HDMI ARC Settings

  • Hello,

    I have a Khadas VIM2 running libreelec on SD connected to Vizio p55-e1 4k tv via HDMI. I have the TV connected to a Sony str dn1050 receiver via HDMI ARC.

    HDMI ARC cannot send Dolby TrueHD due to Data Rate Capacity, however my receiver supports that audio format. Unfortunately, I am unaware of any way to output video to the TV and audio to the receiver BOTH from the VIM2.

    So, I have pass through enabled in audio settings. Should I deselect DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD even though my receiver supports it?

    Also, I have tried deselecting those options, but still cannot play back a video with dolby truehd (with and without pass through enabled).

  • A pretty simple solution would be to get some HDMI switch. A thing which let's you select which device you would like to use. Those aren't expensive and the connections could look like:

                      /-> TV
    HTPC -> HDMI Switch
                      \-> AVR -> TV

    That assumes your TV has at least 2 HDMI inputs. In that case you can set up the audio settings as follows:

    For HTPC->Switch->TV:

    Set your Audio output channels to 2.0 and disable passthrough completely

    As your TV is stereo anyway, there's no need to send more channels to it.

    For HTPC->Switch->AVR->TV:

    Don't touch the settings you have done for the previouse combination, enable passthrough and enable any audio format your AVR is capable of.

    While using passthrough the "normal" audio settings are being kind of ignored as Kodi won't touch the audio signal at all then.

    The reason why you can't send HD-audio formats via ARC is most likely some licensing problem your TV has. Not any TV is capable to passthrough any audio format it gets. Some even aren't capable of passthrough normal DTS via ARC.

    Anyway....with the switch you are able to choose which devices you would like to use and send the signal the devices are capable of.

  • Why don’t you use your AVR?

    If you have your TV connected through ARC means it’s 2 way traffic.

    Just looked at specs of your AVR and it had hdmi 2.0 support.

    I run a LG 4K TV to a Denon AVR and on these inputs are my PS PRO, and my Kodi box.

    When I switch to movies on kodi, my AVR goes to the mediaplayer input, the audio is set to whatever passthrough the movie has, and every setting is possible, and sends the 4K (HDR) signal to tv. Same with my PS Pro.

    Just activate HDR on your tv on the hdmi port that runs to your AVR and when possible, set your AVR settings to HdMI advanced. This os only when you have HDR compatible stuff.

    Your AVR is you hdmi hub/switch

    LG 49 inch 4K HDR TV | Denon AVR-X14000H | X92 S912 / 2GB / 16GB running on LE 8.90.50 on internal | PS4 PRO

  • Why don’t you use your AVR?

    Some ppl don't want to use their AVR each time they use Kodi.

    Generally I agree with you as I don't like the sound of the TV at all. But I also understand those who don't care about audio quality if it comes to live-tv for example.

  • A avr kan send your sound to tv as well when turned off ;) passthrough is it called

    LG 49 inch 4K HDR TV | Denon AVR-X14000H | X92 S912 / 2GB / 16GB running on LE 8.90.50 on internal | PS4 PRO

  • My AVR does not support 4k 60fps unfortunately. Otherwise, that would have been the first solution.

    I can try the switch.

    However, I was under the impression Kodi could do something to the audio so that I could at least play the file. Similar to Plex transcoding..

  • How do you have this all set up?

    I have a 65" LG C7 OLED and a Denon x2400h and have no end of issues with HDMI-CEC, I'm considering turning it all off completely.

    Every time I switch my AVR or TV, or switch back to HDMI 2 on the TV on it switches the AVR to the Kodi player input. If I disable CEC on the Kodi player then it always switches to my Chromecast. I have everything connected to the AVR and then to my TV on HDMI2 with ARC turned on. I have no audio issues, just lots of auto switching issues.

    It's annoying because if I use my phone to start playing from my chromecast the TV and AVR automatically turn on, but then after a few seconds it switches to the Kodi box.