ALSA HDMI Audio looses connection

  • Hi.

    I have a 47lg860w-za tv and using a cubox-i4. Running Libreelec 8.2.3

    I am frequently loosing the HDMI audio connection when i reboot kodi. The connection is ALSA:imx-hdmi-soc, GSM LG TV on HDMI. What is not to be found in settings-system-audio. Only the spdif and bluetooth are viseble but no hdmi.

    I have found out when i change the hdmi input port on the tv and reboot kodi i can revert to the correct setting in system-audi. After that i have sound until next time i have to reboot than i need to make the same procedure again.

    Is there a solution for this or maybe this is a common error you know already.

    thanks Finn

  • thanks for the reply. I will try later as i have so many favorites setup and repos installed and not really want to start from scratch again.

    Or can i install it without loosing all my settings ?

  • Just update, the Kodi version doesn't change so settings etc. are fine.

  • there are no changes in 8.2.4 that would benefit iMX6 so just ignore that it exists