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    I got myself a new TV for Christmas, and with this TV I don't have any issue with the TV turning on again with LE 10.0.1.
    I still use the same receiver (and cables), so the only difference is the TV.
    r-pi4 --> Pioneer VSX-1131 --> Sony KDL-52W4500 - Problem with TV (and receiver) turning back on right after turning off.

    r-pi4 --> Pioneer VSX-1131 --> LG OLED65G1 - No problem at all with LE 10.0.1

    Not that my kids would, but don't let the small ones read this (I would be forced to explain why they aren't getting their presents yet). ;)

    That is strange, as mentioned I have a new LG OLED65C1, just upgraded from a LG OLED55E7N (2017), and both show this behavior, attached to a Sony AVR. I thought the only difference between the C1 and G1 is the physical dimensions and the panel, but the hardware (CPU etc) and firmware is the same.

    I provided my log with cec logging with AVR in the first post of this thread. I can, if it helps, attach the LE-Pi directly to the TV and take the AVR out of the equation and provide logs again, but I'm quite busy at the moment so I'm not going to do if you see no point in it trying to help debug this thing in this way.

    Greetings and thanks for taking this on, popcornmix

    Did you try power cycling the TV ? - pull the power cord from the wall for 1 hour and then plug it back in again ? I know it sounds silly but for some reason it has fixed a lot of CEC related issues. I think some TV's have a CEC "memory" and when there is any change (like changing versions of LE), it may remember the last setting.

    Just a thought

    As stated in my second post, I can reproduce this behavior on LE 10.0.1 with two different TVs, one of them has never seen any other hardware than the attached AVR, BD-Player, and Pi, deef-freeze-booted (first time turned on) into that setup. I havn't had the time to downgrade to 10.0.0, I skipped that version coming from 9.3.x

    Ok, so now I'm able to reproduce this behavior on a second TV, albeit also from LG.

    I found I can also circumvent this by switching the TV to another source (ie conventional television, etc) and then turning off the TV, but this is kind of messy. I've always felt that CEC was rather buggy (across all vendors and implementations) but this would need to be something that changed from LI 9.3 to 10.0 within libCEC, but I don't even remember if the version was a different one.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    Hi again,

    RasPi4 LE10.0.1 <--> AVR Sony <--> TV LG

    LibreELEC is always on. Running LE9 I would turn on the TV and the AVR would turn on simultaneously (I've always experienced the bug that if I switched sources on the TV shortly after powering up the TV/AVR LibreELEC would steal focus and switch the source back to itself, but that just on the side). Now after the upgrade to LE10 (same RasPi4) whenever I turn the TV off (and with it the AVR), it takes anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds until the TV and AVR are turned back on.

    If I turn off Auto-Power-Sync in the CEC options of the TV nothing is turned back on, but I would manually have to turn on the AVR and need a second remote for that, which I do not want. Obvoiusly if I turn CEC off on the TV or in Kodi no unwanted-power-on occurs, but all CEC-function is lost. In the CEClib settings everything that looks remotely like a command to turn anything on is switched off. I determined the HDMI Port to be 3 by changing it and accepting that value only when it switched to the right input after saving the CEC options, but besides that I'm not sure of this setting. The physical address seems to be changed to 2300 by the system. I entered that the REasPi is connected to the AVR (as shown above) but it keeps being reverted to TV, which is not physically correct.

    I've attached a with CEClib verbose logging turned on.

    Can anybody help? Please? My wife is going to be so mad if I tell her something about workarounds.... ;)

    Klojum Thank you for sending me in the right direction: "Debug log file please." Found

    2021-11-03 21:51:29.088 T:847      INFO <general>: Old database found - updating from version 116 to 119
    2021-11-03 21:51:29.089 T:847     ERROR <general>: SQL: Can't create database for copy: 'kodi_video116' (1044)
    2021-11-03 21:51:29.089 T:847     ERROR <general>: Unable to copy old database kodi_video116 to new version kodi_video119

    and checked the privileges of the kodi user on the mariaDB and was found it had no rights to create new databases... changed that an everything works.

    So after I've upgraded all my LibreELEC Pis to 10.x I can delete the kodi databases with lower numbers? Music60 and music72 and video107 and video116? That's about 120 MB total.

    Thanks so much!


    I have several Pi4s running with LE accessing one central DB on my NAS.

    Today, seeing 10.0.1 was out with serveral fixes for Pi4 I attempted to migrate one the Pis to LE10. Clean install, copied

    advancedsettings.xml, mediasources.xml, passwords.xml and sources.xml into the userdata directory and rebooted.

    The result is that LE10 doesn't reach the DB "Your library is currently empty....". I can access the files on the NAS via Videos > Files, but then, when I attempt to play them Kodi restarts (I'm guessing the RasPi doesn't reboot, it's too fast).

    Any ideas? I don't want to do anything to endanger my database, but am well aware that as soon as a connection is established, the db will be upgraded and unusable by the older clients.

    Thanks for any ideas!

    Same here. Funny thing is, I just updated three RasPi4s, identical configuration (DB on NAS) and two of the upgrades worked fine, once ended as a described above.

    Have not downgraded (yet).

    Thanks everybody on the LibreELEC Team, I love your media player (even with the glitch now).

    This is still occurring:

    LG TV, Sony AVR, RasPi4/LibreELEC and a few other inputs into the AVR.

    LibreELEC loves to steal focus, especially in the first 30 some seconds after turning on the TV, even if I switch to Satellite TV as input or another HDMI source, Kodi steals focus back, often two or three times in a row. Very annoying.

    Any ideas anybody?



    first off, thanks for all your hard work, LibreELEC ist just awesome beyond words.

    I've fallen in love with it so much in fact, that I've gotten a little deeper into using it and have configured it a bit beyond the regular setup. Rather than have two separate LE/Kodi-RasPis, I've migrated the Kodi database to the MariaDB server on my NAS. A shared DB was just what anyone with more than one device needs, it just blows me away.
    As LibreELEC is running on a Pi3 and that little genius hardware cannot be turned on via WOL (such a shame) or any other realistic way, it just stays on all the time and I just switch to it via the TV (and AVR).

    If you think about this setup, can you imagine, this being the reason why, for some time now, my NAS won't hybernate the HDDs anymore? If this seems plausible, would it be the SMB-file-connections or the SQL-database-connection keeping the NAS awake? This would be Kodi issue, or an LibreELEC issue?

    Is a option to kill the connection after a certain time-out something that seems doable? Even if that means having the system have to wait for the connection to be re-established?

    Thanks again so much!