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    Does not work on mainline linux

    It's for Amlogic devices running Android Kodi or CoreELEC so won't work on Rockchip devices.

    I already tested it on an Amlogic device and it worked, shows a lot of useful video and display info.

    But I hope someone will be able to modify the addon to get Rockchip video parameters so it can be displayed when you press 'o', would be very interesting.

    I see some new patches for H.264 decoding : LKML: Ezequiel Garcia: [PATCH v5 00/11] media: hantro: Add support for H264 decoding

    Is it good for us if this land mainline ?

    Yes, since Linux OS's like LibreELEC, Armbian, Manjaro etc. will then also have out of the box video playback capabilities if using the latest mainline kernel without any tweaking, special drivers or old kernels that need to be used.

    Only H265, VP9 I think must still be added since mpeg2, mpeg4, H264, VP8, HDR, HDMI CEC I think are already far developed for the mainline kernel.

    The open-source Mal GPU Panfrost, Bitfrost drivers landing in the mainline kernel will also help a lot for the graphics acceleration to have a complete Linux experience.

    thanks mo123 , another question, i have a rock64, but i'm inclined to buy a rock64pro just to get the pci express dual sata card to connect 2 Hard disks.

    the question is does libreelec have drivers to support this card? so i can build a libreelec with 2 hard disks connected to the system?

    Best regards.

    You might need to add the drivers or make dts changes to the LE kernel and build your own image to support that or ask Pine64 if it works.

    How do you want to use an Android flash tool to write LibreELEC to EMMC?

    You write LibreELEC with etcher to a micro-sd card.

    I'm not aware of any compatible LibreELEC image for VS-RK3399.

    Gigabit ethernet is broken for all RK3328 devices at the moment., Kwiboo said he will look into it.

    It is working on the old 4.4 kernel images that are now discontinued.

    By running the MVR9 images on your device, you must make sure your device also uses DDR4 RAM otherwise in the long run it will cause wear & tear on your RAM chips and can also cause stuttering video playback if used on a DDR3 device.

    Kwiboo , we really need new images for testing, please :)

    No support for that Beelink device.

    But you can try all the images, maybe one will boot but wifi, bluetooth and ethernet will most likely not work.

    The device was also discontinued by them 3 months after release, so you also won't get any Android updates.

    TICTID, MVR9, ROC CC, Rock64 RK3328 are the only ones with mainline LE support.

    You have to wait until mainline Linux support is added for Rockchip devices.

    4.4 kernel images don't support audio passthrough.

    Rockchip: add mainline linux support by Kwiboo · Pull Request #3560 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

    You will need a 5.1 not 4.4 dts kernel file to test with mainline images used here.

    But I can't help further.

    from where I can download the 5.x kernel image (package) so that we also can test and give you the feedback. Thank you

    Here are the test images with mainline Linux 5.1 kernels.

    Index of /test/

    Mpeg2 should work.

    It seems there is progress being made with H264 and hopefully that should work too early next month.

    Then H265 and VP9 video playback code still has to be created and tested with mainline Linux.

    I can't wait until everything works fully with mainline Linux.

    May I ask you to point me the correct build and/or dtb file for RK3399 H96 Max 2g RAM version?

    There is no support for that device.

    Please ask the manufacturer to send sample devices to the LibreELEC developers plus the kernel source code.

    Try all the other RK3399 dts files and check which one works the best then the things not working can perhaps be fixed.

    Carey It must be because you have a different revised board.

    Most Rock64 users have the non revised or rev1 boards that they bought one or two years ago.

    The kernel dts file might not contain the correct settings for the latest rev2 or 3 boards I think.

    It can hopefully be fixed with the correct kernel changes later on.

    Pine64 should have made one board with everything improved from user feedback before the device was released since all these revised boards become a nightmare later on to all support correctly.

    Maybe something also causing problems with rev3 boards and micro-sd cards.

    Wonder how it passed quality control?

    Rock64 v3 and SD-Cards

    I'm on the latest alpha build of libreelec, and have an issue with the video on my rock64 1GB board. I've just now started using this board, and I have found 2 issues. One is that when i start a video I lose hdmi output, the other is when i do have hdmi output the color is not correct. The interface works correctly, this only happens when i start a video. Has anyone else had this same issue and have you been able to get it corrected or should i go back to using my raspberry pi and find another use for the rock64.

    Did you try the latest nightly?



    i use my Rockpi4 dayli with live tv and netflix. I have also a tvheadend server with german sky Card. Everything works well, but sometimes the video has to reload and at this point i have to stop the program and start it again, because the video is showing slideshow. If i turn of the Hardware decoder and use SW everything works fine!! It would be nice if someone can test this issue!

    Sorry for my english...

    The nightly images are missing the software decode patches from Kwiboo for Inputstream Netflix decoding.

    Otherwise everything could be hardware decoded and Netflix software decoded automatically with much better performance.

    Things will improve even more with the switchover to the Linux 5 kernel.