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    How do you have this all set up?

    I have a 65" LG C7 OLED and a Denon x2400h and have no end of issues with HDMI-CEC, I'm considering turning it all off completely.

    Every time I switch my AVR or TV, or switch back to HDMI 2 on the TV on it switches the AVR to the Kodi player input. If I disable CEC on the Kodi player then it always switches to my Chromecast. I have everything connected to the AVR and then to my TV on HDMI2 with ARC turned on. I have no audio issues, just lots of auto switching issues.

    It's annoying because if I use my phone to start playing from my chromecast the TV and AVR automatically turn on, but then after a few seconds it switches to the Kodi box.

    My LE box is not switching. I´m running stable LE version.

    Some CEC features are based in u-boot code

    u-boot is not part of LE

    For what it's worth I still have the issue in this CoreElec build. The only way I can swap it always switching to the CoreElec input is to disable CEC completely, which then means I can't use my TV remote. I think it might be something to do with the flaky HDMI CEC support on my LG C7 OLED :(

    You crashed You running installation and after that You ask if there is a unknown issue fixed ?

    Sure it´s not an issue of AVR or TV ?

    Well I wanted to see if it was even going to be worth my while upgrading :)

    If it's an AVR or TV issues why would it consistently switch to the LibreElec box? Even if I switch it to something else as soon as the AVR turns on it still tries to go back to the LibreElec box multiple times for a few seconds. I've read about this issue in older LibreElec builds, but it was supposedly fixed.

    The storage partition changed its Label from LIBREELEC_DISK to STORAGE between those versions.

    If you can SSH into the box or have access to a fallback console you can rename the LIBREELEC_DISK Label to STORAGE and this should allow you to boot.
    The tools needed are described in this thread:

    [HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data


    Cool thanks. I'll give it a go :)

    Hi all.

    I just upgraded from on my S905x and now it won't boot.

    Error in mount_storage: mount common: Could not mount LABEL-STORAGE

    I guess I'm going to have to write the image to SD from scratch. I did the update like I usually do by copying the .tar to the update folder and rebooting. Never been a problem before

    Main reason I updated was because I'm hoping the HDMI-CEC doesn't always try to switch to the Kodi input all the time. It's driving me nuts, every time I switch on my TV and AVR it switches to the Kodi box. I've tried playing with all the HDMI-CEC settings and nothing works. Is it fixed in this? :)