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    Also please get us more information how you connect your devices and what devices are in the chain. Is there an AVR in between. If so, did you try to connect the NUC to the TV directly.

    I believe you, when you say, that it works with Win10, but we might need a bit more information.

    Which setting is being used?

    This depends on what you want to change. If you want to change the SMB settings at the LE settings addon, then you have to edit


    and change the settings accordingly

    So that's done in the same way:

    1. systemctl stop kodi

    2. edit /storage/.cache/services/samba.conf and change:



    to whatever version you would like to use

    3. systemctl start kodi

    We have to be aware, that there are 2 section for the SMB settings in LibreELEC

    One at the LE settings add-on itself and the other one in the kodi settings.

    The LE settings addon can't be edited via an xml-file. The section where you have to change the kodi service settings and therefore the SMB client is correclty the guisettings.xml

    I just tried that here on a vm and I change and I can't confirm the problem.

    Please do it in the following way:

    ssh in into your LE machine.

    execute:systemctl stop kodi

    then change the following lines at the guisettings.xml from

    <setting id="smb.maxprotocol" default="true">0</setting>

    <setting id="smb.minprotocol" default="true">0</setting>


    <setting id="smb.maxprotocol">3</setting>

    <setting id="smb.minprotocol">2</setting>

    it's important that you remove the default="true" section on both

    after that execute: systemctl start kodi

    then check your settings and it should have minimum 2 and maximum 3

    The kodi file manager doesn´t have a source by default. You have to add the sources by adding the home folder or specific subfolders of that home folder. I don´t have a LE machine handy atm, but it might also be possible that "Home" is not visible. Then your "home"-folder is /storage/

    You can also access those "Video", "Music" folders from any other PC in your network. Those folders are shares by default via SMB.

    Please read the wiki for that: Accessing LibreELEC []

    After you have accessed those folders you can copy any files to those.

    It all depends what you want to achieve in the end. If one box is running 24/7, then you could also make use of UPnP, with all its pros and cons.

    If you want something like "stopping the video in the living room and continue watching it from the same position in the bedroom", them Emby or a MySQL database might be the way to go

    Emby should be available as a docker. If not then it can be easily installed as such.

    I guess you won't have a real benefit of HDMI 2.1. We discussed the stuff which is supported by HDMI 2.1 and for the normal usage and by looking at your setup, I would say you don't need to wait for that. 35W would be nice, indeed.

    HDMI 2.0b supports 4k60 and unless you need more resolution (where we currently have no content for) or higher fps (your eye is not capable of recognizing nearly anyything >100Hz, IIRC) I don't see the benefit.

    The only interesting option is EARC if Netflix supports Atmos and you will use that with your TV app and would like to have that at your AVR.

    But as your AVR isn't capable of atmos at all, I also don't see the benefit in buying something with HDMI 2.1

    Did I miss something?

    Yeah, and if you want to have all the benefit of bitstreaming, then I have to say that the RPi3 is not the correct dievice for you. For me it's not the correct device as well as I also like bitstreaming, hence I own something x86. The actual RPi4 should do bitstreaming of HD audio. But that's currently a pretty new product and many tests have to be done. So if you want something that "just works", I can't recommend that.

    It's a long log, those lines are all I can find that has anything to do with the SMB.

    I can't help much as I don't own a RPi4 yet. But...

    - enable debug logging

    - disable everything unneded (Live-TV, library update on startup if enabled and such)

    - restart kodi / reboot LibreELEC

    - reproduce your issue as fast as you can (don't do anything else)

    - grab the log

    Also please get us some additional outputs

    - ip a | pastebinit

    - and probably dmesg | pastebinit

    I highly guess our devs might need that info if it's not a known issue.