HDR decoding with LibreElec on Lenovo M710q on an LG 65 B7A

  • Hi,

    I recently tested HDR playback on a Lenovo M710q (HDMI to TV). I turned on deep color on my HDMI port (3). Started with LibreElec and all HDR content look dark/washed out. I cant find any settings for HDR. So I tried Kodi 17.6 from W10. Ran dxdiag:

    HDR: Supported

    Color Space: DXGI_COLOR_SPACE_RGB_FULL_G22_NONE_P709, that indicates this is sRGB and not advanced color.

    So it appears the GPU chipset (Intel 630) supports HDR10.

    I looked up the chipset

    HD Graphics 630 - Intel - WikiChip

    It appears to state HDMI 1.4. Could that be the problem? Do I need native HDMI 2.0? As indicated here:



    Updated BIOS to latest

    Updated GPU drivers to latest.

    Windows 10 (1709)

  • Intel Linux drivers have no HDR support. Kodi (v17) has no HDR support. Short of a miracle, you're not going to make HDR work. Linux drivers are evolving and Kodi (v18) is adding HDR support. In the future, it would work. Right now, no.