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    MadMax70 It's the same CC saa7146 driver.

    In addition you have both CrazyCat and Digital Devices drivers enabled. That is not supported. Please use the LibreELEC driver selection addon to choose one driver package.

    Also since beta2 the system hangs at reboot because /flash cannot be unmounted.

    /flash can never be unmounted but the message is not visible with a working reboot. No idea why it is hanging.

    One driver is crashing:

    Try adding this dependency to service:


    To enable DHCP logging in connman create:

    Code: /storage/.config/system.d/connman.service.d/debug.conf

    Use journalctl to see logging and to look for errors and the start order.

    These DVB driver addons are optional, only one of them is permitted to be enabled. If none is enabled the default DVB drivers of the LibreELEC kernel are used.

    It depend on your DVB card if one of the additional driver package is needed.

    You can use the LibreELEC driver selection addon to choose the driver package - no need to disable anything manually as I wrote in the old post.

    [    1.426428] kernel-overlays-setup: adding overlays from /storage/.cache/kernel-overlays
    [    1.426636] kernel-overlays-setup: processing conf /storage/.cache/kernel-overlays/50-driver.dvb.crazycat.conf
    [    1.436570] kernel-overlays-setup: added modules from /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/driver.dvb.crazycat/lib/modules/5.10.35
    [    1.436601] kernel-overlays-setup: processing conf /storage/.cache/kernel-overlays/50-driver.dvb.digital_devices.conf
    [    1.437979] kernel-overlays-setup: added modules from /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/driver.dvb.digital_devices/lib/modules/5.10.35
    [    1.438018] kernel-overlays-setup: processing conf /storage/.cache/kernel-overlays/50-driver.dvb.dvb-latest.conf
    [    1.447335] kernel-overlays-setup: added modules from /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/driver.dvb.dvb-latest/lib/modules/5.10.35

    Disable all three "DVB driver*" addons in kodi settings and test again.

    The underlying issue at first boot is already fixed in nightly builds.

    It is the stale symbolic link /usr/lib/kernel-overlays/*/lib/modules/*/nvidia/nvidia.ko to /var/lib/nvidia.ko at boot time.

    In the past this was logged to journal but now it is executed earlier at boot time before systemd is started.