CEC and TV issue

  • When I turn on my TV and CEC is activated on both my TV and kodi. The TV always automatically switches to the HDMI Kodi channel.

    This is not what I want. How can I change this?

    This does not happen when CEC is off. I have looked at the CEC settings of kodi. But I do not see any settings for it.

    I am using LibreElec with Raspberry PI.

  • Depending on your setup you may not be able to solve the problem only through configuration options.

    There are some bugs with libCEC library and LG televisions.

    In this thread there is more information and some fixed images to download:

    Wake from suspend (CEC)

  • blueribb I know that. But I do not see any option in kodi CEC settings for my problem.

    KingJulien Maybe I read it wrong. But in that topic I see other issues regarding TV and Kodi with CEC. At this moment I use LibreELEC with 8.2.3.

    I also do not know how to install the images that are mentioned there. I have used noobs installer to install libeELEC.

  • Do yo have an LG TV?

    If so, maybe you can try the image from this post: Wake from suspend (CEC)

    Its Libreelec compiled against updated libcec and with this change reverting 256, fixing the LG input change when tv turned on · dbrosy/[email protected] · GitHub that it's supposed to fix the problem of always switching to Kodi HDMI input.
    Be aware that this image is only for RaspberryPi2/3.

    To update you can follow instructions from : Update LibreELEC [LibreELEC.wiki]

  • I have a Toshiba TV and Raspberry Pi 3. I have still tried the image, even though I do not have LG TV. Unfortunately, this does not change anything.

  • It does sound like the same issue. Maybe try this build. (it includes the same fix as previously mentioned but i've also included the latest Libcec version.).


  • Hi guys,

    I'm experiencing the same issue: when starting my LG TV (49SK8500), 4 or 5 seconds later the input source is switched to my RPi 3 / Libreelec / Kodi device and it's really annnoying.

    For my knowledge: are this patches/fixes included in new versions / updates?


  • This is still occurring:

    LG TV, Sony AVR, RasPi4/LibreELEC and a few other inputs into the AVR.

    LibreELEC loves to steal focus, especially in the first 30 some seconds after turning on the TV, even if I switch to Satellite TV as input or another HDMI source, Kodi steals focus back, often two or three times in a row. Very annoying.

    Any ideas anybody?