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    Have you ever considered to follow the message you receive for the "unknown sources"

    If you click on that ^ you will be pointed to:

    So, I have a question towards you....what is the bloody point of an error message if you refuse to read it properly

    Regarding your initial question about the transition add-on and the settings-dialog:

    Have you ever considered to simply configure the add-on to work properly. Why on earth would you think that the same add-on from another source would behave differently? If you would have hit "Yes" on the above dialog, you would have seen that:

    Maybe you should learn how to read the messages Kodi shows you. But I even don't think that you will read this posting properly. So don't expect further help in here if you refuse to read.

    No offense

    Not really sure what you mean. None of the addons I installed have anything to do with piracy.

    While that might be basically true, we have a clear stance on that:

    Forum Rules

    See the : Piracy Policy

    In the end, it's pretty simple. As long as any of those banned add-ons and repos are installed, you won't get any kind of support in here. That's what the rules say. Either deal with it or don't. I don't mind. But don't expect help while those are installed.

    You won't blame Firefox as well, only because of its possibility to reach grey-zone media. So you can't also blame Kodi for it to be able to contain banned repos. Anyway, it's our forum and we decide what we support and what not. Please read the rules you accepted and stop attacking staff.

    I'm using the same test videos you do and I can't see any problems with it.

    Make sure you have

    - "sync playback to display" disabled

    - "adjust display refreshrate" is set on "star/stop"

    - matching whitelist options are set. e. g. 1920*1080: 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976 (if available)

    If enabled, you don't need the "sync playback to display" option at all. That option is for Kodi on screens which aren't capable of a matching fps (e. g. PC Monitors which tend to support only 60fps). If your TV supports all those fps, the "sync playback to display" option isn't needed anymore.

    If you don't set "adjust display refreshrate" to "start/stop" and leave it on off, then Kodi will use the FPS which is generally set to. Means if you set Kodis GUI to use 60fps, every video will be played at that fps, which could also cause stuttering.

    You should really read what we have already written

    but I can not find specific-DVD-keys,

    There are no DVD-keys, because:

    BR media will be different - there you need to add a keys DB.

    You don't need specific keys for DVDs as those are only needed for BluRays. As we said that multiple times now, I hope that's somewhat clear now ;)

    If you are able to play DVDs you are also able to see the menu at the DVD.

    If that's not the case, please get us a logfile.

    Forum Rules

    Piracy Policy

    • Discussions regarding the piracy or theft of copyrighted materials will not be tolerated
    • Forum staff and users will refuse support to other users who have piracy add-ons installed
    • LibreELEC references the Kodi team list of piracy repositories and add-ons
    • We are not fans of tools (e.g. torrent clients, NBZ suites) that are used to acquire copyrighted materials
    • We are not fans of discussion on VPN services used to hide piracy or bypass geolocking

    Obviously it´s hard to differ between DVD and BluRay ;)

    what are the specific-DVD-keys?

    There are no DVD-keys, because:

    BR media will be different - there you need to add a keys DB.

    BR = BluRay

    A BluRay isn´t a DVD. It´s not even similar beside the fact there´s a movie on it.

    But see this please: Blu-ray []

    Please be aware, that the playback of native BluRay discs is still an experimental feature and not every BluRay will work with that. Some will work, others might not.

    Sorry, we can´t give any kind of support in that case as long as you have all those banned add-ons and repositories installed.

    Please remove all banned repos and also the add-ons from there. then try to reproduce your issue and if it still exists, please provide a new clean logfile which shows the explained behaviour.


    Also counts for this forum.


    Kurogane Jan

    Thanks for your log, but only because you get a blue screen after the splash doesn't mean you have the same problem like the OP asked for. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but your issue is not related at all to the issue the OP has and if you want to get that solved, I recommend to open a new thread with your own issue

    The same counts for -Paulchen- , el_commandante and also maybe for viper4le (not too sure). Please open your own threads which all contain your own logfiles and descripe your own problem. Please respect the OP asking for his problem and please stop hijacking others threads as we currently (at this thread here) working on:

    I launched a fresh install of LibreElec 9, and i restored only xml files (sources, media, keymap etc..)

    I have multiple bugs on wetek play 2, sometimes i can't play a movie (after watching tv with hdhomerun), but many times i have short black screen (5 seconds)...

    Are there other people with these bugs?

    So please only answer to this thread if you have problems playing a movie after watching liveTV (prefered backend in this case is HDHomerun)

    Xianghua regarding your problem, also please submit a log so we can see what happens here. I suspect a refreshrate switch and probably your TV might be a bit slow on that. Could that be possible?

    "kodi-send" does not give any kind of succeed or fail indication.

    That's true and probably something which could be improved. No promisses it will be

    But the screenshot problem seems to have cleared up after a reboot, so I cant reproduce it now.

    On other Kodi installations (on Ubuntu for example), there's no default screenshot folder set and by running that command once you'll get a dialog which asks to which folder those screenshots should be saved. After selecting a specific folder, and directly after you selected it check the guisettings.xml, you will see that this setting is not stored yet. It will be written into guisettings.xml after a reboot. Normally it should have a direct effect, but sometimes a reboot/restart helps in those cases.

    Normally, if Kodi logs, that something is written into a specific folder, it should be the case that it's like that. Otherwise you would see a log entry that writing that file failed for whatever reason. As you can't reproduce that issue anymore, I guess we can see this problem as solved.

    If you have other problems, the context menu for example, please share a debuglog which shows the button presses you normally do to bring up the context menu. We can't do anything without a logfile and we would not like to 'guess' ;)