tasks into memory if i recall correctly), i did some google searching but cant find if its still included in the latests alphas...

    I've tried installing a few of the images from this thread to a 32GB micro SD, and each time I get pages of rolling numbers and text.

    I get exactly this every time i burn the image for the first time, try unpluging the device and turning it on one or two more times after that, my undeducated guess is that librelec repartition itself on the first boot to better use the sd card BUT on some devices it dont restart itself correctly or detect the changes correctly after that and it cant boot anymore...anyway...try booting the device again, not reboot, full boot from power on...

    Ok some final notes, with the rtl8812 now my rock64 is rock solid (pun intended) and i managed to make it work at 5gz (it was a problem between the chair and the keyboard) so there is either a problem under medium/heavy load with my network card or the driver/os, im open to try things if anyone is curious where exactly the problem is and if it needs a solution on the rock64 image (i have a spare microsd i can use to test stuff up)

    Also googling around i saw that the very first rock64 dev board released had ethernet problems solved after that, can i have one of those boards maybe? i bought mine from a reseller about 8 months ago...

    The device is detected now with the latest kwiboo test build and im not crashing anymore (altho it connects at 2,4ghz for some reason even if at a few cm from the router but it connects and all is fine)

    TYVM for all the help :D

    This is going in the wrong direction, i just wanted to know if there was a know issue with the network driver maybe, i guessed that libreelec DID care about the network driver working correctly and not crashing the device on random situations but apparently i was wrong, im gonna leave it like it is and hope for the best...thanks anyway.

    Anyone is using the latest test image with any form of torrent client? mine is crashing unless i lower the amount of opened connection in transmission to about 20 (and even at 20 it crashes anyway in rare cases, probably because something else open a few ports at the same time, im guessing)(i also tried deluge inside and out of dockers), anyone else see something like this? i ask because im now worried that i may have a faulty network chipset...maybe...i was about to try with an usb adapter but mine is not yet suported on this maybe a known issue? someone else use torrents on this build/sbc?